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From Wikipedia's lolicon entry

From Wikipedia's lolicon entry

Internet | Wikimedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has relinquished some of his website privileges following complaints by contributors that he deleted images without consultation. Last week administrators of Wikimedia Commons removed hundreds of images in the wake of a complaint filed with the FBI in April by Wikipedia co-founder Lawrence Sanger accusing the media repository of “knowingly distributing child pornography” in violation of the U.S. PROTECT Act. Sanger, who left Wikipedia in 2002 and four years later launched the rival Citizendium, specifically pointed to entries on pedophilia and lolicon.

Wales, apparently feeling pressure from a Fox News report on Sanger’s accusations, posted his support for removing “images that are of little or no educational value but which appeal solely to prurient interests,” and deleted many pictures himself. Some images deemed by the Wikipedia community to have educational merit have returned to the site. [BBC News]

Elsinore's "Yes Yes Yes"

Elsinore's "Yes Yes Yes"

Legal | Roy Lichtenstein’s estate apparently has decided it won’t sue an indie-rock band over a CD cover that used the same comic-book panel the artist appropriated and made famous years earlier. [BoingBoing]

Comic strips | The Washington Post has announced “America’s Next Great Cartoonist,” a contest for aspiring comic-strip creators critiqued by the likes of Garry Trudeau, Stephan Pastis and Richard Thompson and voted on by readers. The winning strip will be published by The Washington Post for a month. [Comic Riffs]

Awards | Japanese publisher Kodansha has announced the winners of its 34th annual Manga Awards. [Anime News Network]

Publishing | Gianni Simone delves into Japan’s underground zine scene. [The Japan Times]

Publishing | Only a few Japanese publishers are wading into the digital pool, with most adopting a wait-and-see approach. [The Mainichi Daily News]

Conventions | Deb Aoki, Torontoist and Bleeding Cool report from last weekend’s Toronto Comics Art Festival. [TCAF]

Barcelona International Comics Fair

Barcelona International Comics Fair

Conventions | Joseph Rybandt wraps up his coverage from the Barcelona International Comics Fair. [Comics Waiting Room]

Retailing | “The theological implications are staggering.” [Progressive Ruin]

Creators | Stan Lee was honored over the weekend during a three-day tribute at the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. [Las Vegas Sun]

Creators | Joe Kubert discusses his new Vertigo graphic novel Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965: “The only reason I did the Dong Xoai story, it was not because it was military at all. It was because I felt that it was an interesting story from the standpoint of dealing with men and the relationship of men. To me, these guys were brothers. These were the first of many bands of brothers.” [San Antonio Express-News]

Creators | Collaborators Ian Brill and Jake Myler talk briefly about Darkwing Duck, the new BOOM! Studios comic based on the Disney animated series. [Inside the Magic]

Creators | Mike Rhode spotlights cartoonist Jeffrey Thompson. [Washington City Paper]

Comics | Five things to be aware of when buying back issues. [Comic Vine]



Alot of cool articles today thanks!

That Comic Vine is a pretty cool site!

Ugh. I can’t believe what some of these conservatives are pushing with this protect act. How can you have child pornography without actual children? Instead of trying to take legal action for people for fictional cartoons, maybe they should go after real criminals and predators who prey on real children. They need to stop wasting resources on this and go after those bastards. To me this is on par with Jack Thompson saying that games like Doom cause Columbine. Doom’s violence and gore pornography is no more the cause of those tragediest than these images cause someone to go out and harm children. UGH. It angers me so. These asshats need to quit trying to prosecute thought crimes and fiction.

Wikipedia went to hell ever since deletionism took over as the “in thing”.

Maybe we should arrest Garth Ennis for inflicting violence on fictional people.

And Lichenstien made a career out of swiping images and not getting sued. Such bullshit.

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