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Straight for the art | Jeff Lemire’s Emerald City ComiCon commissions

Spider Jerusalem by Jeff Lemire

Spider Jerusalem by Jeff Lemire

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of getting a convention sketch from Sweet Tooth and Essex County writer/artist Jeff Lemire, you’ve learned two things: 1) He can draw pretty much any character, from Doctor Octopus to David Bowie; 2) He goes all out on those suckers. If you haven’t gotten a Lemire sketch of your own, let this gallery of commissions Lemire drew at the Emerald City Con (courtesy of Top Shelf’s Brett Warnock) school you on what you’re missing. Pictured are Spider Jerusalem from Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan (above), Robin, Doctor Doom, Nightcrawler, the Golden Age Sandman, the Sweet Tooth cast, and even a character from Lemire’s upcoming Top Shelf graphic novel Underwater Welder. Feast your eyes, folks.



It’s one of my dreams to get Jeff to draw something for me… the only problem is that I don’t know what to ask for?

I mean… anything he would draw would be awesome, but what would you ask for?

At the moment I would probably ask for a LoSH sketch.

Buddy of mine also caught up with Mr. Lemire at ECCC, got him to draw a great Tom Waits. Shameless/relevant plug here:

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