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Perez, Simonson supply DC 75th anniversary variant covers

DC rolled out two more variant covers this week, as artists continue to provide their renditions of classic DC covers. Ironically, the two artists featured here are responsible for a good number of classic covers themselves.

First up, here’s Walt Simonson’s version of Jerry Robinson’s Detective Comics #69 cover, which will be a variant cover for Detective #866:

Detective Comics #866

Detective Comics #866

And here’s George Perez’s version of All Star Comics #16, which will serve as the variant cover for JSA #41:

JSA #41

JSA #41

DC promises a few more covers next week.



Is that Popeye behind Starman?

Golly, that is the whitest crowd I’ve seen outside of a Tea Party rally. Way to go DC!

(And before anybody complains that Perez was merely following the original cover’s template, I ask you this: if Mignola could change the Red Hood’s bowtie into a regular one and put all those freely-floating question marks on swirling sheets of paper instead, would it have hurt to put at least one Tuskegee airman in this one? Or a black factory worker? On a cover symbolically showing superheroes standing alongside the true heroes of WW2, namely representatives of *all* the ordinary men and women that won the war? Just saying this seems like a missed opportunity to give due credit.)

There’s a black person manning the spotlight.

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