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Miller time: A roundup of Frank Miller items

The Hard Goodbye

The Hard Goodbye

Although his Twitter and blog haven’t been updated since March, that doesn’t mean Frank Miller has been idle or forgotten. Witness, a few Miller-related items from the past few days …

  • ComicsAlliance reports that Miller was at the MoCCA Festival this past weekend, where he confirmed that he is no longer working on Holy Terror, Batman! So I guess we won’t get to a Batman/Al-Qaeda showdown, at least not one drawn by Miller.
  • David Brothers, Chad Nevett, Tim Callahan and Tim O’Neil have teamed up for a series of blog posts called “Booze, Broads, & Bullets,” where they are collectively writing about Miller’s body of work. Nevett, for instance, is hitting the Sin City books, while Brothers has hit stuff like Ronin and Man Without Fear. Check out the entire index over at the 4thletter!
  • And speaking of Sin City, Miller tweeted in January about new covers he was doing for the Sin City line of books, and now they’ve popped up officially in the latest Dark Horse solicits.



Goddamnit, and here I was getting all excited that MAYBE they’d put out full size Sin City collections again.

Damn. Miller was creatively done anywayz, so I was totally ready for a goofy neo-con comic about Batman and “Terrorism”. Oh well.

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