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WonderCon | Photos from day one

Wow, I’m tired .. had a blast today, but I’m wiped out. I wanted to write something up about the first day of WonderCon, but instead I’m just gonna show off some pictures and go to bed. It’s been a long day, and tomorrow will be longer.

Note that the first six pics here are courtesy of Carla Hoffman, so I’m not entirely sure what some of them are of; the rest are mine.

Joe Kelley and a really big fan

Joe Kelly and a really big fan

Greg Rucka and Laura Hudson

Greg Rucka and Laura Hudson

2010-04-02 13.36.09

2010-04-02 14.44.32_San Francisco_California_US

2010-04-02 13.38.03

2010-04-02 14.11.11_San Francisco_California_US

The next three are all from the Oni Press booth. Here’s Polly and the Pirates creator Ted Naifeh:

Ted Naifeh

Ted Naifeh

…and here are the Scott Pilgrim shirts Kevin blogged about earlier today. They are a hot-ticket item for sure.

Scott Pilgrim shorts

Scott Pilgrim shorts


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