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Lawsuit and theft charges dropped as Frazetta family settles differences

Frank Frazetta in his Florida studio

Frank Frazetta in his Florida studio

The family of famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta has settled a bitter, and very public, feud that was marked by criminal charges and a lawsuit.

According to a statement posted online early this morning by publisher Vanguard Productions, all litigation involving Frazetta’s children and art “has been resolved.” The Pocono Record reports the agreement comes after the family — including Frazetta, sons Alfonso Frank Frazetta (Frank Jr.) and William Frazetta and daughters Holly Frazetta and Heidi Grabin — met with their attorneys and a federal mediator for two days to resolve the legal battle before trial.

Theft charges will be dropped against Frank Jr., who was arrested in December after he allegedly used a backhoe to break into his father’s museum in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, to steal 90 paintings worth about $20 million. Frank Jr. claimed his father told him “to enter the museum by any means necessary to move all the paintings to a storage facility” to protect them from other family members — something 82-year-old Frank Sr. denies.

The lawsuit filed last month against Frank Jr. also will be dropped. His three siblings, who manage Frazetta Properties, accused Frank Jr. of violating their father’s trademarks and copyrights by selling lithographs, books, clothing and other items, and misrepresenting himself as the “authorized representative” of Frank Sr.

The dispute over Frazetta’s artwork reportedly began in July 2009 after the death of his wife Eleanor “Ellie” Frazetta, who ran her husband’s business for years.

According to the online statement, “Frank, his four children and his management team are thrilled to put any past differences behind them and look forward to working together as a family to preserve and promote the art and legacy of one of America’s greatest artists.”

The release also reaffirms that Frazetta’s art and intellectual property are owned by Frazetta Properties, and that Robert Pistella and Stephen Ferzoco continue as “the exclusive representatives” for sales, licensing and marketing.

“All of Frank’s children will now be working together as a team to promote his remarkable collection of images that has inspired people for decades. Frank wishes to thank all of his fans around the world for their loyal and enthusiastic support since the passing of his beloved wife of over 50 years, Ellie Frazetta.”



I believe this whole fiasco was a setup to bring a bit of publicity and interest to Farzetta’s legacy and I believe something a wrote on a discussion board may have been a motivating factor. About 4 years ago on a Frazetta forum I was making a point about how Frazetta will be estimated in the artist world in years to come, I converse with Frank’s closest friends on th eboard who I shall not name and basically they were concern that because generally collectors don’t take fanatasy art seriously and Frank himself had not endured the sort of hardship and controversy that we see in artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, etc, he might risk becomming another Norman Rockwell. As a result Frank’s friend said the elderly artist need to be persuaded to open up about his life a bit more since he is very private and immediately ask another friend to look into this. Frank’s siblings are very close and there was never any sign of disagreement so when all this fuss kicked up many fans find it hard to believe but non of this surprises me. You were all stitched up by Frank Sr and his kids.

I would like to state that this “Simon” person who posted above is an imbecile. It would be a waste of time to refute his idiotic remarks on a point by point basis. Anyone who has been following this mess can see what was going on all along. Frazetta’s kids are a bunch of vultures. Well, he’s gone now and they get it all. I hope they’re happy. This is what happens when people get old and there’s any sort of money involved. It doesn’t have to be millions. Rest in peace Frank.


Malcolm Earle

May 10, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Wanted to leave my condolences and well wishes. i met him a few years back and drew for him too. It was an honor.

RIP Frank

I’m sorry to say I never had the honor of meeting the great Mr Frazetta, however his artwork was an early inspiration in my life. I saw in him a modern day hero, a Picasso, a Leonardo De Vinci…They’re very different artist and yet I knew in my heart even as a young boy, that the way I felt looking at his art work was the way I imagine many people felt the first time they seen Starry Night, or the Mona Lisa.

Later in my life I was blessed enough to find myself, visiting his museum, and on two separate occasions I able to spend the morning viewing his art work, while Mrs Frazetta (Elle) spoke with my wife and children. She was a remarkable woman, and although it was more than a year between the two encounters Elle remembered my family and picked up the conversation she had with my wife right where it left off.

My heart goes out to the Frazetta family, I know your loss is great, but take comfort in the fact that both Elle and Frank’s memory will only grow and endure the test of time. Two beautiful people who made a difference in peoples lives around the world. May they both rest in peace.

The most famous comic cover of all time has already been sold off (one of the jewels of the museum IMO) by the kids. I agree with everyone that they seem pretty greedy, but my GOD! The man JUST PASSED AWAY! It sure dosn’t take long for these vultures to get to work. I find the whole ordeal very very disturbing… a true testiment to the power of the dollar my friends. Frazetta R.I.P

I bought a frazetta drawing a few years back off his website; I felt in general the pieces were overpriced but got a very unusual and huerous drawing for %500. One of his sons was in charge of the sales and I spoke to him on the phone; he was a very nice and helpful guy. This is really sad news about the kids…they have such a wonderful legacy and more than enough $$ to share between them. I wonder how this happens when you’ve got two devoted parents raising kids they love…how do they become so completely cold?

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