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Tonight’s Fringe to feature Red Lantern/Red Arrow cover

Remember this from yesterday?


DC Comics posted it to their Source blog without any explanation, and I speculated that maybe it was one of those 75th anniversary variant covers they’ve been featuring. But why all the secrecy?

Turns out it isn’t. Alex Segura explains on the Source that it’s actually an Easter Egg that’ll appear on the TV show Fringe tonight:

If you’re a fan of the show FRINGE on FOX, you know that part two of the show’s season finale airs tonight. And, as if you needed more reason to tune in (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, we’ve got a few.

See, in tonight’s episode both universes are put at great risk as Walter (John Noble) and Olivia (Anna Tory) visit the “other side.” But what are some of the cool Easter egg-style things one would see on the “other side”? Well, stuff like that RED LANTERN/RED ARROW cover, for starters.

So tune in tonight, look out for more covers like the one above and come back to The Source tomorrow morning for a look at all the covers shown in the episode.

I don’t watch Fringe, so I have no idea what he’s talking about, but I’m gonna assume the “other side” is some sort of alternate version of reality where up is down, black is white and, um, green is red.



Ah… that would answer the questions from yesterday.

There are multiple universes on FRINGE now? Huh. I haven’t watched it since midway through the first season, so that’s news to me too.

Yeah, by the end of last season it turned out pretty much everything weird that was happening was part of an effort by an alternate reality to invade ours. It’s been a major plot line this season. A bunch of characters crossed over to the other side in part one of the finale. I’d recommend catching up if you have the time. There have been some great episodes this season.

Fringe really is turning into a great show. They’ve really been focusing on character development lately and it’s improved the show immensely (it was already good to begin with). Not to spoil anything for the uninitiated but, it turns out, one of the main characters is actually from the “other side” or alternate universe. Another easter egg on a previous episode was two characters walking out of a theatre with a marquee which read, “Back to the Future starring Eric Stoltz”. BTTF completists will get the reference… Stoltz was originally slated to star in the film and even completed many of his scenes before being replaced with Michael J. Fox, who had to reshoot all of Stoltz’s footage. Anyway, great show. Watch the 2nd half of the season finale tonight if you can, then catch up with it on DVD, you won’t regret it.

You guys actually make me want to start watching!

You people not watching it, or STOPPED watching it at some point, need to get back on board. Muy pronto!

It’s turned into a great little show, taking (IMO) some of the best aspects of both X-Files and Lost. In fact, with Lost ending this weekend Fringe will now be my new TV obsession. John Noble (who played the steward of Gondor in Return of the King) is a gem and I suspect he’ll get an Emmy nomination for his work this season.

Anyhow, MDK above is correct. The show was good in its first season (those of us who stuck with it past midseason were duly rewarded by season’s end), but it’s been a GREAT show in its second. Very much worth catching up with the show on DVD, or Hulu or whatever. The characters have all grown in interesting ways, plus there’s Leonard Nimoy! Way awesome… Loved the alternate versions of the Fringe team from last week’s episode. Looking forward to tonight!

Fringe is much better than contenders FlashForward, V or Smallville.

While there are (very few) stinker episodes, the quality has ramped up this season. It’s mid-run X-Files in quality.

The only item I’ve ever been annoyed with is the unnecessary coincidence of Olivia’s deep background, when they could have just added another main character to the cast or resolved it some other way; I think it was a tacked-on retcon.

And I agree with Shaun about Alternate-Fringe Team. That was very “Threshold”-esque in nature (sentence only relevant if you’ve seen the underrated show “Threshold”; replace “Threshold” with “SG-1″ if you haven’t).

In the Fringe mythology, green could very well be red. Those two colors were very important thematically during the first season, and have been nearly as important this season.

And what’s the deal with DC getting all these product placement deals on prime time? On both Chuck and Big Bang Theory, DC covers and props are major components of some of the sets, there was a Spanish language edition of Green Lantern on Lost during the first season, and now this.

I’m sure there have been others over the past few years, but these are the only ones I can come up with right now.

Chuck, Fringe and Big Bang Theory are all produced, co-produced or distributed by Warner Bros. Television.

The Ugly American

May 20, 2010 at 11:38 am

I know and what’s up with that Smallville show featuring people in DC Comics costumes?


Fringe is X-Files for a new generation done with a more coherent, thematic direction. We were all hoping for some resolution with XF and the movie that came after it, but CC doesn’t have the feel for those characters any more. And, after doing 9 years of eps, who could blame him really…

Fringe will be a good 5-year, 100-ep series. It’s shot well, contains tons of science but not the XF supernatural. Can’t miss it. Buy the DVD sets when they come on sale…


I think you all are overrating Fringe here. I love the mythos episodes a lot, but for every one of those, there are those middling, stupid monster-of-the-week episodes that have nothing to do with anything. And then there was that atrocious, just awful musical episode. The show needs to have more focus, because when it’s on, it’s on. I certainly hope they buckle down for the next season.

@Jake: I normally hate musicals but I thought what Fringe did was actually quite clever and actually a lot of fun! Calling it a “musical” is overstating the matter. Four short segments of songs, not even complete songs, were interspersed throughout the hour. And they were all done really well too… Who knew Broyles (I almost typed “Abaddon” because I still think of him as his Lost character) could sing like that? Bonus points for singing a great old Traffic song too (“Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”).

Anyhow, that episode was just a fun little break from the usual stuff. Think of it as an Elseworlds comic or something. It actually did a pretty clever job of developing different aspects of the characters and their personalities. It also gave us something of unique glimpse into Walter’s twisted mind. I liked it.

As for the rest of the series… Yeah, Fringe does the occasional “freaky monster of the week” episode. But only sometimes. Most of them are still pretty intriguing, and even then there’s usually some threads of the overall story arc that still show up. The continuity really is tighter than it ever was on X-Files, and they’re doing a better job of keeping it more accessible and less convoluted than X-Files too. I hope they can keep it up!

Anna Torv’s come a long way from when the show started (looking forward to the Olivia vs. Olivia catfight tonight), and the whole cast is really bringing the goods. Joshua Jackson, Blair Brown, all of them. John Noble’s really the heart of the show though, and I can’t wait for him and Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell to (hopefully) meet up tonight in the alt-universe. With Lost done, Fringe is THE sci-fi show to be watching now.

Well, in addition to the “Red Lantern” cover there was a version of the cover of “Dark Knight Returns” with Superman instead of Batman in front of the lightning, a “Death of Superman” shield cover that instead have the bat symbol, and what looked like COIE and JL covers that I couldn’t get a clear enough freeze on to find the differences.

F.U. Comcast for failing to broadcast FOX tonight on the HD channel where my DVR was taping.

I’ve heard other comments that Earth 2 Fringe Division reminded them of Torchwood. Certainly was a very interesting and much more grim and somber team. Though they did have their joking and light moments, like joking about Charlie being infected with spiders.

Anyway, those DC covers were a very nice touch. They had me laughing my head off when I saw them.

All as said above so incredibly detailed, perfect characterization… the parallels… the Steward of Gondor as Dr. Bishop and the MUSIC!!!! Yes (Roundabout & I’ve Seen All Good People), Rush (Tom Sawyer), Emerson Lake & Palmer, etc… love that Dr Bishop loves Yes, and his bong-glazed dance to Roundabout is perfect. … the way-back film-noir epi is spot on, even with the old style show marquee… played immediately following Peter Bishop learning the truth, the power of the connections and the loss… simply brilliant. Powerful. Waiting to hear Natural Science (Rush) and all those other classic Prog-Rock tracks, perchance some of the newer elements like Radiohead & Porcupine Tree… the most innovative TV series since the original Star Trek (and we even have a certain Special Guest Vulcan – & of course more recently: X-Files & Lost). Would you chance a trip to the other-side? How cool would that be, and snatch up that Red Lantern & Red Arrow 15 cent comic!?

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