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Marvel launching another Namor series in August

Namor #1 variant

Namor #1 variant has a brief write-up today on an ongoing Namor series that’s launching in August. Written by Stuart Moore and drawn by Ariel Olivetti, Namor: The First Mutant will tie into the big X-Men vs. vampires storyline, “The Curse of the Mutants”, that’ll run in the new X-Men title coming later this year.

Per, “Stuart Moore and Ariel Olivetti set the world’s first mutant on his most dangerous mission ever! Namor may be able to end the vampire threat, but is he willing to sacrifice Atlantis? And what can stop the threat of…the Atlantean vampires?” The first issue will have covers by Joe Quesada and Jae Lee.

Created by Bill Everett, Namor has appeared in a slew of ongoings, miniseries and team books over the years since his introduction way back in 1939, from Sub-Mariner Comics back in the 1940s to Namor, the Sub-Mariner in the 1990s. He’s been an Invader, an Avenger, a Defender and a member of the Illuminati, and most recently has been hanging out with the X-Men.



Ariel Olivetti and his crappy non-existent background that don’t look like it was done by the same artist? (Seriously, a 3D background in Cable?) No thanks.

“First Mutant”? I know he is in terms of the first introduced by the company (but it was still a retcon, right?) but weren’t there mutants long before Namor?

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, just like Hulk was perfect for Olivetti due to his love of drawing huge dudes, this will be perfect for his love of not drawing backgrounds. Just be like, fuck it, drop some blue in there, and you’re done! Literally the only reason I ever set my stories in space is so I can just make the backgrounds all black.

I’m…not so fond of that cover.

Why bother. Namor is a great supporting character, but he’s not ongoing series material. If you have a solid mini series idea for him, go for it. Otherwise use him as a supporting character in FF/Uncanny/Avengers (which Bendis and Fraction have done to great effect lately).

Atlantean vampires?! Really!?

This’ll probably be what finally makes a Namor series stick around, but, geezohman, that sounds like a super-stupid concept.

YESSSSSSSS! Finally Marvel wakes up and gives Namor his own book! I’ve been waiting for this since … well, his last book was canceled. I’m so happy he’s going to have his own storyline again, instead of serving as window dressing in other books.

@majorjoe23 — chronologically, they’ve retconned older mutants like Apocalypse and Selene, but I believe the first silver age mention of Namor being a mutant was way back in X-men #6. I’m not sure if there is a golden age reference.

Namor may be able to end the vampire threat, but is he willing to sacrifice Atlantis?

Didn’t Namor already “sacrifice Atlantis” when he had Nitro level it in his last mini-series? Or is this more of a metaphorical statement?

Rheged: Huh. I had thought the big reveal that Namor was a mutant was in John Byrne’s Namor, the Submariner #1 (1990), but I’ve never read X-Men #6. Interesting, I’ll have to check it out!

Zawisza, never heard of Varnae, I take it?

Give it up.

@Adam K

i lol’d

Also, the last time Marvel spun a book out of an event it was Deadpool and Secret Invasion right…? This could be a new model for them, which is interesting. unless I’m just late to observe it and am overlooking numerous other instances in which case – I can’t believe Marvel is doing this again! Only, I can, because it works.

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