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Marvel app for iPad confirmed, called ‘brilliant’ and ‘game-changing’

ComiXology's Marvel app for iPad

ComiXology's Marvel app for iPad

Just days before the Saturday release of Apple’s iPad, there’s confirmation that the much-anticipated media slate will feature a Marvel Comics app developed by ComiXology.

While noting that the Marvel application doesn’t yet appear in the iPad’s App Store, Andy Ihnatko of the Chicago Sun-Times says he’s “very impressed and excited” by what he sees: “This underscores a sentiment that everybody in comics has felt ever since rumors of an Apple tablet became tangible: that the device would finally make the experience of reading comics digitally into something that’s practical, enjoyable, and most importantly deliver the story in a way that feels like a comic book.”

David Pogue of The New York Times describes the Marvel app as “brilliant in its vividness and panel-by-panel navigation,” while BoingBoing‘s Xeni Jardin starts with “spectacular” and “game-changing” before getting a little more specific: “crisp, lucid art, the ability to navigate frame-by-frame, rendering spoilers down the page obsolete.”

But back to Ihnatko, who devotes the most amount of space to the app, and provides the most details.

“If you’re a purist who needs to see the whole page at once, you can hold the iPad in portrait mode and flip through the story as you would with a paper comic,” he writes. “You can zoom in and out as you wish, but though the iPad screen is smaller than a standard comic page (I measure it as 7.5”, compared to a comic’s 10”) it’s still crisp and readable when scaled down. Turn the iPad on its side, and a new viewing mode becomes available. In iBooks, tapping the left and right sides of the screen turns pages. In the Marvel app, it ‘moves the camera position’ forward and backwards through the story, snappily zooming in and out through the ‘units’ of the page, highlighting moments of dialogue or action.”

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April 1, 2010 at 6:39 am

And yet with price points that compare well with single issues, but poorly with trades, Marvel insists on only putting out digital versions of comics that are several years old. I agree that the back catalogue is important, but surely the real money is in switching all those people who buy the trades in Borders to buying digital versions of the single issues as they come out?

Y’know, I’ve been making things with a Mac for most of 15 years and I love Apple, but…

If I hear one more person use the term “game-changing” in discussing the iPad, iAmgonnapuke.

I smell an April Fool’s joke. If not, it’s at least bad timing.

April Fool’s

The prices for Marvel books in the current Comixology app are stupidly high for something that I’m reading on my phone.

I hope this doesn’t cause the publishers to cast influence over how artists layout their work because the publisher knows the comic is going to have to deal with the limitations of a tablet reader. If so, then say goodbye to epic double-page spreads.

This is great news. ComiXology is by far the best iPhone comics reader out there (and they feature Marvel).

Dunno if I like having a standalone app for one publisher, but if it works, it works.

…now I just need an iPad. :)

No good unless the price of digital comics are NO higher than half of the floppy.

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