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Straight for the art | John Romita Sr.’s variant cover to Avengers #1

by John Romita Sr.

by John Romita Sr. shows off the variant cover to the upcoming Avengers #1, as drawn by John Romita Sr., legendary artist and father of the comic’s artist, John Romita Jr.



It’s better than Juniors ! Thor looks very effeminate :D


JR Sr. is so good and so underrated. He’s one of those old guys who is still just as tight as he was 45 years ago. If only we could get him on a regular series! (just kidding, but it would be sweet if he went back to inking his son on a regular basis; he is by far JR Jr.’s best inker)

UGLY. Sorry. I think that is a terrible variant cover. Not a big fan of Sr.’s artwork.

I love whenever I see a Romita Sr. piece, but the best part of this piece (not surprisingly) is Spidey.

I dig JR SR. mostly, but man, the perspective on that Thor figure is all kinds of whacked out. I don’t really know that the coloring is doing him many favors, either.

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