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Stan Lee and Iron Man 2 team up to sell Dr Pepper

Yeah, so I’m totally embedding a commercial into the blog. I know, I know … but before you judge me, you should know that it a) has an Iron Man theme, b) features that greatest of Texas beverages, Dr Pepper and c) guests stars Stan Lee. Watch and enjoy:

If you head over to the Dr Pepper website, you can also see all the cool can designs they’ve created featuring Tony Stark, War Machine and even Nick Fury … who doesn’t want a Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury Dr Pepper can? It will go well with my Spider-Man and X-Men Dr Pepper cans.



I hear they call Dr. Pepper “Charlie” in Texas. True or false?

I’ve never heard that before. But Texans do call all soft drinks “Coke.” Here’s a typical conversation:

“What do y’all want from the store?”

Can you get some cokes?”

“What kind?”

“Dr Pepper.”

I knew about the Coke thing. The “Charlie” derivation might be regional only. Always best to get confirmation from natives.

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