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Hercules leads an all-new God Squad in Marvel’s Chaos War

From "Chaos War"

From "Chaos War"

Marvel’s next cosmic event will kick off in October with Chaos War, a five-issue miniseries featuring an all-new God Squad led by the newly returned Hercules.

Announced this afternoon by Blair Butler on G4TV’s “Fresh Ink,” Chaos War comes from the former Incredible Hercules team of Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Khoi Pham.

The miniseries centers on an attack on Earth by the Chaos King, who has amassed an army of alien slave gods. The only force that can stop him is an unlikely team of Marvel gods and cosmic entities: Thor, Galactus, Sersi, Silver Surfer, Venus … and, of course, Hercules. As if the re-formed God Squad weren’t enough to do the job, Butler said the Hulk assembles “the surviving members of his family” to face the Chaos King’s forces.

Watch video of the segment after the break or at the Attack of the Show! website.



Chaos king = Mikaboshi?

Not that this isn’t great news, but I’ll truly miss Snowbird, she made the God Squad!

This sounds like what the recent solicitation of Incredible Hulks might be leading up to.

Aww man, I know the Prince of Power series pretty much heavily hinted at Herc’s return, but did they really have to out and out announce a project already? And the lack of any mention of Amadeus Cho worries me even further. Not that I’m seriously complaining though, any publicity that spotlights the amazing writing team of Hercules and a return to the overall series is good news to me. Plus Khoi Pham, who was imo one of the better artists on the series, yeah!

Don’t worry about Amadeus Cho, the cover shown in the video featured Cho front and center between Circe and Venus. Also, why are they spelling Circe Sersi?

Because its Sersi from The Eternals, not the mythological (or DC) Circe.

This will be amazing, just like the rest of Incredible Herc.

Cosmic Marvel and Incredible Hercules all wrapped up in one? AWESOME

Benjamin Reilly

June 25, 2010 at 7:01 am

Its Mikaboshi. After basically getting a helping hand in killing Skrull gods, he’s cut down the Shi’ar deities and made his way around the galaxy picking up more gods like baseball cards. I guess its time he comes home with his fantasy team to collect on the gods he’s always been surrounded by. Namely the Asgardians / Olympians….

The lineup they have announced to defend Earth seems really great though!

is that phobos in the picture at the top?

Delighted to see that the Incredible Hercules story continues! I was a bit worried when nothing was mentioned in the September solicits. That said, and I’m sorry to be a bit of a downer, Khoi Pham’s inclusion doesn’t overly thrill me. His art in the first Herc arc was a bit scratchy for my tastes and his art seemed to get worse in Mighty Avengers.

Thats said, I’m still looking forward to it!

I’m glad to see that Herc is back already. Canceling his title seemed like one dumb move from Marvel, given as how it was a popular, not to mention (generally) lighter series than most stuff in comics these days. Besides Herc is a god, so why was his death taken so seriously by so many people? He’s far, far more likely to do the comeback thing than Captain America.

Great news, and I look forward to reading it. The Pak/Van Lente stuff on Herc’s book has been so much fun I’m glad there’s more coming. I guess the Cho series running now counts, but I’ve not been reading it. I like him as a supporting character but that’s about it.

I was hoping that big idiot hercules would stay dead. Damn

“Canceling his title seemed like one dumb move from Marvel, given as how it was a popular, not to mention (generally) lighter series than most stuff in comics these days.”

It was very low-selling. I’m glad that Marvel is letting the writers see their story through, in spite of that.


Yeah, that is Phobos. It’s from the Assault on New Olympus arc of Herc, but it served as a recap of Oeming’s Ares mini-series.
Normally I don’t like Pham’s work, but this looks much improved.

*waits for eventual Civil/Secret/Messiah/Hulk war comparisons*

lQQks interesting, Thor seems possessed in one of those clips so i guess a brief fight between him and Herc

I hope the Incredible Hercules title returns as well after this event.

Cannot the joined force of Earth’s heroes and the Council Elite, combined with the considerable might of the Marvel Universe’s cosmic entities, not crush the impending wave of primordial nothingness? The chaos void thrived before Creation, or so some say, yet Creation has already usurped and purged Chaos. The Void is no longer supposed to exist, whatever its manifestation, yet it does…I would know the answers to this complex riddle, if aught possible.

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