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John Cassaday redraws Superman #1 cover


J. Michael Straczynski’s first issue of Superman, issue #701, joins the list of comics that will feature classic DC covers redrawn by contemporary artists. However, unlike the covers unveiled so far, this one is the comic’s main cover, rather than a variant.

Check out the full cover after the jump.

Superman #1

Superman #1



Looks like blue hair’s back in style!

looks amazing!!!!

Feh. Lacks anything redeeming. boring.


Not a whole lot going on with this one.

Are you kidding ? It may not be very original but it’s awesome !

Underwhelming! Mediocre looking Superman with a CG image background. Is it or Superman looks like a middle-aged gay man?

So this is what passes for ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ these days?

Hey, @$$holes, when you guys do a piece of artwork thats better, please feel free to post it here….

Obvious trolls are obvious.

Ahhhh, the ol’ “You’re Not Talented So You Have No Right To Judge” argument. Well played. We’ll pretend we don’t have an opinion on quality or taste just because we’re not as talented as Cassady. That’s completely logical. I really hope you apply yourself to those same strict standards and only criticize people in the same fields that you’re talented in.
Rick isn’t as good as a pizza delivery driver as I am, I’m much better. My science teacher who I didn’t like and thought she was lousy and lazy? I had no right to criticize her teaching skills, I don’t know anything about teaching. And the anime adaptation of Dante’s Inferno? I’ve never made and anime before, so how the heck am I supposed to judge it?
Gregg, I hope you realize how stupid all of that sounds and how stupid you sound when you challenge us to make better artwork than what’s shown here.

Gregory P. Cashman

May 26, 2010 at 6:19 am

Not that impressive looking. And for an artist as slow as Cassaday, why are we wasting him on covers? Take the time he spends doing covers for Superman and Daredevil and get him started on some interiors.

Actually, Gregg, I can and have drawn a better Superman than that. I’m not saying I’m a better artist — in fact, I can almost guarantee that overall, I’m not — but in this case, I AM. I don’t know, maybe he was hearkening back to a simpler time, simpler art, something like that — but it’s a pretty generic picture, nice anatomy, but not too much to it….and Superman doesn’t instill any sense of strength or confidence within me — perhaps if it was clear whether this is supposed to be a modern artists’ interpretation or an homage…

Oh, you have, Danny?

Aren’t you the guy who drew this:

Sorry, I somehow find it hard to believe that on your best day, you can produce a Superman better than Cassaday on his worst day. And I apologize for being critical of your work… I can honestly say up front, you can draw better than I ever will, but if you’re going to trash someone else’s work and say “I can do better,” you’re opening yourself up to be criticized with the same degree of aggressiveness that many of the posters have displayed, here, first thing in the morning.

I give this comments thread a big “meh”
Except for the personal attacks. Those are golden.

Hey S P,

When you write personal attack comments that are better, then you can judge whether they are golden or not!

I hope the above qualifies me to judge these comments, because I agree, they are golden.

The illustration of Superman looks great, but the “scene” is extremely underwhelming, yeah. I can’t do better but another professional artist can.

Truly shocked that Cassaday’s is the worst one yet. He tied himself a lot to the original art style and the colors are HORRENDOUS. Needs some Isanove.

Seriously, this cover could still be sort of saved if they recolor it…


Touche, Marko, touche.

But I assure you, ‘A Girl’s Gotta Eat’ is not as charming an art piece as it is as it’s title. I commend you, though I find it a little creepy that you, uh, investigated me. Still, it was an honest point, and I’ll give it to you.

But that doesn’t mean the debate is settled. In fact, I would go so far as to declare ‘the game afoot’, providing you ever return to read this.

SO. The challenge is this (or is it ‘thus’?): I must provide one piece of DannyWetts artwork that you, meaning YOU, Marko, must admit is better then that cover up there that you cherish.
You must definitively admit: “Yes, DannyWetts, you have outdone Cassaday in this challenge.” or else I have lost. That’s right — this, Marko, is a duel of gentlemen, meaning you will have to issue forth an honest response and I, in turn, must respect it.

You have offered forth ‘A Girl’s Gotta Ear’ (ironically based on a real LIVE girl – that is, UN-undead) as a piece of evidence. You probably could have offered up much more if you had access to my archive of junk (the ‘shitbox’, I call it). But I have access to the shitbox and the..UN-shitbox, so the ammo belongs to me.

If you accept, I shall fire a salvo of art upon you that will have you using that Cassaday cover to wipe your dog’s ass — should you ever find yourself in a situation where his ass needs to be wiped.

OK, it’s not that bad, but I’m trying to promote a duel here.


Drawing is Ok.

All BS’ing aside, the coloring might just be it. I think Cassaday’s best stuff has always been accompanied by a sort of…modern cinematic lighting…not that that kind of moody or abstract coloring would be applicable to this cover. Sadly it’s a moot point because I refuse to accept any rendition of Superman that doesn’t include his 90’s mullet.

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