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Frank Quitely covers Absolute All Star Superman: Let there be light

Absolute All Star Superman

Absolute All Star Superman

Via the Source, here’s Frank Quitely’s cover to the Absolute Edition of All Star Superman, which is due in October.



Excellent. This was one of only two Superman stories I’ve ever liked (though I’ve heard about Casey’s pacifist Superman and that idea intrigues me).

I still think Joe Casey’s portrait of Superman as the ultimate.

In a way it reminds me of the cover of Astro City #1

That’s the pose from the cover of Superman 1, isn’t it? Seen from a new angle, I mean.

(ah. No. Googled it. Similar, but flipped. Not quite, aha ha)

Gotta say, I cannot afford the Absolute books, but I would seriously consider selling all your kidneys for a copy.


Very nice!

Cannot wait to hold it and subsequently read it!

Was hoping it would be the scene of Superman working in the Sun.

@Kirk Warren: I was thinking the exact same thing.

Which were the Superman issues were Casey developed the pacifist Superman idea? Have they been collected? I heard about that recently and the idea intrigued me too

Superman has always been a pacifist. Casey just opted to focus more on that aspect of his personality. it was nothing new. What, do some people think Superman was a warwonger before Casey’s run or something?

I don’t think superman has a violent personality, i just find the notion of him choosing to solve conlfict in a non-violent way a very interesting exploration of his character and a creative twist to his usual scenarios.

It’s like Quitely just found the lens flare effect in the drop down menu and now he’s back in his first year of art school.:(

I’d say that’s a fairly poor assessment of the piece. I’ll almost completely ignore the fact that’s not even what Photoshop’s lensflare effect looks like and concentrate on the placement on the rays of light emanating from the sun behind Superman; the rays drape over his shoulders, through his legs, and through his open hand in a way that photoshop’s tool couldn’t hope to achieve. And even if that weren’t the case, Photoshop’s lensflare effect doesn’t even look like that. And then of course there’s the messianic theme in All-Star Superman, which this piece fits perfectly. And AGAIN I have to stress the fact that *Photoshop’s lensflare effect doesn’t even look like that.*

Joe H:

Yeah, but in this picture you see A LOT less of Quitely the cartoonist and A LOT more of Stewart the inker/colorist. Its as if Quitely has lost all interest.

It’s a striking image. Why does it need more to be better? Why is it a strike against Quitely for trusting Stewart to do his (Stewart’s) job? As if Stewart is just second bananas in the process?

Because this is the second cover in as many featured works where a giant lens flare has taken up a majority of the image.

And I thought Singer overworked the Superman-as-Christ thing in Superman Returns. Sheesh.

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