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Public service announcement: Tom Brevoort has a Formspring

Tom Brevoort

Tom Brevoort

This is old news if you, like me, follow Tom Brevoort’s blog and Twitter account with near-religious zeal. But Marvel’s Senior VP – Executive Editor and candidate for Comics’ Most Outspoken Editor has set up an account with Formspring, the service dedicated solely to allowing readers to ask any question they like of its users. Needless to say, it’s a match made in Web 2.0 heaven.

Recent topics include potential copyright infringement by artists and strippers, how novelists or journalists or would-be interns could get work at Marvel, how powerful the Sentry is, the relative merits of back-up stories and the $3.99 price point, why DC doesn’t use recap pages, Jean Grey, Jean Grey, and more Jean Grey, and the list goes on and on — and that’s just over the past day or so.

Sure, it’s rendering my job here partially obsolete, but journalistic ethics dictate that I had to let y’all know. Go ask him somethin’, why don’t you?



Sean T. Collins

April 1, 2010 at 3:44 pm

From the second sentence of the article on which you just commented: “the service dedicated solely to allowing readers to ask any question they like of its users.” :)

Yeah, I’ve asked him a bunch of questions. He usually gets them answered within a day or two, though I can’t imagine the amount of them that he has ignored. Some people are fairly rude about it, so I wouldn’t blame him. If you think the amount of Jean Grey questions are bad, you should have seen the reaction when Hulk beat Thor in that one one-shot from a few weeks ago. Crazy, really.

What was that about Seige finishing before Blackest Night, again, Tom?

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