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If Predator’s a Star Sapphire, where’s all his skin?

Green Lantern #57

Green Lantern #57

On Friday, DC released the “Brightest Day” solicitations for August, revealing the return of an old Green Lantern character. “BRIGHTEST DAY continues as what readers have been asking for finally arrives: a male Star Sapphire in the form of the Predator,” reads the solicitation text for Green Lantern #57. “But how is this entity unlike the others? And what does it want with Carol Ferris? Meanwhile, the White Lantern is defended by an unlikely hero …”

Debuting in 1984, I believe, the Predator was a manifestation of Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire’s subconscious. I’m not sure if those stories are still part of DC’s continuity, but that character looked like the one in the image above, at any rate (read more about him here).

Current Green Lantern readers, however, probably know the name “The Predator” as the sentient embodiment of love, the Star Sapphire’s equivalent of Parallax, the bug-looking creature that’s the embodiment of fear, or Ion, the giant fish/whale thing that’s the manifestation of willpower. Both have been known to take a host from time to time, as we saw when Kyle Rayner became Ion and, more notoriously, when Jordan was possessed by Parallax. Based on the solicitation text, I’m guessing the “unlike any others” part refers to the fact that the Predator is also the host of the love entity … kind of a mash-up, I’m guessing, of the two concepts.

In any event, there’s a male Star Sapphire now, something fans “have been asking for.” That’s not hyperbole; I’ve heard that question asked multiple times at multiple conventions over the last few years. Another common question, though, has been, “Why do the Sapphires wear such humiliating costumes?” So it’s easy to see how a guy in a full-body suit might not be so well-received by some folks. Former Robot 6 contributor Lisa Fortuner offers commentary on the debut of the new Predator on her blog:

Yes, that’s right! DC has decided to introduce a male Star Sapphire, and not only that–he’s the Predator! Meaning he’s hosting that big lizardy entity that lived in the violet power battery, the equivalent of Ion or Parallax.

So not only can men tap into love and harness it, this one is actually better than any woman who makes up the… um… Well, I bet Carol beats his ass. Let’s check out the character design!


So he gets to be more in touch with the Violet and more powerful than all the women, and he gets to be fully dressed. Not just fully dressed, but hosting the embodiment of love and lust–the thing that is causing all of these really gorgeous alien women to run around with practically no clothes on–and he’s covered head to toe in black with only purple accents. Oh, and he gets macho silver armor.

And a macho name like the Predator.

Yeah, that’s just…

Yeah, just…

By the way, while looking for additional information on the Star Sapphires for this post, I came across this on deviantART — a design for a male Star Sapphire that actually looks like he belongs in their corps.



Bummer, there goes my hopes for hot-pink space Chippendales. :(

Seriously though, to be cynical, I expected as much. I knew if there was ever going to be male Star Sapphires, ye olde double-standard was going to kick in, but this even defies my low expectations.

The Ugly American

May 17, 2010 at 1:21 pm

Ready for my answer?


Really, you’re ready?

He’s actually naked. The Predator is wearing a caucasian-colored mask.

Are you suggesting badass, ribbon-y, chrome shoulder pads aren’t sexy? I’ve got a whole collection of Rob Liefeld comics that say otherwise.

I agree with Joe. He must a time traveler because that costume is right out of the 90s.

Actually the Predator costume — which has been tweaked some in the above image — was designed in the 1980s. So maybe he was ahead of his time.

The Ugly American

May 18, 2010 at 11:38 am

I still think he’s got his one leg perched up on the other to maintain his “dignity” for the comic cover.


May 19, 2010 at 4:03 pm

I have to agree with Joe H- my first thought was that time Rob Liefield did a fill in on Titans with Hawk and Dove’s villain (Chaos?). Doesn’t he look like some love-Hawk?

The solicitation asks how is he not like the others? Well, he has on a full costume (albeit an ugly one) where as the other Sapphires do not.

I guess with an entity named Predator as your avatar of power, life isn’t going to be fair for the women.

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