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DC Universe Online subscriptions to cost $14.99 per month

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

We’ve learned a few things about DC Comics and Sony’s long-in-development massive multiplayer online role-playing game over the past few weeks, including the release date (November), whether they’d get Wonder Woman’s costume right (yes) and now the pricing.

DC Universe Online will cost $14.99 per month to play it, in addition to the retail cost ($49.99 for the PC version, $59.99 for the PlayStation 3 version). The MMO blog Massively spoke directly to someone at Sony, who confirmed the price. The spokesperson couldn’t confirm if the game would also have in-game “micro-transactions” built into it that allowed players to purchase in-game items — like costumes, accessories, special weapons, skills or even in-game currency — for real money.

No bundled subscription fees (where you get a discount for buying multiple months at once) were mentioned, but I can’t imagine they wouldn’t offer something like that.



Is that normal pricing for an MMO?

sounds about right. Gotta be discounted bundle packs tho…

It’s normal, but still brutal, especially for occasional players.

Well…that sucks. Normal or not I doubt I can drop $50 bucks on the game and another $15 a month. Perhaps if they sell discounted bundles (like pay for a year kinda thing) but with what I’m already dropping on comics and the occasional movie/dvd. I think I’ll probably have to stick to just reading about them rather than playing with them.

What a crock of horseshit. I’m not going to pay to play a game I already bought ever again. I’ve only ever played 3 months of WoW and I regretted paying for the half year subscription. Their Skinner-box type of addictive play added with the subscription fee and now especially with the micro-transactions is just about as evil as a game company can strive to be.

Yeah, I’m out.

well from what I read from the E3 hands on articles, it isn’t even worth the retail price.

Its SOE guys, Sony Online Entertainment ruins everything they touch or even just market. EQ made them successful but only thanks to Verrant, once SOE took over its all downhill from there, EQII: looked nice, disappointment. Star Wars Galaxies: Started of promising, RUINED Vanguard: Looked amazing: HUGE disappointment – and how about their side projects like the “Dark Ruins” games – buy it and see how many people are logged in – ZERO. This one has some promising gameplay footage, but overall I’m expecting another major disappointment.

Will you be able to play the game… go through single-player story mode or whatever… without going online? I know this is designed for the fully featured, collaborative, online experience, but I’m sure many people out there can’t or won’t pay $15/month, but would still like a decent game they can play on their own.

How about a $99 yearly subscription. That’s about as high as I would go.

What a waste of time way to milk more money out of people who want to play they game, a 60.00 buy price then 15 every month…no think you sony and dc you can keep your online game

Nice to see that nobody here understands how an MMO works.

From the trailer it doesn’t even look that “massively” multiplayer. It doesn’t even look like that good of a game. Also, I mean, how many Batmen can you have running around? Or is this like the Matrix thing where you couldn’t really be anyone (the point of a game, IMO)? Yeah…no.

Yall cant talk al the shit you want…yall know like I do. You will buy the game. You will try it for the one month free. and if its hot you gone pay the monthly fee

I agree with the comment of no one understanding how an MMO works. The monthly fee goes to help keep up maitainence on the game as well as continuely adding new features. Yeah the 60 bucks for the ps3 version is a little steep but every game coming out is 50-60 bucks now, if you don’t have the money or don’t feel like paying then don’t, those who want to will. And to the multiple Batman comment, the point of this game is not to play as one of the trademark heros (as we have done over and over again), but to create your own unique hero with their own unique abilities, anyone who has played an MMO would understand the point. It’s all about roleplaying your own story in the DC universe.

And this is why I wont be getting it. Seems like a cool game, but I can’t bring myself to pay $15 a month for a gma that I’ll probably play ocassionally. MMOs just don’t seem worth it to me.

Originally they said it would be free to play online and that they would have dlc. now that they changed their mind fuck DCOU

Its the micropayment thing that pisses me off about this. I’m willing to pay 15 a month for an MMORPG, but thats just so all players have pretty even playing field. But then throw in these special items you have to pay extra for and you throw the whole system out of whack in favor of those players with deeper pockets instead of the drive to better themselves through playing the game.

Nothing worse than a trust fund child walking around in the best gear because daddy can pay for it while I grind away for crap.

AFAIK, WOW doesn’t do this type of thing do they?

Don’t harp how “This is how it goes.” Bullcrap about paying monthly fees. MAG has 256 people in an arena and doesn’t charge subscription. We don’t like that money model nor want it. You can keep payin and playin that pay per month bullcrap with your little band of merry money wasters you hang out with.i’ll just buy a new game with the money i saved not wasting on what? ” Maintaining servers and bringing new content, that your going to pay for in microtransactions too”. So what does it sound like to me ? Rip-off!

Firstly as far as the multiple iconic hero knockoffs go, play City of Heroes sometime and you will see numerous ripoffs of known heroes, especially if you’re playiing game based on an existing comic universe. The same would happen if you were playing Marvel, you would have dozens of Captain Americas, Thors, and Wolverines running around.

Secondly as far as the price goes I understand how these games work, but somebody mentioned MAG, good example the extra content cost if you want it, put there’s not subscription fee for playing. They could do the same so those that want it can buy it if they don’t then so be it.

I’ll have to pass on this game, because they keep changing the release date, and the fact that they’re going to charge a monthly fee.

15 dollars a month isn’t crap I eat more then that in fast food and cigarettes in a week. I’m not here to complain about it or knock the people that are but I’m sure if you truly want to play this game there are a few simple exspenses you could cut back on to afford $15 a month, think about it a middle school kid can save up more then that in lunch money! If you like it and you want to play it then you will make a way if you don’t want to play it you wont. I will at least see what its offering and make my decision from that

no monthly fees

$15 a month is a pretty standard price, sure it may seem a bit expensive but you have to remember two things, 1) Bandwidth costs money 2) Keeping servers up means paying employees means costs money…. Does it dost them $15 per person? no, but at the same time it is not free to them either.

There are 2 ways to support such bandwidth, charge people to access or spam everyone with ads left and right… 50 cents a day to not see a “Buy your children cocaine from” ads every 20 seconds is not bad.

Would it make more sense to start at say $10 a month and then raise it to the standard $15 a year later after getting more subscribers? yes, but oh well not like Warcraft hasn’t been $15 a month for over 6 years now back when minimum wage was 1/2 of what it is now, heck even runescrape the java applet charges people $5/month for “member status” to gain access to stuff.

All in all I won’t be getting it right away, will wait a bit to see how the subscription rate goes and if enough people join and stay subscribers for long enough I will get it since it doesn’t look good but at the same time joining any MMO at the start has its risks of being a flop when people find out how the “end game” content is.

ugh, can’t fix typos… * “…I will get it since it DOES look good but…. “

im sorry but this is to expensive.

What crap is this. WARNING TO ALL!!! I bought the game and it is NOT worth $15 a month. It lack so muuch in fighting. It is a JOKE that they want to charge anything for it. Save your money DC Universe Online (outside graphics) is poorly down for an MMO..

This is a bloody joke!! Just bought the game. Cost me AU$80.00. Then found out tha the subscription is $19.95 per month!! Will stop playing after my 30 days free trial and will never buy another Sony game, ever!!

Just bought the game and the graphics are amazing. No bugs that i’ve seen so far and its nothing like WoW. The fast-paced action is great and the customization rules too. No disappointments on my part. Get the game if you think you might like it.. comes with a 30 day trial anyways.

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