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Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane

Legal | A federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin, will hear arguments today regarding Neil Gaiman’s claim that Todd McFarlane owes him money for his copyright interests in three characters — Dark Ages Spawn, Domina and Tiffany — that he says are derivatives of their earlier creations Medieval Spawn, Angela and Count Nicholas Cogliostro.

“Our view is McFarlane just took some of the characters Neil was a co-creator of and just gave them different names,” Gaiman’s attorney Allen Arntsen told The Associated Press. “It’s a matter of principle.” In court filings, McFarlane attorney James Alex Grimsley denied Gaiman has any rights to the three additional characters, claiming they’re not based on the earlier creations. [The Associated Press]

One Piece, Vol. 27

One Piece, Vol. 27

Legal | A 14-year-old in Nagoya, Japan, has been arrested for allegedly distributing  One Piece, Naruto and other manga on YouTube before the titles’ release dates. The teen is accused of photographing the books page by page and uploading them as slide shows between Dec. 22, 2009, and Feb. 9, 2010, then announcing on Twitter what he’d done. Police are investigating how the boy obtained the manga before release. [Anime News Network, TG Daily]

Legal | The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly has voted down a controversial proposal to tighten regulations on the sexual depictions of minors in manga, anime and video games. [The Mainichi Daily News]

Publishing | Ka-Ming Cha provides a snapshot of the U.S. manga market, with a focus on digital piracy. [Publishers Weekly]

Parker: The Hunter

Parker: The Hunter

Publishing | IDW Publishing has released Darwyn Cooke’s acclaimed adaptation of Parker: The Hunter as its first original graphic novel available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. [Hero Complex]

Comic strips | The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has actually expanded its Sunday comics section. Among the additions is Deb Aoki’s Bento Box. [Star-Advertiser]

Awards | Tuesday is the deadline for comics professionals to vote online for the 2010 Eisner Awards. [Eisner Awards]

Conventions | Tirdad Derakhshani and Kelly Rowles report on this weekend’s Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. [Philadelphia Comic Con]

Conventions | A video report from the second annual Cherry Capital Con in Traverse City, Michigan. [9&]

Conventions | This weekend’s Screaming Tiki Comics, Toy & Pop Culture Convention in Niles, Ohio, is spotlighted. []

Lynda Barry

Lynda Barry

Conventions | The Alternative Press Expo, held Oct. 16-17 in San Francisco, has announced four special guests: Lynda Barry, Daniel Clowes, Rich Koslowski and Tony Millionaire. [Alternative Press Expo]

Creators | Rachel Cooke profiles Daniel Clowes. [Guardian]

Creators | Snow Wildsmith interviews Dave McDonald and Andy Runton. [Good Comics for Kids]

Creators | College student and aspiring comics creator Jason Salas talks about his five-week summer internship at MAD Magazine. [Las Cruces Sun-News]

Politics | Japan’s new national policy minister, Satoshi Arai, said he regrets his now-defunct political organization reported comic-book purchases as official expenses. [The Mainichi Daily News]



Not sure why Todd McFarlane is even fighting, why can’t he just paid up and be friend with someone like Neil Gaiman? This is so childish.

Roquefort Raider

June 14, 2010 at 8:06 am

I agree with Darren : just paying what’s due would be both sensible and easier for McFarlane.

On the other hand, I’m not sure that the argument “these are the same characters, only with different names” holds a lot of water when comic-book characters are concerned. That’s a practice with a long history.

I usually never say never but McFarlane and Gaiman will never bury the hatchet. As a business owner I understand that both parties are doing what they believe is right in protecting their respective interests. I do agree that similar characters is a weak argument but given the history between these two parties and given the fact that anything can happen in court (hello Tony Twist received millions for a similarity of character) it wil be interesting to see what happens. The fan in me would love to see the hatchet buried and McFarlane drawing the first issue of the newly released Miracleman series written by Neil Gaiman with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If this did come to fruition I would personally write a cheque for $500 to the fund.

I love McFarlane’s artwork, but as a businessman? He’s lower then dirt…

McFarlane is great, but I don’t think he likes to be told what to do.

I still think he’s great after this thing, the baseball, and his section in the Image ’10th Anniversary’ Hardcover.
You can tell I’m a big fan.

Sir Manley Johnson

June 16, 2010 at 4:42 am

I believe the Golden Archer is a rip-off of the Green Arrow and Moon Knight is just Batman with a twist. See where i’m going with this.

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