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John Romita Jr.’s Iron Man 2 poster from USA Weekend

Iron Man poster by John Romita Jr.

Iron Man poster by John Romita Jr.

This past weekend’s USA Weekend, the supplement that appears in Gannett’s papers across the country on Sunday, was all over the upcoming Iron Man 2 — in addition to a feature story and photo shoot related to the film, they also included the above poster by John Romita Jr.

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Man, why does my paper have to have Parade instead?

As comic art, fantastic. As likenesses…

Man, that…does not look like John Romita Jr. artwork even a little bit.

Doesn’t look like JRjr’s art, must be why I liked it. Though Tony looks more like a Japanese teenager than an Italian-American in his 30s.

Anyone that doesn’t think that’s JRJr’s work isn’t familiar with his work. Take a closer look at the figure work. I’m guessing d’Armata, Invincible Iron Man’s regular colorist, did the colors on that piece and that’s why it looks so different.

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