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Straight for the art | Scorpio Steele’s awesome Doctor Strange love story

ComicFest flyer

ComicFest flyer

But wait, I can hear you saying now, that’s not Doctor Strange! Nope, that’s the promotional flyer from this past weekend’s Denver ComicFest by Scorpio Steele, featuring a really rockin’ Galactus. I saw it last week and meant to do a post about how awesome it was, but I somehow misplaced the link before doing so.

Luckily Super Punch did a post on it, as well as Steele’s really awesome — and not safe for work — Doctor Strange story, which he has posted over on ComicSpace. It’s a fun little story featuring an interdimensional romp (literally) between Strange and Clea and a mystery third participant who shows up at the wrong time. Again, it’s NSFW, so save it until you get home tonight.



It’s Galactus as Shiva in his Nataraja form, which is strangely appropriate in that Nataraja (“The Lord of the Dance”) is the form Shiva takes to dance in the destruction of the universe and the creation of the next.

Thanks for promoting me! Unfortunately, ComicSpace is all messed up so you can’t view my Strange story there anymore. It’s available now at Deviantart:

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