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Kate Beaton does The Great Gatsby

From The Great Gatsbys by Kate Beaton

From The Great Gatsbys by Kate Beaton

These strips have been tearing up the Internet today like Zelda Fitzgerald tore up an open bar, but nevertheless I wanted to make sure I shared them with you: Hark! A Vagrant‘s Kate Beaton has posted a whole series of strips lampooning F. Scott Fitzgerald’s required-reading classic The Great Gatsby. From dragging the book’s subtext kicking and screaming to the foreground to simply making fun of what a bunch of jerks Nick, Tom, Daisy, Jay and the gang are, it’s the kind of thing that’ll make you wanna look your old high-school English teacher up on Facebook and send her the link.


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April 20, 2010 at 1:57 pm

I love Jay Gatsby. He needs to be in the LOEG.

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