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Hope Larson to adapt A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time

Great news for fantasy fans: Mercury cartoonist Hope Larson has announced on her Twitter account that she will be adapting Madeleine L’Engle’s classic SFF novel A Wrinkle in Time as a graphic novel.

It’s been a while since I read the book — “a while” meaning “not since elementary school” — but I recall the story of a group of children’s interstellar search for their missing scientist father via the use of folds in the spacetime-continuum called “tesseracts” as being dazzlingly smart, imaginative, and at times dark. I believe the planet Camazotz was the first dystopia I ever encountered in literature. (I always suspected IT was the inspiration for the landmark Orb song “A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld,” too.) The book racked up awards upon its 1962 release and launched L’Engle’s four-book “Time Quartet.”

For her part, Larson seems aware of the heady legacy she’s tinkering with. “According to my editor, Margaret Ferguson, L’Engle never wanted her books to be illustrated,” she tweeted. “I’m doing my best not to screw it up.”



that’s awesome and shitty. If the author never meant for them to be illustrated, I wish that would be respected… no matter how cool I think this is.

So it goes…

What… you couldn’t post the original hardcover illo by Ellen Raskin, or the current hardcover illo by Leo and Diane Dillon? Tch tch…

There’s also a movie planned, and I’ve heard talk of some sort of anniversary promotion?

I’ve been excited about this since I heard about it at the ALA convention in Boston last January!

Now if only someone would adapt Roald Dahl…

The Ugly American

April 19, 2010 at 12:30 pm

I never could read this tripe.

FYI, schmakt, I only learned that bit of information last week, after I’d signed on and drawn hundreds of pages. It wouldn’t have changed my eagerness to take part had I known in advance, though!

If Sean had posted one of those covers, Torsten, I probably would have gone and changed it to this one anyway, as it’s the classic one I remember from my childhood. I don’t even remember the winged horse man from the story itself, but I’ll never forget that cover.

1) Yeah, that’s the book as I remember it from when I read it, back when.

2) These were spectacularly good, mind-opening and “grown-up” books for kids from what I can recall.

3) On the issue of author wishes, I sympathize with uneasiness about disregarding them like this, but it’s worth noting that if author wishes were always honored, we wouldn’t have any work by Franz Kafka for example: he wanted every word he’d written fed to the fire upon his death.

Rather than A Wrinkle in Time, I think you’ll find that the huge, ever-growing pulsating brain in question comes from a Blake’s 7 episode called “Ultraworld.”

Sean T. Collins

April 19, 2010 at 5:34 pm

Thanks, JK–that’s why I posted it! I remembered it too. I came up completely empty on who did this illo, though–does anyone out there know? Hope?

Ugly American: What’s tripe about it? I wish our commenters wouldn’t just say the first negative thing that comes to mind and call it a day.

Grant: Aw, dammit. :)

I have no idea who did this, either, but I think I first read the book when it had this cover. It’s so awful I kind of love it. That color palette!

I love “A Wrinkle in Time”! I think it’s one of the best children’s fantasy lit. books out there. I’m very excited to see this graphic novel.

I can kind of see L’Engle’s point about illistration. Sometimes it’s better to let our imaginations run wild and define things, especially the concepts she was throwing at readers in this book. Part of my feels that way about all novel adaptations like the Harry Potter movies. But I also like seeing artists bring their own perspectives to adaptations to see what they come up with.

why can’t i post a negative reaction to this? it keeps getting taken down. i guess that’s the internet for you

that is a funny cover. the guy at the bottom: that’s the martian manhunter after a trip to the veterinarian right?

One of my fav books. Really REALY looking forward to this one. Always wanted Disney to adapt this one but all we got was some terrible TV mini-series.

Do you think we’ll get the whole series if this first one goes well? Personally, I like A Wind in the Door the best.

its cool to see a classic like a wrinkle in time adapted in another medium but if the original author did not want the thing illustrated then the idea is violating the wishes of the original author . though no doubt Hope knows how to do it right or she would never have dared to take on the idea. and if the thing does well maybe the whole series will be done also.

Neat. I haven’t read the book since elementary either, but it was one of my first and few delvings into fantasy (well, science fantasy) at that age, and I do recall genuinely likeing it.

So I’ll keep it in mind.

What wonderful news! This was a fantastic book series. In fact, I’ve long felt that it’s unfair categorize this entire series as “children’s literature.” These were incredibly adult books that just happen to not contain material inappropriate for kids. The science and physics in these books was outstanding.

I also share some uneasiness if Mrs. L’Engle did not want her work illustrated, as authorial intent is important, but not wanting a novel illustrated is different than refusing an adaption to a graphic novel. I’m confident that those in charge are respectful and creating this with the blessing of her estate.

What L’Engle thought of as illustration when she said that might not be the same as a graphic novel. I think a graphic novel is great for me, but I am really bothered that kids won’t read the book and think they know the story. All those kids who have seen the Narnia movies but never read the books…just makes me sad.

The obvious hope is for a wider audience of introduction. I’ve gone and read a number of books that had been adapted as movies as I was growing up, such as The Hobbit or Jurassic Park, or more recently in True Blood or Dexter. A Marvel imprint released comic book adaptions of the Anita Blake books, which lead to me to the novels themselves as well.

Aside from the fact that I never saw the 2003 release… long before Ugly Betty became a series, I imagined young Meg to look much like her.

Just… don’t adapt it if you aren’t willing to be true to it for religious reasons (either bias against or towards) or whatever.

Loved A wrinkle in time as a kid. Gone through the years wondering if I should reread the series again or not. I’m a little afraid to reread it and destroy the luster of the good childhood memories I have of these books. Afraid that they might not have aged that well. They literally changed my way of reading as a kid. Loved these books as a kid.
Hope is also an awesome artist, and curious to see if she can capture the tone of those books.

Sir Manley Johnson

April 27, 2010 at 2:38 pm

“‘Engle never wanted her books to be illustrated. I’m doing my best not to screw it up” (and so I am doing what she didn’t want and illustrating them anyway). That’s sort of screwing it up from the start.
That being said it should be an interesting read.

Her wishes will never matter, She made a book that people love and read, its everyone’s now.

She did allow the book to be made into a movie… I don’t see that an illustrated book could be much worse.
I admit, I’m a little torn on the issue. Should her wishes be honored? Does it matter since she’s not here?
Having never been dead, myself, I think I’ll reserve judgement until I get to the other side and can ask her personally. ;) My best guess is that she doesn’t care now.

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