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Geoff Johns and Matt Fraction plot Iron Man/Green Lantern crossover, sorta

Tony Stark and Hal Jordan, together at last? Not quite: The big Iron Man/Green Lantern crossover plotted out by writers Matt Fraction and Geoff Johns yesterday exists only in their respective Twitter accounts. But still, it’s fun to read what the writers in charge of their respective universes’ cocky skirt-chasing sci-fi superheroes who are the basis of big blockbuster movies have to say about the two heroes meeting up.

Inspired by Fraction’s facetious tweets about the powers of each of the ten rings wielded by Iron Man villain the Mandarin (including making phone calls that never drop and the ability to TiVo three shows at once), Johns got the ball rolling. Below you’ll find their crossover conversation, tweaked slightly for clarity and featuring guest appearances by editor Steve Wacker and Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis…

artist unknown (let us know in the comments)

artist unknown (let us know in the comments)

Johns: @mattfraction What can the Mandarin’s rings do? Iron Man/Green Lantern xover…!

Fraction: @geoffjohns0 together, all of ‘em can save the direct market…! #LETSDOTHISTHING

Fraction [later]: wait weren’t me and @geoffjohns0 plotting our GreenLantern/IronMan xover in real tweettime? wasn’t mandarin getting a red ring or something?

Johns: Then Hal loses his ring, but finds one of Tony’s suits. And thinks it’s the coolest thing to ever pilot…

Fraction: Tony rebuilds a shattered power battery with repulsor tech and discovers he can make this weird ring do what he thinks…

Stephen Wacker: @GeoffJohns0 @mattfraction SinestrO.D.O.K.

Johns: And the SinestrO.D.O.K. Corps

Fraction: how big of a red ring would a red ring have to be to fit around fin fang foom’s neck like a collar? #blooddragon!!!AAIIEEEEEEEE

Johns: Fin Fang Foom you have great rage in your heart! Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps!

Fraction: “Pepper Potts, this is Carol Ferris. Carol, meet…”

Johns: “Hal? I was,um, just having a drink with…” “Tony. Tony Stark. I hear this ring belongs to you…but I can’t get it off.”

Johns: In the suit, Hal plays chicken with the Quinjet. The Avengers want to know who stole Tony’s armor.

Brian Michael Bendis: @GeoffJohns0 @mattfraction hey!! No quinjet or avengers unless i get some tie in/ spin off action!!

Johns: @BRIANMBENDIS @mattfraction Avengers/Green Lantern/Iron Man We last left Hal Jordan in Iron Man’s armor battling the Avengers…

Red Lantern Fin Fang Foom and the SinestrO.D.O.K. Corps alone make a real-world version of this imaginary crossover worth the price of admission, don’t you think?



Okay, now they HAVE to make this happen.


I always pair up Iron Man and Green Lantern in the Marvel/DCU amalgam in my brain. IRON LANTERN didn’t help that. :)

At least one issue would just be Tony and Hal partying with an army of super-models.

sounds like a good start to a plot.

holy shit this is great!! thx for posting

big O

Maybe the new honchos at DC don’t care about the years-old impotence joke and this can happen.

Steven R. Stahl

June 9, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Marvel had (has) a Green Lantern analogue for decades, The quantum bands used by Quasar and Phyla-Vell provide the user with the ring’s abilities, and more, without the drawbacks. There are also two Doctor Spectrums in the Squadron Supreme and Squadron Sinister. Iron Man fought the Squadron Supreme’s Dr. Spectrum in AVENGERS #148.


Yeah and all of those guys combines still have nothing on GL, personally speaking I have very little interest in this Iron Man was basically ruined after Civil War and until they fix that I don’t want to see any GL/IM crossover.

I take it back, I want it now.

First off, guys, don’t take it seriously. Some of those were cool, some were obviously jokes.

But it was fun to read. I hope they do something with this. Amalgalm’s IRON LANTERN pretty much went this path… and THAT comic showed us the amazing potential for such a crossover.

I also hope they do another Marvel/DC adventure. Without the cliche’ fights. I mean, now that we don’t need to see the Avengers/JLA fight, it could be nice to see them on a massive mission together again. The JLAvengers only had one issue of that. I think it can be bigger and better.

Also an odd pairing, Flash and Spiderman. Why? Not so much for the heroes but for the massive army that is their Rogues Galleries. It would be fun to have Peter Parker covering a crime scene wherein Barry Allen is toe CSI cop. Barry’s serious demeanor would go well alongside Spidey’s wit.

Hope this regime fixes the relationship between the two, and while they ought to remain fiercely competitive. (That’s what gets US good comics)….they should also get together for some good stories once in a while.

Yeah, they should really make this happen!

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