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Quote of the day | Rob Liefeld on Image United

Image United

Image United

“It goes without saying that Image United is a massive embarrassment. Damn shame the enthusiasm for the book not shared by all.”

– Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld, on the highly anticipated, but delay-plagued, miniseries that features interior art by six of the company’s seven founders



Wow. “Embarrassment”? Really?

“highly UNanticipated, but delay-plagued, miniseries that features inFerior art”

I added F,U, and N to the above quote. FUN!

Human Bong aka Chris

April 19, 2010 at 11:49 am

Well, the enthusiasm isn’t going to get any better now. I think it’s common sense that if you think a book you’re working on is failing, you either drop out before criticizing it or keep your mouth shut until it’s over and time has passed, as a show of respect to the other creators involved. Saying something like this doesn’t help anyone.

“as a show of respect to the other creators involved.”

It isn’t Rob who’s not showing respect to the creators involved. He and most of the others got their pages in on-time, ready to go. It’s just one creator–by all accounts, McFarlane–who isn’t holding up his end of the bargain, which is preventing the series from continuing and screwing everyone else involved.

I’m curious whether he’s referring to the delays, the quality of the series, the fan reception, sales numbers, the enthusiasm of his fellow creators, or some combination of those. I haven’t seen any of the series, myself.

@SHane Do we know for sure its Todd? I haven’t seen posted anywhere…

Mysterious Stranger

April 19, 2010 at 12:12 pm

Maybe the delays are just part of the homage to the time when Image was notoriously late with most of their books.

“We’re going to put all of our original Image characters in one series, drawn by their creators. And just like when their books were first coming out, there are going to be delays with this miniseries so new fans get a taste of and old fans can remember what it was like being an Image fan in the 90’s.”

The Ugly American

April 19, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Hey, at least we can see their feet and count their teeth.

I don’t mean to speak for Rob, but I’ve followed what he and the other creators have to say about the matter as much as I could, including on their messageboards, and I’m pretty positive he’s referring to the delays here, not to sales figures, fan response, etc. And yeah, it’s McFarlane–I don’t think he’s been specifically named, but most everyone involved has hinted at it very strongly.

Human Bong aka Chris

April 19, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Now I see how Rob’s statement doesn’t necessarily refer to fan reaction. I thought he was talking about enthusiasm from the fans, didn’t even cross my mind he could be talking about another creator. I just went with my first reaction that the twitter post seemed a bit disrespectful. And while I still find it a tiny bit rude, it’s not anywhere near as bad as I first thought. But I still think the ‘pointing of fingers’ should wait until after a project is over and time has passed enough to get a clearer view on the matter, or if it really is such a mess, then just drop out of it.

How sad is it when Rob Liefeld turns his art before you do?

I wasn’t especially looking forward to this title because I haven’t followed any of Image’s super-hero titles in years. But I thought it was an awesomely 90s-cheesy-gimmick kind of idea.

On the other hand, if it is McFarlane we’re talking about, are we surprised that he’s a little busy to fulfill his share of the workload–even if he agreed to it? After all, even though he tends to work more in the background now than in years past, he’s undoubtedly in the top ten wealthiest/most successful comic book creators living in the US today.

SHane said: “I don’t mean to speak for Rob, but I’ve followed what he and the other creators have to say about the matter as much as I could, including on their messageboards…”

Sorry to hear that, SHane. Time better send doing anything else.

Of course McFarlane “tends to work more in the background now”, Wesley. He doesn’t care about comics any more, just that his share of the Image income keeps coming his way every month. He’s raking in the dough just being a part of the management team these days. Lets everyone else do the work, and whistles all the way to the bank.

“Sorry to hear that, SHane. Time better send doing anything else.”

You’re here. That’s different how? I try to contribute to a discussion and get mocked. Okay then.

My only solution to this is to read Savage Dragon. The current storyline is pretty damn epic and we get to see a old school Image character go evil. So far Emperor Kurr > Omega Spawn.

@Rich He’s talking about the delays.

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