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More details emerge about Marvel’s iPad app

Marvel Comics App for iPad

Marvel Comics App for iPad

Marvel Entertainment has confirmed details of its app for the Apple iPad, saying it will give fans “unrivaled access to Marvel’s rich library of comics.”

The Marvel Comics App, developed with ComiXology, will launch on Saturday with more than 500 classic and modern stories priced at $1.99 each. New content will arrive each week.

According to the Marvel press release, launch titles will include such “modern classics” as Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham’s Fantastic Four, and Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men. At launch, a handful of newer titles will be available for free — among them, the first issues of Captain America, The Invincible Iron Man, New Avengers, Super Hero Squad and Thor.

It’s unclear from the press release just how recent the titles offered via the Marvel Comics App will be. The Hickman-Eaglesham run on Fantastic Four is obviously fairly recent; their tenure began in October 2009. Likewise, Super Hero Squad #1 was released in September 2009. But there’s no word yet on how much of a lag we should expect between the release of a print comic and its availability on the iPad, or how the publisher will decide what titles will be sold through the app.

The Marvel Comics App is available for free from the iPad and iTunes app stores. It comes equipped with a comic-store locator.

BoingBoing‘s Xeni Jardin posts a video walk-through of The Invincible Iron Man #1, by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, and provides a “hands-on review.”



It really needs to link to the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited service. I would buy a subscription service that gave me the same level of access on both my PC and iPad/iPhone.

Who wants to pay $60 for a subscription and then also buy the comics for $2 on a different platform? Not me! When the print versions are only $1 more, give me the print copy any day.

When DC comes out with something similiar I will definatley get an ipad. But once I have the ipad this might get me to start reading marvel comics.

Watched the video walkthrough on BoingBoing, and that interface looks really excellent.

$2 a comic is just a bit much for me, though, and the major issue is still that it remains unclear what comics are to come out and when. Before I’d commit to buying a series this way, I’d need to know that every issue (and not just event storylines that Marvel picks) will appear in this format, and how soon after the print edition.

I’d actually appreciate not having to pile up physical comic books on my shelves IF the electronic reading experience is good. The iPad could feel like reading a digest size book. And getting back issues would be a breeze. I’ll certainly have a look at it.
But adding up the prices of the iPad and the books, i’d have to use it at least for 5 years to break even. (not including power bills)

I think if this linked to the unlimited digital marvel comics service, I might just have to buy an Ipad. $500 for the device plus $60 for a year to read all the comics I want? I’d get dragged right back in. But $2 for a digital copy that only works on an Ipad is overpriced, imo.

I’m excited about the idea of this, but I really can’ see myself paying 2 bucks a pop for DRM Digital comics.

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