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WonderCon | Get your limited-edition Scott Pilgrim T-shirts

Limited-edition "Scott Pilgrim" tee at the Oni Press WonderCon booth

Limited-edition "Scott Pilgrim" tee at the Oni Press WonderCon booth

If you’re a fan of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series who happens to be at WonderCon this weekend, you may want so swing by the Oni Press booth (#413) to grab a snazzy limited-edition Scott Pilgrim tee for $25. Judging from the photo, the shirt just may glow in the dark. (Can anyone from Oni verify?)



I hope they bring some to MoCCA!

There was a time I’d have loved that shirt, but in a few months the property Scott Pilgrim will be primarily associated with Michael Cera, making the shirt incredibly less cool, so no thanks.

The only thing I don’t like about that is the split between the front and back. That’s stupid.

I know that this is a con specific shirt. but is there any where i can buy this? I saw it on g4’s feedback, and now i want it sooooo bad. living in the midwest means we get NO cons at all….. at least not good ones. and i never get the cool con shirts.

I’m still looking for a Gideon graves shirt with the upside down triforce Gs.
Like this: G G

Well that last post was screwed up after it was posted.

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