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Emma, Vol. 1

Emma, Vol. 1

Publishing | More commentary on the July closing of DC Comics’ CMX manga imprint, courtesy of Deb Aoki, Matt Blind, Christopher Butcher, Simon Jones, David Welsh and the crew of Good Comics For Kids.

Blind: “So, DC: I’d like to ask — how much did you recently spend on plastic rings as opposed to, oh, say, the now-past 5-year marketing budget for now-defunct [alas] critically-acclaimed manga publisher CMX?”

Butcher: “It was a line that was poorly conceived, poorly run for the first half of its life and then barely run at all for the last half. Then it was unceremoniously killed. The end.” [CMX]

Comics | About 230 pieces of rare original Tintin art will be auctioned next week in Paris. The items range in value from about $3,700 to more than $300,000. [Reuters]

Publishing | Fledgling Pennsylvania publisher Secret Lair Comics is briefly profiled. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

All-Star Superman #4

All-Star Superman #4

Creators | Noel Murray interviews the very-quotable Grant Morrison, who discusses, among other things, the overwhelming response to All-Star Superman: “We put a lot of thought into it, and we worked through what we wanted Superman to be, and I think people responded as I’d imagined to the architecture of it. Because comics fans are quite into that. They like the Apollonian, rather than the Dionysian, and Superman is very Apollonian. And that’s what I felt. I thought it was always going to be popular, because it was very straight-up. The storytelling stuck to the folktales, so it was intended to be universal and iconic, so that even your 5-year-old nephew could read it. It was intended to be that universal story, and I think that’s how it panned out. It became what we hoped it would be, so I can’t say I was totally surprised.” [The A.V. Club]

Creators | Peter Hartlaub profiles Daniel Clowes. [San Francisco Chronicle]



Creators | Food writer Corey Mintz dines with cartoonists Jim Rugg and Matt Kindt. [The Star]

Creators | Artist Mike Cavallaro talks briefly about Foiled, his collaboration with author Jane Yolen for First Second Books. [The Brooklyn Paper]

Creators | Peter Johnson examines Bernard Krigstein’s earliest work for EC Comics. [Cloud 109, via Journalista]

Creators | Seven-year-old Freddie Neno has become the youngest-ever contributor to The Beano. [Telegraph]

Pop culture | Isotope staff member STORM has been named San Francisco’s Best X-Men Tarot Card Reader. [SF Weekly]



Jeffery LaJaunie

May 20, 2010 at 12:26 pm

Kinda off base to ask DC how much they spent on plastic rings being as retailers had to buy them… Im sure DC made money on them…

First Minx and now CMX. It proves why DC doesn’t care about any property unless it can make them oodles of cash, which is why I gave up on them years ago, except for The Mighty.

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