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JMS, Jim Lee change Wonder Woman’s costume, origin

Wonder Woman's new costume

Wonder Woman's new costume

Internet, prepare to be broken in half: As you’ve read at The New York Times, DC’s Source Blog, and right here at CBR, Wonder Woman is getting a new costume and new direction starting with tomorrow’s issue #600.

According to writer J. Michael Straczynski’s comments on the Source, his Wonder Woman run will see the Gods “change the timeline,” removing their protection from Paradise Island, leading to its destruction and to Wonder Woman’s Superman-style smuggling off the island as a baby to be raised among normal human society:

It’s now nearly twenty years later. Diana has been raised in an urban setting, but with a foot in both worlds. She has little or no memory of the other timeline. She knows only what she’s been told by those who raised her On the run, hunted, she must try to survive, help the other refugee Amazons escape the army that is still after them, discover who destroyed Paradise Island and why…and if the timeline can be corrected or not.

Any resemblance to Mephisto’s magicaboola of Spider-Man’s life in the “One More Day” storyline, the true authorship of which — by either Straczynski or co-writer and artist (and Marvel Editor-in-Chief) Joe Quesada — remains controversial and contentious, is strictly coincidental, I’m sure.

In addition, Wonder Woman’s getting a new, more down-to-earth, less swimsuity costume, courtesy of DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee. In an extensive interview with CBR’s Kiel Phegley, JMS emphasizes the new look’s practicality:

Form follows function. She has to exist a great deal in an urban setting. So I wanted her to have an outfit that she can close up and pass more or less without notice, or open when she’s in a fight to reveal her full appearance. I wanted the outfit to express her own situation, in that she lives in two worlds, which is also in a way the trap in which she’s found herself.

I also wanted it functional. As so many female fans have said over the years, “How does she fight in that without all her parts popping out? Where does she keep stuff?” She can keep or shed the jacket, there are pockets, it’s tough and serious looking while still attractive. It’s a Wonder Woman designed for the 21st century. Not to get all “Project Runway” on this, but what woman wears the same outfit for 60 years without at least accessorizing?

On the Source, JMS also took a quick swipe at Wonder Woman’s last big redesign, the ’60s mod look: “What we also haven’t seen before is her new look, the first significant change in her appearance since the character debuted in 1941 (not counting the mod look used briefly in the sixties, about which the less said the better).”

Lee, meanwhile, tells the Times that the new outfit is comparatively apolitical: “The original costume was the American flag brought to life….This one is a little more universal.”

Love it? Hate it? Reserving judgment until you actually, you know, read the comic? (Aw, you’re no fun.) Fire away, folks…



My first reaction is that the new costume is terrible, and that the story sounds like a bad idea. But I’ll give it a shot. These ideas come from a good place, and I wanna see how this plays out.

JMS is really disappointing me. At a time where I’m ready for some good old-fashioned Super Hero stories again with Superman and Wonder Woman, we get Superman walking across America to aid the “common man” and now Wonder Woman with a timeline change that are never permanent nor ideal.

In an era of $3.99 comics, I can’t afford to purchase a comic of a character I no longer recognize.

On behalf of the late Mike Sekowsky, FU, JMS.

I’m willing to give this a shot, but it just seems so hollow, I guess i’ll have to wait and see how it reads. HOWEVER… that costume is absolutely horrible.

Yeah, it’s horrible. Why can’t she run around without any pants on? Maybe just lose the top, too. STOP COVERING UP THE MONEYMAKERS!

Wait a minute:

“I also wanted it functional. As so many female fans have said over the years, “How does she fight in that without all her parts popping out? Where does she keep stuff?” She can keep or shed the jacket, there are pockets, it’s tough and serious looking while still attractive.”

So… the problem with her outfit was not enough pouches? What is this, the 1990’s? And who are these people saying this? Do they say the same thing about Superman’s outfit? I don’t know… my wife likes the WW outfit. Makes her look super and iconic. The jacket and breastplate combo: looks like a second-tier X-Man to me.

Fail. Jim Lee is immensely talented, but this new costume does nothing for me – it seems like a lost character from his Divine Right series rather than one of DC’s big three. The jacket, gauntlets and tiara are pretty cool, but the all-black stocking-style pants make for an unbalanced design overall. Also, if blending-in with the great unwashed masses is an issue, wouldn’t regular boots, even the ones WW 1.0 wears, be more practical and less conspicuous?

As for JMS’s revised origin and basic story set-up, the less said the better. DC should’ve stuck with Gail Simone, at least she was interested in writing the actual Wonder Woman. Count on it: this is not going to last very long.


June 29, 2010 at 5:25 pm


I said it in the other thread and I’ll say it hear too: the costume would look a lot better if they just took away the jacket and dog collar. Then the fingerless gloves wouldn’t stand out so much with the lack of a jacket, and the dog collar is just tacky anyway.

Do you think this was originally a Earth One GN pitch? it sort of feels like it.

Amazing how few people are able to distinguish between a “dog collar” (a punk fetish statement) and a “choker” which is considered haute couture

I really dislike this look. It just looks terrible. I hope this isn’t a long term look and judging from the feedback so far I don’t think it will be. This also sounds like a weak attempt by JMS to tell a story. Apparently he isn’t talented enough to tell an interesting story without having the ability to wipe the slate clean..

If this isn’t a perfect argument against BND haters, I don’t know what is. Isn’t the same premise of Brand New Day? Only he’s using time-traveling instead of magic.

The other huge difference is that he is wiping 70 years worth of continuity because he doesn’t want to work with what’s given to him. (though granted, I admit it is a convoluted continuity but that’s DC fault to begin with for not sticking with one.)

Honestly i’m not that worried because anyone thing these stories are going to remain monthly are only kidding themselves.

The other huge difference is that he is wiping 70 years worth of continuity

Well, ~25 years of post-Crisis continuity, anyway.

And about the Costume I look at it…and I just see Donna Troy. This would work so much better for her.

And I just realized, how do you explain TWO wonder girls, both of which Diana were huge influences of.

Simon DelMonte

June 29, 2010 at 6:00 pm

I like the costume. I can’t say I care much about the retcon. But then, try as I might, I just never care much for WW. The only writers who ever made her work for me were Perez and Rucka.

Really? Another history revamp? So what, is Black Canary back to being a founding member of the JLA again? And what about Donna Troy? Diana looks to be the same age as Donna in the image above. Gah!

I have to say though, I actually like the new look.

I hate the design and the whole idea.

I hate the main DC Comics people thinking she can’t fight in her original costume.

I just hate the whole idea.
And NO, I don’t feel like giving you a chance, JMS.
Jim Lee, what a disappointment.

One of Jim Lee’s worst designs, and that’s saying something. I loved his art in the 90s, but his designs aren’t as good as other artists in the business.

The origin retcon may have something to do with the uncertain (?) of the Superman IP. I bet the costume is more of a trial balloon for an upcoming feature film. I think it’s aweful. Goddess? No. Maude? Oh yeah.

This is the same writer who wrote in Amazing Spider-Man that Gwen slept around with Norman Osborn and got knocked-up, right? And that Peter made a pact with the devil to dissolve his marriage, right?

Man, gotta love this era of unbridled creativity from Marvel & DC……………………..

Oh my God, they gave her pants! Yay! The red thing is very pretty, so are the bracelets and belt. I love JMS! I think he did a great job on Thor so this seems right up his alley! I think ti’d look a lot better sans jacket but maybe she’ll take it off or wear it differently in the book!

Yes, please. Give me a WW I can actually read! I’m, personally, excited for this. There’s so much WW out there and most of it is so old and just not very appealing to new/younger readers, in my opinion. I’m only mid 20-something and I have lots of other lady friends and we all WANT to like WW, but can’t really get into her with what’s on the table right now. I’m all for a retcon. Will the story be good? Who knows! Have to wait and see, but I like that they’re trying, and I hope people can give it a chance before saying how lame/awful/horrible it is. I like this outfit! I think it’s cute and it’s nice to see thee most iconic super hero lady covering up a bit. Don’t get me wrong, her old outfit’s cute too, but it’s cute in a super horrible way. Star spangled bathing suit is not exactly the best thing to show a strong, iconic lady fighting in for the ladies that wanna read her. Not a prude (and it doesn’t reaaaally matter to me), but it does get tiresome that every super hero lady wants a super hero wedgy after a while.

So anyway! I’m game!

Really, the costume is what bothers me the least.

Far more troubling is the idea of another One More Day. And yes, I loved the post-OMD Spider-Man (not written by JMS by the way), but I still distrust reboots on principle, who doesn’t it? And Spidey’s reboot didn’t really affect the rest of the MU, except by unmaking some controversial changes. But by rebooting Wonder Woman you’re gonna affect the JLA, and I shudder to think of what is going to happen to Troia (already such a “simple” character) and Wonder Girl.

As a cliched basement dwelling loser, Wonder Woman’s costume has always bothered me. It strikes me as the exact kind of thing that turns normal non fangirl women off, and personally I wouldn’t mind seeing her lose some of the top heavy-ness too. And of course the fans love it, but the fans are not always right. I know they hate it when they hear that, but they aren’t. If the fans got their way we’d probably have Ben Reilly as Spider-Man (Boo!) and Luke Cage would never have been an Avenger (Boo!). And every DC book would star Batman.

Newsflash:Lynda Carter looked silly in the costume. Dignified, beautiful, but silly. She pulled it off despite the costume’s idiocy.

C’mon, people, she RAN AROUND IN A BATHING SUIT. You don’t see Superman and Batman running around in speedos, bare chested. The costume was plainly meant to appeal to nerdy dorks, and just…really doesn’t make any sense. She ran around with her thighs exposed, how come no one ever attacked them? It’d be like walking around without sleeves and no one ever tries to take a shot at the arms. Sure, sure she’s super duper, but it’s still an exposed area. Superman is covered neck to toe, Batman head to toe.

But Wonder Woman, no she wears a freakin’ bathing suit.

wonder women is basically a lost cause.

My uncle gave me the TPB of the pantsuit run and I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, it took it in a new direction. This is just another superhero.

Ben Reilly? WTH? Does anyone like him? I must have missed the memo.

In any case, the costume change does bother me the least of the proposed changes.

I wonder if it’s going to be more like One More Day or more like Age of Apocalypse, though?

I love Wonder Woman. I love Jim Lee’s art. I generally like JMS’s writing. And man, this just sounds AWFUL. First of all, I can’t even comprehend the need for a reboot of the character at this point: Gail Simone has been writing stories that have been fun, straight-ahead superhero stories plain and simple. The character’s not broken at this point, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Not to mention, that costume is just terrible. The jacket isn’t “practical” in the slightest…it’s a throwback to bad 90s design that should have gone out when the Conner Kent Superboy first appeared. Also, this…

“She has to exist a great deal in an urban setting. So I wanted her to have an outfit that she can close up and pass more or less without notice, or open when she’s in a fight to reveal her full appearance.”

…is just silly. So her jacket is the WW of Clark Kent’s glasses…zip up and she’s unrecognizable? Seriously?

Just….ugh. I hate to come off as a fanboy hater, but seriously, I couldn’t be less interested in this, and I can’t believe we’re losing Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti for this.

What a jackass. THe mod look rocked. Stick to bad tv, JMS.

“Ben Reilly? WTH? Does anyone like him?”

Check the Spider-Man Message board over at, or even here, there’s a hefty contingent of Spider-Man fans convinced Ben Reilly was a better Spider-Man. He fixed the marriage without killing it off, they’ll say. Despite the fact that to do so they had to basically make Peter a jerk.

Sad, delusional fools, but they exist, and they are extremely vocal when the subject is broached. Bring up the clone saga and they GUSH about how awesome it was, and how you suck because you can’t understand that.

At least, that’s how they were five, six years ago when last I dealt with them. I lurked during OMD, same thing, and BND was met with a tepid response from the SMBers last I saw.

The online world of fandom tends to be a bziarro world.

Tony Harrison

June 29, 2010 at 8:51 pm

This is an outrage!!!

So if paradise island was wiped out when Wonder Woman was 3, where does that leave the origins of Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, and the current Supergirl (who if everyone remembers was trained on Paradise Island)

Don’t particularly care for the retcon. The costume has it’s issues, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

And, by the way, the classic costume isn’t actually the original Wonder-Woman costume. The original Wonder-Woman costume had a knee-length skirt and a top that actually covered her chest. it has changed a great deal since then. No reason why it can’t keep changing.


June 29, 2010 at 9:26 pm

I think the new suit looks good. WW’s costume has always looked so freaking ridiculous. She was nothing more than a sex object to lust after, and not take seriously. The way she’s been drawn in recent years was especially ridiculous: giant tits with everything popping out except the nipple, and a thong.

She didn’t have an inspiring presence. It was about only lust. She was a freaking joke, not a strong woman.

This new suit is 100 steps in the right direction. Lose the jacket and make the pants blue, and then it’s perfect. Shirt is perfect, belt is perfect, gauntlets are perfect.

The new origin sounds really interesting too. I’ve never cared for the Xena warrior princess/ Greek/ one-dimensional personality. But this new back-history actually sounds very interesting.

Looks and sounds horrible.

As does JMS Superman.

DC what are you doing?

So I was curious what non-comic book people thought of her new look. I showed the picture of her new look to my wife and our three friends, none of whom read comics but all know who Wonder Woman is and what she looks like.

Without hesitation, they all unanimously hated it. One friend said she looks too much like Lara Croft. My wife said she doesn’t look heroic. Another friend thought she looked devilish.

I think DC is sitting on a bomb here.

Did somebody mention Ben Reilly? He was awesome, you know. The original Scarlet Spider shall rise again, I say, hoodie et all!

“First of all, I can’t even comprehend the need for a reboot of the character at this point: Gail Simone has been writing stories that have been fun, straight-ahead superhero stories plain and simple. The character’s not broken at this point, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

One crucial piece is broken: sales are shockingly bad on Wonder Woman. DC paired its premiere superheroine with a well-loved writer telling well-reviewed stories and the series still hasn’t sold above 30,000 copies since July of last year. And 30,000 is still desperately low for an iconic character like Wonder Woman, considering Supergirl’s book regularly moves more than that (and with the best will in the world, Kara is only a B-lister, tops). That’s indicative of some real problems.

I have no doubt there are also people in accounting who are clamoring for the publisher to do something quick, because in theory Wonder Woman should be raking it in — when the series relaunched in June 2006, it moved over 130,000 copies. Although the economic circumstances were different then, that at least tells us that there’s genuine interest in the character, and DC isn’t finding a way to properly capitalize on it. I don’t know for certain that a quick and dirty reboot is the key to that, but I do know that allowing Gail Simone to continue telling her “fun, straight-ahead superhero stories” probably looks a lot like a waste of a perfectly good intellectual property to a publisher whose job it is to make money, especially knowing that history dictates that the character has the potential to sell a lot more.

What a reboot and renumbering does is allow the book to once again appeal to those of us who bought the first few issues of the relaunch but were ultimately put off by the character’s strict adherence to mythology and laundry list of past retconning and identities. And there are a lot of us, frankly.

Ugh! Horrible! She looks like a superpowered belly dancer.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty excited about all this. Yeah, the costume is so-so but I was actually delighted to see Wonder Woman’s slate wiped clean. She needs it, hopefully she won’t be so boring and intriguing stories can unfold in JMS’ run. This does sounds like a OMD sort of thing, but unlike Spider-Man, I always thought Wonder Woman kind of needed something a little bit more interesting going on.

Love it or hate it ; this is the most that comics fans and comics websites have discussed Wonder Woman in years. Mission Accomplished.

My favorite quote from the Times article, referencing Jim Lee:

>>Ultimately, he wanted her to look strong “without screaming, ‘I’m a superhero.’ ”

Whew, wouldn’t want to have a superhero that looked like – ugh! – a superhero!

Looks good to me, gives her a chance to move in the world as Wonder Woman, and not just be a boobs wrapped in a flag.
I hope it works, JMS has the pedigree to deliver.

My interesting in WW has gone from 0% to 20% because of the costume change.

Its not exactly ideal, but its interesting.
Lets see if JMS can do something interesting with it.

I’m OK with it. My #1 problem with WW comics has been her distance from the rest of the world. Most of her stories only deal with gods and mythology and there aren’t enough times where she just hangs out with people and fights crime. She’s ALWAYS fighting against some god with a bunch of monsters at his disposal, or internal strife within the Amazons. More than happy to see her break that cycle.

I’ll be buying this book today, instead of waiting for the trade. And I like the costume.

Steven R. Stahl

June 30, 2010 at 7:12 am

So much for FINAL CRISIS.

WW is an iconic figure, but only because of what she represents, feminine power. That’s not a theme that can be repeated 1,000 times, or even 100 times, in stories without boring readers. If a story doesn’t focus on her unique aspects, then she’s just a generic superheroine, and that’s boring too. Her Amazonian heritage limited story possibilities, since she couldn’t regard men as strange beings forever. The change to her background might have been the best approach they could take to a revamp, although the mechanism is problematic.

If this revamped WW isn’t successful, then DC should stop trying to do comics stories about her. Do one-shot DVD animated films, cartoons — and keep using her as a power symbol — but if there isn’t an audience for this version of the character, then there probably isn’t one for any version.


Do not like…..

With this stinking costume, any chance I would have given JMS on his run is gone. This Jim Lee “awesomeness” would make Kosh cry.

Absolutely hate it! My pull list keeps getting shorter and shorter. After over 30 years, and no telling how much money spent, I am about ready to give up on comics. There is just so little respect for the readers and, for the most part, very little fun anymore.

the new costume is horrible- what was DC thinking?

“There is just so little respect from the readers and, for the most part, very little fun anymore.”

Fixed that for ya. The readers are for the most part entitled whiny and insufferable. You couldn’t pay me to try to make these people happy. A year ago, if you asked many of the people up in arms about this costume about Wonder Woman, they would have said “Boring.” and “Why is she wearing a bathing suit?” but suddenly, when something changes, they lash out.

It’d be funny, if it weren’t so pathetic and clearly driven by ulterior motives. There’s a real knee jerk reactionary strain out there, it’s based mainly upon JMS’s history and the fact that few give a damn about the character. They can lash out at this in a way they can’t at the Superman project.

So, yeah, if I had seen this change coming I would’ve called this backlash, I have learned to expect the worst from fandom, they never cease to make me feel dirty for liking what I like and feeling somehow associated with the con-going, cosplaying mouth breathers. But I wasn’t expecting something this drastic in JMS’s Wonder Woman.

Whatever kind of cliche I am, at least I retain my enjoyment of what I read. I don’t wallow in the mindset of a fan who demands slavish attention to mediocre backstory and rigor they rarely apply to themselves or their postings.

I don’t know why writers aren’t allowed to honestly assess what went before. The honest assessment of Wonder Woman: “Wonder Woman has been hit or miss since the character’s creation, mostly miss, recently Gail Simone’s work has been solid but unremarkable, much like Aaron Lopestri’s art, and prior to that this volume has been mostly forgettable if pretty. The previous volume had bright runs but long runs of mediocre work from usually decent writers, Perez captured lightning in a bottle for a while, but maybe it’s time to shake things up, re-examine what makes Wonder Woman work.”

But in the end, I won’t give up what I enjoy because the other people who claim to enjoy it (but who never seem to actually LIKE ANYTHING) are assholes who react poorly to any sort of change or attempt at making an obviously broken character work better.

Wonder Woman deserves better fans.

William Walker

June 30, 2010 at 8:58 am

First, there was nothing wrong with Wonder Woman’s costume in the first place- If you don’t like the costume -you can’t possibly like the character- -people say the costume is ridiculous – hey dumba–e-s, look at most super hero costumes- especially Superman and Batmans- excuse me its called superhero’s, not project runway, or its not practical, its called escapism

Second,WTF is wrong with her history- nothing–granted the last decade has sucked since George Perez, ,Willian- Messner loebs, and Jimenez runs, the rest have been disapointing with all the re-laucnhes, directions and blah , blah , blah ……..When can they just try to writ e a descent Wonder Woman story instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, de-power her, or change her costume?

I staring reading her comics from her golden age adventures when I was 8 in the 1970’s( a hardcover collection of stories with an intro by Gloria steinum), I followed her in Justice League of America, the Superfriends( say itis horrible but it was damn good when you are 7 or 8 at t the t ime, better than what the try to pass off as cartoons these days IMO), the T.V. show ( yes, it was cheesey but it was all we had, she looked great in the costume and was a good show the 1st season- but was ridiculous the 2nd and 3rd ) and her own book until the present. I don’t know about the new direction ,it is not permanant- if it is an attempt for an viable movie design , well forget it….If Superman , Batman and Spiderman can have movies with their original costumes , then so should Wonder Woman- her costume is not silly, its called fantasy.

I’m not upset about tht new direction or costume perse- but I am steaming that people think her original costume, her history, are ridiculous, convoluted, hard to follow, and that is what is making her unappealing to fans. What makes her unappealing to fans is that she is a pacifist warrior, who talks about emotions, and preaches peace and is a positive pollyanna. Alot of people get hard ons when she is a slutty , big boobed sword weilding warrior ala that whole witchblade, Psylocke, Electra, 90’s b.s.- If you don’t like her history or her original concept how can you say you like Wonder Woman, the character- Wonder Woman is about empowerment, compassion, fantasy, adventure, science fiction, magic, humor ,and fun- Has any one ever read the golden age stories, hey guess what they are not just about bondage and stereotypes. There is an inherent sense of fun, comraderie, and adventure in them. They were weird btu fun.

I love the golden age stories, hated the 1950’s( wonder woman and steve always trying to get her to marry him) , 60’s and mod era. I loved the 1970’s after the twelve trials, loved the 80’s but not after 305, loved George Perez, the space pirate story, loved William Messner- loebs, , liked John Byrne’s, eric lukes, hated Greg Rucka’s and Gail SImone’s was okay.

I am not buying as many comics these days , I used to buy hundreds a month, since 1980- i have 60 boxes of comic books, my tastes have changed- now I read basicallly just Wonder Woman and may pick up the odd title of something else. I dropped Justice league of America a long time ago and i used to love that book – the last decade has sucked – I’ve given up. eventually I have a feeling I will drop Wonder Woman too, I am almost to that point- I love the character, I love what she stands for – but i dont like the way D.C. handles her- while they shove Batman and Superman down our throats. How many books do they need.

I need to stop or I will go on forver- see this is probably why i should post more often , so i dont have to unleash all this at once.

i guess at the end of the day, its all a matter of opinion, but I still have my good memeories.

I don’t know why people are so enraged. Seems pretty obvious it’s just one story, not a new status quo.

This newly dressed Super Girl, will not be our Wonder Woman…her flag costume was her signature look…who is this new person?
If this designer had lived in the 40’s, they would understand that you cannot change a hero’s look… imagine Superman with a changed look…he would no longer be our Superman, Batman with a new look? How can you find the American Flag objectionable?…this will not fly…sorry. I see an instant flop.

That is straight up the worst costume redesign I’ve seen in recent memory. (A close second being that terrible red/gold number they slapped on Spiderman.) I don’t mind the pants but cripes, the 90’s style costume is an eyesore. This I pray will mercifully be retcon’ed within the year.

The storyline seems okay, I guess, so long as they stay away from a rape subplot. I’m sick of the rampant use of rape as an ‘edgy’ plot device. It’s sick and there’s no excuse for it. Which JMS has used before.

Haven’t yet seen the issue but that new costume doesn’t look the least bit practical. I never liked the swimsuit much but at least with that WW didn’t have to keep rolling up her sleeves. Couldn’t DC have consulted people who actually design uniforms or costumes for active or military use what would work best for WW?

Omg. That’s what I thought when I heard of the new changes. They must really hate Wonder Woman at DC to do this to such an iconic character but wait, they’ve done similar crap before: – remmber the Red & Blue Superman? Oh yeah, fantastic. And Bruce Wayne travelling through the past to reach the present? Say again? Oh and taking Jason Todd and making him a complete wanker. And now our beloved Wonder Woman has become a bonafide gypsy belly dancer who looks like she masquerades as a female superhero at the Circus.

Oh I just love anniversary’s. Thanks so much DC. What’s next kill the character entirely???

I think all she needs now are 1990s leg warmers. She looks like Laura Croft or the chick from GI Joe Rise of the Cobra.

If they were doing a storyline where Wonder Woman goes on drugs (for whatever reason) then the new shitty outfit would make perfect sense.

The new look sucks. She doesn’t look unique anymore; she looks like Jubilee of the X-Men (one of the top 10 lamest superheroes of all time, IMO). She even looks shorter than she used to, or is it just me?

Frankly, I think they redesigned her, to make her more marketable for the film industry. One of the big problems they’ve been having is finding an actress tall enough, pretty enough & a good enough actress to play her; it would be easier to cast her, if WW was only 5’6″.

Put her back the way she was & give her back her invisible plane (or better yet, an invisible stealth bomber).

Ok, here is the deal. I loved Gail’s writing, I love every artist she worked with on Wondy. But honestly, for almost a decade Wonder Woman has been losing readers. Whether *you* liked the story is not the point. The point is, DC saw themselves losing almost 1000 readers a month, consistently. From the height where Gail came on, the book gradually lost the fan base.

This change is not about long time comic fans. This is not about fanboi’s who will sit at the shop and tell you the entire history of the character and how John Byrne’s interpretation was better and George Perez’s art was better. This is a move by a company, and an industry, to try to capture a tiny bit of the marketplace currently *owned* by manga. They want new, young, female fans of Wonder Woman. For the last 10 years, in the midst of mismanagement of the property, poor editorial direction, awful launches, and a number of other factors, there was fantastic stories that simply didn’t sell.

Honestly – DC is looking at 23% marketshare at the moment. They are behind the combined weight of Indy books now. They *must* try something – anything to find new fans. The reboots of longtime characters back to their roots are perhaps the only way to try.

Oh – and for the record – you can search for the information about the release of Thor and the first comic image that was released. Everyone decried it as a crime against nature and comics.

Guess which one is going to be in the new movie? Guess which one is now the mainstay in the universe?

That’s right … the one that came in under JMS’s run.

I do not think this is a good idea at all. If you want to bring her to peoples attention do what they did with batman and Superman. Put some “juice” behind them but don’t re write her entire back ground. It destroys wounder womans character.

I disagree. Wonder Woman needs a retcon. Her stories are too far away from the real world, and she need to grow new roots in order to attract new readers. Also I believe that the new costume is much more realistic and more practical than the swimsuit-style costume that I’ve always hated. Also I suggest that she regain the memories of Blackest Night’s events later in the storyline, so she can discover the key to how her powers and abilities still remained even after her memories were erased. Also I urge that JMS explore Wonder Woman’s unrequited love for Batman and how it connects with her destiny.

The new costume is Zealot from Ei

As a kid, Wonder Woman, The X-Men, Legion of Superheroes and strangely enough, Barbie dolls made me see fashion and costume design as an intellectual excercize.

The things people wear speak volumes about how they feel about themselves.  It’s also a reflection on the greater society.  

In my teens and twenties I studied fashion and toy design and became a toy designer.

 I’ve freelanced for Isaac Mizrahi and been a Senior Product manager at Marvel, so I see the whole reboot as a missed opportunity.

DC missed a FREE chance to reinact the ‘Contest of Wonder’ as a newsworthy design challenge. 

There are THREE world reknowned Fashion schools in Manhattan filled with hundreds of students who would have gnawed off their own arm to re-design the Wonder Woman costume (again, for FREE).

[Parsons, Fashion Institute of Technology, and the nearby High School of Art and Design -off the top of my head.]

At Least 5 kids among the entrants would have also been comics fans. (Realistically, more like 100 kids).

Public voting would’ve attracted media attention (as well as increasing new readership).

Most importantly, this Contest of Wonder would’ve given readers the illusion of inclusion in the decision making process.

Comic companies need to take a step back and view each character as a brand partially owned by their audience.

Wonder Woman’s book lost equity in recent years because editors often ‘threw out the baby with the bath water’.

If I had my choice, Phil Jimenez would write & illustrate the book again!

He’s familiar with how to walk the line between geekdom and knowledgeability!

Plus, his costume designs for the Legion Academy and Artemis have been awe inspiring!

the problem with the old wonder woman’s custome is, the movie makers can not fit her into the big screen. if we want Dc univerrse successful we have to give them a chance.

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