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Lit agent: Can’t write? Write graphic novels!

Or you could just go wordless...

Or you could just go wordless...

Well, not exactly, but newcomer Brianne Ogden told Mediabistro that graphic novels might be just the thing for someone who is more storyteller than stylist:

There are writers with storytelling talent strong enough to bend light waves, but they may not be wordsmiths. A graphic novel might be just the thing for them. Storytelling is the lynchpin of a graphic novel; there is just simply not enough text to require facile wordplay.

If that piques your interest, Ogden wants to see books about angels and demons, fairies and monsters—no vampires, please. “Dark and twisted tales, philosophical principles, sci-fi, mash-ups of any kind, steampunk, mermaids, and kooks. Not all in one book—but I suppose that would be one heck of a story,” she said.



Fine advice if you have a modicum of artistic skill or know someone who does. If you don’t have either, well, how does this help?

If you can’t write, you shouldn’t write, period. Graphic novels require even more skill to say as much or more with fewer words. This woman has literally no idea what she’s talking about and I would expect any books she would represent would be awful.

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