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It’s Deadpool’s world, we just live in it

Deadpool Corps #3

Deadpool Corps #3

USA Today talks to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld in a post-WonderCon article about all things Deadpool. Three things in it jumped out at me:

1) The cover to Deadpool Corps #3 features a fun homage to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Disney parks. Also, USA Today credits the cover to Liefeld, but I believe it’s actually by Arthur Suydam — at least that’s what says. The cover is indeed by Rob Liefeld and Mike Capprotti, according to Liefeld on Twitter. (Thanks and apologies, Rob!)
2) Deadpool is almost 20 years old. Holy cats.
3) “…and there are rumors of everything from a Deadpool Noir series to an R-rated Deadpool MAX title to a Kidpool spinoff.” Hell, why not? I say milk it — it kind of goes with the tone and attitude of the character.



A Deadpool MAX could be really good in the right hands, like Joe Kelly or Gail Simone(although this last one is probably impossible)

Wait, look at how wide those bars are. Why doesn’t the head just float out? Shit, Kidpool could probably get out too if he squeezed a bit.

I could live with a Deadpool Noir or a MAX series, but only if every other Deadpool title was canceled alongside the launch.

That’s absolutely Liefeld art. It doesn’t look a think like Sudyam. I like whoever gave Liefeld’s normal work a polish though.

Chris Jones: Kid Deadpool can’t squeeze between the bars of that cell until they have the keys, at which point the others will realize he could’ve escaped whenever he wanted, but was psychologically incapable of doing so. To paraphrase Roger Rabbit, he can’t get out any time, only when it’s funny.

Sooooooooooo tired of Deadpool. He needs to go away in a big way. People should never complain about Wolverine being an overused character. Deadpool is overused and the humor is dead and cold.

I’m not a fan of either, but I’ll say that’s probably the best Liefeld cover I’ve ever seen, and it is obvious it’s him – look at any of their heads. The kids that read comics in my 7th grade class absolutely love Deadpool, and I will be angry if he gets a MAX series before Wolverine does.

I find it difficult to understand Deadpool’s popularity. Apparently he’s funny because he’s not funny, but that doesn’t ken to my mind.


May 6, 2010 at 8:46 am

I don’t get why Marvel doesn’t make some max series but in the same universe a la “eye of the storm”. Wildstorm did it wonderfully, so why can’t we have wolverine say an uncensored fuck and deal with the mature side of the marvel universe. So much potential!! Ohyeah i remember ONE actually being in max and the same marvel unvierse: the hood

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