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Kickstart my art | He had me at Nicolas Cage


Comics creator Todd Webb is using Kickstarter to raise funds so he can create what could possibly be the greatest comic book about actor Nicolas Cage of all time:

Why make a comic book about Nicolas Cage? Because I think it would be a really funny, strange, and entertaining thing to do! Also, Nicolas Cage is probably the biggest comic book fan in Hollywood (he changed his last name to Cage, after a comic book character, and named his son Kal-El) and I have a hunch it is his secret dream to BE a comic book character – so why not? I promise to make Nicolas Cage! The Comic Book Experience the best comic book it can possibly be – it will not suck! It will SHINE!

Here’s a sample of what the comic will look like. Webb, the creator of Tuesday Moon and several other comics, has put together several prize packages for folks who contribute. For instance, the $35 package includes the above T-shirt. Go check out his Kickstarter page for more information.



I disagree with the statement “Cage is probably the biggest comic book fan in Hollywood.”

I believe that title is held by the great Mark Hamil.

mark hamil did not name his son kal el… nicolas cage DID.

i’m in. i’m getting that shirt. who’s jealous? YOU.

It is very wonderful T-shirt.

Does Nic Cage even collect comic books anymore? He sold his collection:

Mark Hamil is still collecting.

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