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Video of the day | What a 2-D Bone cartoon might have looked like

Back at the Alternative Press Expo last fall, Jeff Smith talked about the computer-animated Bone movie that Warner Bros. is working on, and the creator of Bone noted that at one point he tried to get a hand-drawn Bone movie going with some friends. “It was just too big, too expensive,” he said. “I ended up just spending my time trying to get everyone to get along with everyone else.”

What would a hand-drawn Bone movie look like? Well, maybe something like the video above. Cartoon Brew posted it yesterday, noting that it was created by animator Andrew Kaiko, with some vocal assistance from a Bone video game — presumably the one created by Telltale Games.



Hmmmm…… Not criticizing the animation, but I hated those voices.

For one it says at the end “Audio from the adventure game (c) TellTale Games”

And i loved the animation. Some of the backgrounds could have used a bit more detail, but the gestures and facial expressions of the characters were just like i imagine them.

I’m not sure if a computer animated movie can reach that level of loving detail.

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