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Danzig and Rollins and Lost, oh my!


A pair of off-the-beaten-path comics have surfaced over the past few days that are perfect for readers who like their comics with a pop-cultural flair. First up, there’s Henry & Glenn Forever, a collection of romantic one-panel gags starring those famous star-crossed lovers, Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. If you’ve ever wanted to know how the lead singers of Black Flag and the Misfits would maintain a relationship in the face of interference from their Satan-worshipping next-door neighbors Darryl Hall and John Oates, now’s your chance. Henry & Glenn Forever comes to us from Igloo Tornado, a collective consisting of The Blot‘s Tom Neely and his artistic compatriots Gin Stevens, Scott Nobles, and Levon Jihanian, and it’s available for $4 from Microcosm.

Next, Dash Shaw and Jesse Moynihan, the cartoonists responsible for the boundary-shattering webcomics Body World and Forming respectively, have teamed up to create a comic about Lost for the latest issue of the venerable alt-lit journal The Believer. The kicker? It folds out of the mag to a height of almost three feet! According to Moynihan, the strip, called “Spiritual Dad,” is “a story loosely based on things I heard from my dad about his life, mixed in with characters from LOST.” Somehow, doing a Lost-inspired comic about daddy issues feels appropriate to the spirit of the show. Check it out wherever books or magazines are sold!

"Spiritual Dad" by Dash Shaw & Jesse Moynihan, from The Believer


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I don’t care if it makes me a minion of Satan… I’d rather listen to Hall & Oates over Rollins or Danzig anyday. Not that I’m a huge H&O fan, but some of those songs were pretty catchy. Plus Oates had that “No, really, I’m not gay!” mustache. Hilarious. Not to mention this album cover:

Anyhow, Rollins is kinda cool when he’s not singing. If that’s what he calls it. He just takes himself too seriously, this comic aside. The comics about Lost sound pretty cool though.

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