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One custom-made JARVIS, Stark family fortune not required

Tony Stark and JARVIS, from "Iron Man"

Tony Stark and JARVIS, from "Iron Man"

It may not be able to help him construct an armor suit — not yet, anyway — but Chad Barraford’s Project Jarvis greets him and his dog by name, controls his apartment lights and temperature, and can even cook a hot dog.

Inspired by, and named after, JARVIS, Tony Stark’s personal artificial intelligence computer system from 2008’s Iron Man, Barraford’s “digital life assistant” (DLA) runs on a four-year-old Mac Mini with built-in speech recognition.

The 27-year-old tech-support worker, who communicates with Jarvis via RFID tags, microphones, webcams, tweets and instant messages, has spent a grand total of $691.98 on his DLA. The Boston Globe has the full story (with video).




Been reading the Boston Globe article on this – pretty impressive.

I could use my own personal Jarvis. I should pick up a copy of the Globe…

In my humble opinion this one is better and more customizable

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