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‘X-Men vs. vampires’ storyline has a name: ‘The Curse of the Mutants’

X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants

X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants

The much-discussed “X-Men vs. vampires” storyline that briefly sent writer Mark Millar into a tailspin now has a name befitting a ’50s horror movie (with a font to match): “The Curse of the X-Men”!

Confirmed last month at C2E2, the storyline will launch a new, “adjective-less” X-Men title in July by novelist Victor Gischler and artist Paco Medina. You can see the full updated teaser image, and read Marvel’s description for “The Curse of the Mutants,” after the break.

X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants

X-Men: The Curse of the Mutants

As the X-Men recover from the stunning conclusion of Second Coming and prepare to enter the Heroic Age, they’ll first have to survive The Curse of The Mutants! Beginning in July’s X-Men #1, from the fan favorite creative team of Victor Gischler and Paco Medina, the X-Men welcome new faces into the fold as a deadly new threat emerges to consume mutantkind…and then the world! With top secret specials and new series tie-ins to this red-hot storyline, The Curse of The Mutants leaves the X-Men forever scarred!

It’s mutants versus vampires—and the stakes have never been bigger for X-Men than in The Curse of The Mutants!



The ’50s touch makes me like this idea a lot more than I did when I first heard about it.

interesting… looks to me like the colorist didn’t know / forgot that Storm was black. same goes for the person who approved this teaser.

Nick, uh…

You have seen the other teaser, right?

This is just the “vamp’d up” version of it.

Coloring’s off for everyone, anyway, so it’s definitely not a race thing. I point to Gambit’s pink hair, for instance.

wouldnt wolverine be immune to turning since his healing factor would treat it as a disease hmmmm??

Isn’t this kind of a pointless idea since Charles Xavier could just make the vampires wander out into the daylight? They are already dead, so it isn’t like Xavier’s ethics would get in the way of him doing so.

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