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Buenaventura Press closes its doors

Kramers Ergot #7

Kramers Ergot #7

Some sad news today out of Oakland … Alvin Buenaventura announced today that he shut down his company, Buenaventura Press, in January.

“I was forced to let go of the dedicated employees who had worked so tirelessly for so little money in order to create art that we all believed in,” Buenaventura posted on Blog Flume earlier today. “This meant that I had to abandon all current and future projects and discontinue sales and distribution. I deeply regret having to take these actions, but the press experienced a devastating financial blow that made it impossible to continue. (I will release more details about this problem in the future.)”

Robot 6’s Sean T. Collins reached out to Buenaventura today, and he added that the situation comes down to a single problem that is legal in nature.

Buenaventura Press published many independent comics, high-end anthologies, graphic novels and prints by creators like Ron Rege Jr, Ted May, Kevin Huizenga, Eric Haven, Lisa Hanawalt and Matt Furie. Back in 2008 they received a lot of attention when they published the massive Kramers Ergot 7, an “olympic-sized” anthology that included contributions from Matt Groening, Daniel Clowes, Seth, Gabrielle Bell and many more. They also published Comic Art Magazine.



Oh God, this is terrible. I hope Alvin and his compatriots can find a way to keep putting together comics for someone somewhere.

Sean T. Collins

June 11, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Amen, amen, amen. And let’s hope things work out well for Alvin personally as well.

Well, this totally sucks.

Ugh….terrible news.

Comics just lost its finest publisher.

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