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Kirkman wants to wean Loeb from the “fat corporate teat”



In an interview with Mike Malve from Atomic Comics in Arizona, Image’s Robert Kirkman discusses upcoming Invincible stories and also throws down the gauntlet, so to speak, for writer Jeph Loeb.

In reference to the challenge Kirkman made to Todd McFarlane a few years ago to start drawing again, which resulted in the comic Haunt, Atomic Comics asked Kirkman if there were any other creators out there who he wanted to “challenge to push their limits.” Kirkman responded:

What’s that Bendis guy done lately? All kidding aside, I’d love to see Jeph Loeb try his hand at an original creator-owned book. Millar has proven that when top-flight talent take the plunge it has the potential for massive success, and Loeb does the most commercial books out there with only the highest caliber of artists. I’d buy a creator-owned book by him in droves and I know he would excel at it. But sadly, I think he’s too comfortable on that fat corporate teat. Still, I hold out hope. Don’t you know that guy, Malve? Tell Loeb how many copies you could sell of his own Kick Ass. I don’t even care if he does it at Icon–I just want to read it.



The Ugly American

April 7, 2010 at 10:42 am

I don’t. Stopped reading Loeb after his failure on Superman/Batman.

Wasn’t Kaboom creator-owned?

“I’d buy a creator-owned book by him in droves” makes no grammatical sense, idiot. Why don’t you write another mini for Marvel after you publicly rant about the evil of the corporate comic industry again?

Actually, I completely disagree with Kirkman about Loeb. It’s long been my position that his books sell because the fans love the artist or the characters, but not because of him. Ultimates 3? Hulk with McGuiness? Batman with Jim Lee? These books were going to sell well anyway, despite the fact that many feel the stories are stupid.

I would love to see Loeb do an original character, or even a lesser tier Marvel/DC character. Then you’ll see that few people are buying books based on his writing.

I think Kirkman’s mouth has gotten a lot bigger now that he has a cushy seat of power over there at Image. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the Walking Dead! I just don’t approve of Kirkman’s tactics on calling out Loeb. I think he’s jealous because he has burned his bridges with Marvel.

What Scott W said. Ugh. No thanks.

I think Robert Kirkman should focus on writing comics at Image, making them and the company the best it can be ever, and maybe more people might come over for a look then. Stick to doing that instead of trying to ‘save’ the industry and tell people what they should be doing. Does he think they don’t know already?

I think Kirkman is right. A lot of these guys lose their hunger and just get content writing tripe for the big two. And Loeb CAN write. “The Long Halloween” is one of the best Batman comics I’ve ever read. He’s just gotten too comfy. Kudos, Robert.

I love it. People within the industry should always be challenging each other, publicly and privately.

As for more creator-owned material from Jeph Loeb, sure why not? I had the same thought about Geoff Johns over the last week.

I’d rather see Image promote more new talent like James Stokoe and Brandon Graham.

Folks, let’s do this without namecalling. Yelling “idiot” is unacceptable.

Simon DelMonte

April 7, 2010 at 6:05 pm

I would buy an original Loeb comic.

But I don’t think that it’s Kirkman’s job to call Loeb out on career paths. Or to be so vulgar.

How about Kirkman tries writing a comic that doesn’t rely on every cliche and trope known to fiction. My god, his work is awful. Walking Dead is so horribly cliched, Invincible is a less interesting Ultimate Spider-Man with Superman’s powers, and Haunt was horrid.

Jeph Loeb sells numbers based on the artist he is paired with, as others have said.

Kirkman’s trying to ‘save’ the industry is laughable, because he clearly has no idea what is going on inside it.

Ugh indeed. I know Kirkman was unhappy with his work for Marvel, and I really wish him well with his projects, but where is all this coming from? Is there someone out there who’s running around telling people that creator-owned bucks stink? Is this some kind of Scientology thing? We get it, Robert. We got it a long time ago.

Also, challenging McFarland to get back into comics is absolutely fine. But calling out Loeb like this seems unprofessional, even if he was mostly kidding around.

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