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Dark Horse to end Star Wars: Legacy

Star Wars Legacy #50

Star Wars Legacy #50

The Dark Horse folks used their Facebook yesterday to explain why they are bringing Star Wars: Legacy to a close. Actually, “explain” is kind of a strong term, as they never say exactly why the series is ending, other than that for some reason they didn’t think they could keep producing it at their usual high standards, but it sounds like they just might have run out of stories to tell:

Unlike other publishers, Dark Horse has never been one for prolonging a series simply to do so. Our comics come from a place of creativity and artistic expression, and this applies to all of our titles, whether creator owned or licensed property.

One of our promises to ourselves, our fans, and George Lucas himself was that we would treat our line of Star Wars books with the highest level of respect. We hope that you’ll agree that we’ve achieved this goal, and trust you’ll take our word when we say that we’ll continue to strive for such high standards.

Their other Star Wars comics will continue, and they are launching a new series, Star Wars: Knight Errant, due out in the fall.

(Via the Sci-Fi Block, where Robert Ring adds some commentary.)



Mysterious Stranger

May 12, 2010 at 9:57 am

I noticed in the solicits for July that the series was ending with issue #50. I really enjoy this series and hope they find a way to wrap it up nice and clean. Whatever the ending it will be a doozy and things have been building to a head in the book for a while now.

I wonder if Ostrander’s health issues have anything to do with the book ending. He and Jan are the driving forces behind this book and I honestly can’t imagine anyone continuing it with the same consistency as these two.

This was the only Star Wars comic I was reading, so color me disappointed.


May 12, 2010 at 3:36 pm

Run out of stories to tell?


On her facebook page, I asked series penciller Jan Duurscema why Legacy was being cancelled. She responded to my question thusly, “$”. At last year’s Wiz World Chicago John Ostrander told me that he had lots in store for Legacy so I doubt they’ve run out of stories as this was one of the best comics I’ve been reading in recent years with lots of plot threads that could easily run for another year or two.

RETHINK THIS MOVE DARK HORSE, PLEASE!!! Having a regular series go longer than 50 issues doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.

I take “$” to mean it’s not selling enough?

Lots of comics don’t sell well enough, so yes. Legacy has a strong following, but a small one. Unfortunately, Star Wars junkies will spend lots of $$$ on the toys and novels, but not the comics.

Bring back Star Wars Tales!

Seriously, the Star Wars comics have lost the sense of fun and comedy and occasional outright silly delight that was so wonderful about the first films.

This book was too dark, and too ‘edgy’. I first started to waver on the book when they revealed “Skywalker’s” mom was some assassin woman drawn to look the same age as him, but then they won me back with the cool military strategy story that was removed from like everything else and was about two old ship captains out-thinking each other, but then the Yuzhon-Vong showed up and I quit.

I HATE the Yuzhon-Vong. I thought we all agree to just pretend they never existed. I hate when writers try to make Star Wars into Star Trek.

I’ve tried to read every Star Wars title DH has launched in recent years, and honestly, the Ostrander written titles are the only ones I can keep reading after five issues or so. I’m at the point now where I am not even going to try to read new SW titles, because none of them have the quality that the Ostrander books do. So, #50 will be the last DH Star Wars title I buy.

Oh well, I am sure Marvel or DC or Image will be happy to take my $2.99.

Very disappointed. Legacy was a great hit for casual fans in our library. Though a completed story does appeal to me more than continuing the series into infinity.

Star Wars Legacy was the only comic series that I read. Don’t see how any new Star Wars series can make up for the cancellation. The 50th issue must have a definite resolution to the conflict or the series be continued. Until then, I won’t buy another issue.

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