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WonderCon | Greg Rucka assures ‘there is no drama here, folks’

Greg Rucka

Greg Rucka

Writer Greg Rucka has relaunched his blog with a post that aims to head off speculation about his departure from DC Comics and the previously announced Batwoman title.

“There is no drama here, folks. It is as it appears,” Rucka wrote this morning. “I’m stepping away from DC to pursue different opportunities. Nothing more nefarious than that. Nothing less sinister. Time is a commodity that is as precious to me as it is rare, and there’s simply not enough of it.”

In the post, Rucka stressed that he tells stories — whether they’re in the form of comics, prose novels or video games — and will continue to do so.

“All I’m doing in stepping away from DC is carving time to tell the stories that have been whispering in the back of my mind for years,” he continued. “The last Carrie Stetko story. The next case for Dex Parios. The story of a family’s service to their country, told over two hundred years. The woman in blue. The other one, looking for a soul. The kids who take what they’re told. The killer who guards a park. The soldiers forever at war. The spy with one wound too many.”

During his spotlight panel at WonderCon on Friday, Rucka mentioned, among other projects, the continuation of Stumptown, the potential for a new Queen & Country series, and a collaboration with Detective Comics artist J.H. Williams III that he describes as “Bladerunner meets Blake’s 7.”



Man, those DC guys are homophobic twats, huh?


April 4, 2010 at 11:45 am

If your comment isn’t sarcasm then I’m lost as to what you base that opinion on.

It has to be sarcasm.

The only thing that DC seems to be phobic too is money by not securing their best talent.

Yet this assuration will do nothing to heed the tide of paranoid fanboys who are convinced that DC is secretly run by a coven of homophobic nazi sorcerors.

Deniz is being sarcastic. That or his opinion changed suddenly in the past 24 hours since arguing with the real conspiracy theorist, on the original Robot6 blogpost about Greg Rucka yesterday.

Yes, sorry, it was sarcasm. I was recently accused of being ‘a DC plant’ here for taking the stance that it sounded as though there was nothing homophobic about DC’s actions.

@ The Dude: Yeah, they offered Rucka a contract before. He turned it down. He worked for DC for three years afterwards, but now his plate has become clear. And thus, off he goes to do indy work.

Why burn bridges and tell the truth?

He’s not stupid.

For the record, I never jumped on that homophobe bandwagon, I was more bothered that DC let a good writer , someone who was killing it on a character he created that I was digging, get away, for whatever reason.

And I hope Marvel gets him to work on something.

Spider-Woman comes to mind. Maybe Captain America.

Maybe someone else can write a good Batwoman story, but I’m worried it might not happen.

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