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Kate Beaton brings Charlie Chaplin to life in film series poster

Charlie Chaplin movie poster

Charlie Chaplin movie poster

Hark! A Vagrant creator Kate Beaton provides the poster for the new Janus Films Charlie Chaplin series, which is on a tour that kicked off in Los Angeles earlier his month.

“She did an amazing job capturing the classic icon of the Little Tramp but treating it in a new way,” writes graphic designer Eric Skillman with Janus Films. “We wanted to remind people that these aren’t just stuffy classics to be studied, they’re honest-to-god funny films to be ENJOYED. (Something that even some of us at the office had forgotten until we started watching them again recently.) And I think Kate captured that spirit perfectly.”



A lot of Kate Beaton’s work in Hark! A Vagrant has a much rougher edge than this, but it manages to convey a lot of personality. I’m glad to see that even with a much cleaner finish to her work, it can still convey the same liveliness that makes her comics so great.

I love it! Really captures the deadpan whimsy of Charlie Chaplin. The festival just wrapped up here in LA yesterday. I’m so bummed I completely missed it. Maybe it’ll circle back around to LA later this year?


June 29, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Looks brilliant. I would love to catch the Chaplin festival. He’s amazing to watch.

where can I purchase this poster?

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