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Yen Press to move Yen Plus magazine online

Yen Plus (April 2010)

Yen Plus (April 2010)

Yen Press announced today it will end the print edition of Yen Plus with the July issue and move the two-year-old manga anthology magazine online.

“The print magazine will be no more,” Publishing Director Kurt Hassler wrote, “but Yen Plus will live on as an online manga anthology! As such, it will have the ability to reach more readers than ever before while giving those same readers an option to peruse manga (and maybe some light novels?) legitimately online. Will there be other changes? Most definitely. You can expect to see content changes which we will announce when the time is right. Our commitment, however, is to keep bringing you the best and most diverse anthology experience every month.”

Launched in August 2008 by the Hachette Book Group imprint, the magazine has been used to introduce such titles as Black Butler, Nightschool and Soul Eater and the adaptations of Maximum Ride and Gossip Girl.



WTF? This is really sucky news. :(

Wow, that is too bad. Black Butler is terrific and they’ve debuted a lot of other fun series.

It’s an odd thing, though–it’s pricey per-issue, but broken down by page is incredibly cheap: $9 for 400+ pages. And if you subscribe, that about halves the price. I only ever read about half the serials, but that’s still a damn good deal.

Well, I guess I don’t feel so bad about no longer picking up the issues (and dumping those I’d collected since the mag’s beginnings when I moved). But, after this and the demise of Shojo Beat (I was one of too few subscribers), I doubt I’ll ever buy a paper-based manga anthology ever again.

And then there was one. Shonen Jump is now the only manga zine in the USA. Also, Otaku USA is the only anime magazine. BTW, online magazines don’t count. They all fizzle out after a year or so.

My niece will be mad to hear this.

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