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Straight for the shirt | Tom Neely’s “Vegan Police” charity tee

The Vegan Police t-shirt by Tom Neely

The Vegan Police t-shirt by Tom Neely

Sniff, sniff — is that bacon I smell? It’d better not be! The Blot cartoonist Tom Neely provided this Dragnet-inspired t-shirt design for The Vegan Police, a Canadian college/community radio show dedicated to veganism, animal rights, and music made by vegan and vegetarian artists.

The shirts are just $20 Canadian plus shipping. Best of all, $10 per shirt goes directly to the Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary, an Ontario home for pigs raised as pets or on petting zoos but discarded by their owners when they got too big or too old. Now that’s something to oink about!

T-shirts may be purchased by emailing, or sending the funds via PayPal, to theveganpoliceradio @ gmail dot com. Click the link for more info on sizing and such.



Mmmm, bacon.

So are the Vegan Police also a Scott Pilgrim reference? Didn’t they arrest one of the evil ex-boyfriends who abused his vegan powers?

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