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WonderCon | Gibbons, Jurgens, Morales and more on DCU: Legacies

DCU: Legacies #3

DCU: Legacies #3

Leading up to today’s DC editorial panel at WonderCon, Alex Segura shares some news that editor Ian Sattler will talk about — that J.H. Williams III, Dave Gibbons, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Rags Morales and Dan Jurgens will all contribute to the DCU: Legacies title.

Announced back in December, Legacies is a ten-issue miniseries written by Len Wein that, according to DC’s co-publisher Dan DiDio, ” breaks down, over its chapters, the five generations of the DCU. They’re very concise generations, each with a beginning and end, and what you see is the various incarnations of our characters evolve, change and grow as the generations pass on.” Each issue is being drawn by a different artist.

Andy Kubert and Joe Kubert were announced as the art team for the first issue, and we’d heard before that Williams would be working on the title as well — his issue will feature the Silver Age Seven Soldiers. That’s Gibbons’ cover to issue #3 above.



I’m hoping this will on good on the writer’s side, but I know the art will be excellent.

How awesome is it than an industry dinosaur like Wein is getting to write a TEN ISSUE series with world class artists this day and age. Will definitely check this out.

I hope Wein steps up his game for this series. I’ve been awfully disappointed in his work lately. And I say that as a big fan of his JLA and Green Lantern runs from way back when.

Still, some pretty appropriate artists here…though I’m betting Rags Morales ISN’T doing the last issue, despite what DC is saying. I just don’t see it working with his schedule on First Wave, which I expect to fall behind. But who cares really?

For the record, those are the Challengers of the Unknown and the Sea Devils fighting (a) Volcano Man.

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