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Straight for the art | Homoerotic He-Man and Tron

Are you "master of your universe"?: Art by Nick Mullins

Are you "master of your universe"?: Art by Nick Mullins

I think we can all agree it’s a great day that sees not one but two ’80s sci-fi-fantasy icons fed through a Tom of Finland filter by talented cartoonists — and my friends, today is a great day. Both Johnny Ryan and Nick Mullins have taken inspiration from the uber-macho gay erotica artist for their drawings of characters from Tron and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, respectively. Will anyone else follow suit with, say, Thundercats or The Last Starfighter or something? All I know is that Destro and Doctor Mindbender are already dressed for the occasion …

(via Mike Baehr and Tom Spurgeon)

"Tron of Finland" by Johnny Ryan

"Tron of Finland" by Johnny Ryan



What can I say.
Love it.

Two snaps up in a circle.

Great to see attention being brought to such subject matter but these pics are TAME compared to what’s out there. :P There’s definitely gay Thundercats stuff aplenty but The Last Starfighter I have yet to see…!


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