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Mark Millar begins work on ‘Old Man Logan’ sequel

Wolverine #66, the beginning of "Old Man Logan"

Wolverine #66, the beginning of "Old Man Logan"

Mark Millar revealed he’s plotted a sequel to “Old Man Logan,” the bestselling 2008-2009 arc billed as “the greatest Wolverine story ever told.”

“It’s been in the back of my mind since before I started writing the first issue of the original,” he wrote last night on his message board, “but this was the first time I’d actually put pen to paper. Marvel had offered me a classic book a few weeks back and when I was sitting on the plane planning to put some notes together I just couldn’t stop. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the book I was offered, but the ‘Old Man Logan’ sequel. It opens with this insane Spidey flashback which pretty much sets the tone. My God, it’s going to be fun to write.”

Millar cautioned that he still has to pitch the idea to Marvel this week, “so this isn’t an announcement by any means.” However, he said, “the first one did so many printings of each issue. I think we averaged around 120,000 copies per book in the end and trade sales were amazing so it should be fine.”

Beginning in August 2008’s Wolverine #66, “Old Man Logan” reunited Millar and his Civil War collaborator Steve McNiven for an eight-part story set in a dystopian future where the United States has been divided among supervillains, who have wiped most of the heroes out of existence. To pay his rent and care for his family, Logan accepts a job from a blind Hawkeye to accompany him across the country to deliver a secret package. The storyline experienced a few delays before finally concluding in September 2009’s Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-Size #1.



I have no doubt that Old Man Logan sold very well, but this being Millar I’d say that 120,000 is a completely fictional number.

As for the book, it was good just for the McNiven art in my opinion, but even he couldn’t save the ending. I thought it was terrible.

It seems a little arrogant for him to assume that Marvel’s gonna ok something he hasn’t even pitched yet because the first one had good numbers. Granted, they surely will ok it, since his name will be on it and it will pander to fanboys, but still. I like some of Millar’s work, but the guy sure seems full of himself.

I’ve only read the first issue of it ((because I didn’t have the chance to read the rest)) and loved every page.

Yeah, OK… but will it come out on time?

Couple of things:
-When you have as much unquestioned success as Millar has, he can reasonably assume that a story that ALMOST anything he pitches would be a success.
-OML sold almost as much as he said in the post. Be careful about how much you ASSume “The Dude,” as you pretty much only made one out of you.
-What people assume as arrogance astounds me. I met Millar in Chicago, had drinks with the guy, and he is about as down to earth as the come. Excitment and legitimate expectation do not constitute one being full of themselves.

Meh, who cares.

I enjoyed Old Man Logan and welcome a sequel.

Granted, it’ll probably come out in 2015.


June 30, 2010 at 1:21 pm

A lot of you who scoff and post these nasty sounding emails don’t understand how much your words completely reak of jealousy. If you’re going to post a criticism, make it a bit more well-rounded.

I read in several different places (CBR included) that he lied about the sales figures of Civil War a few years ago. I didn’t really believe he was lying about the 120,000 number. I was merely alluding to that incident.

As for arrogant, I never met the guy, so I don’t know if he is or isn’t, but that must’ve been one hell of a drinking night for you to jump to his defense and insult me for no good reason.

All I said was who cares. I didn’t think it was all that great. Sorry it wasn’t.

this would be great news if Old Man Logan was actually good

I can say that it seems arrogant, if, well, it DOES SEEM arrogant. And to me, he does SEEM full of himself. I don’t know the guy – I’m going by what he said. But of course, you would know since apparently you guys are best drinking buddies. He can be excited all he wants, but when he assumes that Marvel will publish his comic because the first one sold well, and then tells the internet that before they’ve OK’d it, that becomes more than excitement. If he was merely talking about plans he hopes happen, whatever. But he said “it should be fine”. To me, that seems arrogant.

Ummm, the question I want the answer to is what book did they offer him? He said it was “classic”. A classic would have to be something that’s been around quite a while. And it’s got to be a big book or else they wouldn’t consider putting Millar on it. So what major marvel book that’s been running over a decade or so is losing it’s writer?

Also the original OML storyline was probably one of my favorites. It would have been even greater if it would have come out on a somewhat regular schedule though. Does Marvel not get that a regular schedule helps any book. Not only do you maintain interest more easily, but you put out more books and make more money. I’d personally rather wait two years and have the whole series come out over a year, rather than have seven or eight come out over the course of a year, and wait another year or so for the rest.

Mysterious Stranger

June 30, 2010 at 1:44 pm

If Marvel doesn’t buy this idea, Millar will just turn it into a creator owned project and have Marvel print it under the ICONS banner. Either way Millar wins.

Well if it happens, McNiven HAS to pencil it. No way it can be anyone else.

I also hope it takes place with-in the Wolverine series and not a separate mini. I thought that was one of the cool parts of the original story. Knowing Marvel & Wolverine they’ll probably whore it out as a separate mini

If it has McNiven art I’m down, otherwise forget it. Millar is arrogant. If you can’ decipher it in his interviews, you should be able to sense it in his mastubatory writing. Also, I can’t tell you how many guys I met, had a few drinks with, and later realized weren’t as cool as I thought when I was drinking. Yeah, I don’t know the guy, but one night of drinks his biographer does not you make.

Johnny, it’s going to have to be a separate project. With there being only one Wolverine book as of this fall, continuing a critically-acclaimed run on the character by Jason Aaron, I doubt they’ll want to interrupt the new series as it strives to reach the audience Wolverine: Weapon X couldn’t grab for whatever unfortunate reason.

Besides, I won’t complain if for a little while we have one Wolverine book by Aaron and one by Millar. I’m not even a Wolverine fan at all, but my God if those two writers aren’t the only guys who fully make me “get” the character.

There goes my hopes of him taking the reigns of the X-books. He had mentioned recently that he would be doing something X-related. I was hoping Fraction’s days were numbered.

the speedball

June 30, 2010 at 3:56 pm

“I can say that it seems arrogant, if, well, it DOES SEEM arrogant. And to me, he does SEEM full of himself. I don’t know the guy – I’m going by what he said. But of course, you would know since apparently you guys are best drinking buddies. He can be excited all he wants, but when he assumes that Marvel will publish his comic because the first one sold well, and then tells the internet that before they’ve OK’d it, that becomes more than excitement. If he was merely talking about plans he hopes happen, whatever. But he said “it should be fine”. To me, that seems arrogant.”

How so? He regularly works with the company, has a proven track record of commercial success, and the last series sold very well. He even admits that they haven’t given him the go-ahead yet, but I think you’re confusing “arrogance” with “confidence”. Or “common sense”.

success breeds confidence

Peter Morningstar

June 30, 2010 at 4:47 pm

“I think we averaged around 120,000 copies per book in the end”

Absolute tosh!!
Who the hell is Millar trying to fool here?
Sales were falling off by the proverbial truckload each issue, to the point Diamond UK were offloading surplus copies at 30p an issue in warehouse clearout sales, because of massive initial over-ordering and customers losing interest in a product that was quite simply utter garbage, and which couldn’t keep to deadline.
Like the majority of his recent Marvel work set in the Marvel Universe, Millar’s OML was tremendously disappointing.
The sooner Millar realises he isn’t the star he believes himself to be, the better, because then hopefully he’ll actually do something worthwhile instead of churning out the same gratuitous violence masquerading as entertainment issue by boring issue.

Everyone seems so bidder. The guy wrote a huge hit series. The numbers don’t matter. It is one of the best Wolverine stories to date thus he has a right to be a little arrogant, which I totally didn’t read into in his message. I think you guys should all take a step back and think about what your saying on these blogs.

In relation to a sequel coming out. Sounds great. If it sucks I won’t buy it. And he won’t get much credit. If its good, then it doesn’t matter what the story is or who does the art.

Cool the old man Logan returns should be fun. Hopefully it has a better ending than the original tho

Millar cautioned that he still has to pitch the idea to Marvel this week, “so this isn’t an announcement by any means.” However, he said, “the first one did so many printings of each issue. I think we averaged around 120,000 copies per book in the end and trade sales were amazing so it should be fine.”

So the headline is just bollocks, then.

Awesomeness, I will buy

I wonder if this story will be totally based on Gran Torino? Or maybe Million Dollar Baby?

So based on the end of OML, this’ll basically just be Lone Wolf and Cub but with Wolverine and the Hulk baby.

Y’know what? That actually sounds fun.

Logan is no longer Logan. I just don’t find ‘James’ interesting after they gave him that tedious origin. THere’s nor reason for it and I think the Wolverine that was in every Marvel book in the 90s was more interesting than the guy they call Wolverine that’s in every book in the new century.

…and Millar is extremely overrated.

Some of you people are seriously snobbish pricks. If you don’t like Millar, for cripes sake – go post in another thread. The last thing that people who DO appreciate his work want to read is your pointless horse crap. Go whine somewhere, where people actually care what you say.

That said – this will be great and will sell well, despite the idiotic, haters here.

Rollo Tomassi

July 1, 2010 at 5:18 am

I, too, wonder what title he was offered. Looking at the “core” Marvel books

Bendis has the Avengers covered with new number ones.
Brubaker is set on Cap.
Fraction is doing great with Iron Man and just started on Thor.
Hickman is making the FF great.
Spidey is in the hands of the Webheads.

That leaves X-Men and Daredevil.

Since Daredevil is consistently the weakest seller of the “core” titles, maybe Marvel wanted to punch it up with big name shockmeister like Millar?

Or perhaps Fraction is struggling with three ongoing titles and wanted to concentrate on the two solo avenger titles? Although I seem to remember an article where Fraction siad he had a long term plan for the X-book and wasn’t planning on leaving soon.

Then again, it could be classic character who currently doesn’t have an ongoing, but Marvel is looking to get one started.

“It is one of the best Wolverine stories to date”

No it’s not. Enemy of the State and Agent of SHIELD were much better

Now all they need to is either a prelife and reincarnation Wolverine book and Wolverine’s life will be covered lol

Oh, Man, screw what the haters think, I LOVED Old Man Logan.
It was something DIFFERENT, and the only problem I had with it was it was over too fast.
A sequel is such a welcome surprise!
It’s not for everyone, because it is a little racy and sinister, but hell, that’s the Marvel Universe post-apocalypse for ya!
This absolutely requires McNiven, and it would be so great if they let him put the whole story in the can before releasing it monthly (in the Wolverine title…don’t worry, this wouldn’t be out for a long time, so it’s not going to interupt Aaron, and it might just give him a welcome break).
Awesome news. I’ll be buying this, and make Mark a little richer and add to his smarmy charm, ya wankers!

Millar on Daredevil would be great, Rollo. Excellent idea.

Millar on Daredevil would suck, Andy Diggle is doing a fine job. He is making it one of the very few marvel books I buy.

haha HATERS! I can’t wait to read this. Everyone who complains that Millar is “full of himself” is seriously just a hateful fanboy sitting at home sipping Mountain Dew thinking “I wish I was writing this stuff”

There was nothing arrogant about what he said;

“so this isn’t an announcement by any means.” However, he said, “the first one did so many printings of each issue. I think we averaged around 120,000 copies per book in the end and trade sales were amazing so it should be fine.”

Sounds hopeful and cautiously optimistic to me. Comics should be fun. This will be fun.

Peter Morningstar

July 1, 2010 at 2:28 pm

I’m just wondering when he’s going to do a sequel to ‘Wanted’?
‘Un-Wanted’ would be a real applicable title. :)

Look, I enjoyed Old Man Logan. I did. I tend to like the post-apocalyptic thread where old characters look different and somehow new. T-Rex in a Venom suit? Awesome! Black Bolt stopping it with a whisper? Awesome! Red Skull in Superhero drag? Creepy awesome! But the end wasn’t heart wrenching like I imagine it was meant to be. And the plot was snagged from a previous piece of pop culture.

The fact is that lately Mark Millar has put less heart into his work. Every new project seems like a grand plot. What will advance the Millar band best? What will the readers soak up? What will fly off of the shelves? His comment on the previous sales figures for Old Man Logan drove that home for me.

Millar was best for a short period when his talent had blossomed but his audience had not yet arrived. He was still working hard. He was still developing characters that the reader could connect to and care about.

Look at the firs few issues of the Ultimates. look how he writes dialogue and develops personalities as he introduced us to those characters. As he developed a Captain America that people would actually care about. That was not cut from the same cloth as a 1950s DC character.

Now look at the first few issues of the current Ultimates thread. Loo at how he introduces those characters and fails to develop them past mere cardboard cut outs.

Millar is not writing up to his potential. He hasn’t been for at least a year and a half.

‘Nuff Said

Lone wolverine and hulk!

being “cocky” and “full of himself” is how one becomes GREAT at something. If you don’t believe in yourself who will??????????

don’t enjoy Logan as an old man in this story, I really don’t see why his family must be killed in every point of his life, as a youth, as a young man, as a middle aged man and an old man??? It’s too much. In my view, he should have some form of peace at some point of his life. the whole kill everyone he loves to me is really getting OLD and shows lack of creativity. think of something else for god sakes that would motivate him into popping his claws and breaking his 50 year vow. What’s with the same old same old from every damn writer over the years. NO One’s life is 100% darkness all the time, there is light in every thing, you can’t have dark with out light and visa versa. I would like to see stuff alot more creative honestly speaking. Like THE END: WOLVERINE it was more creative in my view. He died as he lived a in battle. we see art that shows his spirit rising up. It just was a more unique idea.

Ever see Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgivin”? well that story it is plan to see the formula’s very close to Old Man Logan… but Clint’s family didn’t have to die to tell it. And the guy he played was a real killer in his past, not just he couldn’t help it, he was a murderer. Ok so Logan killed all the Xmen in one of his rages and loss of sanity modes, sad but it happed, and not his choise or fault, he can’t kill himself blabla yes yes OK . still I am sure you can write it more original and such. Personally don’t dig the whole Hulk gang idea either. Why did they kill Logan’s family? For Fun? come on, he had time left before the due date. For fun? sheeezze I could fart a better reason than that. it seems a cop out in writing to me.

and judging from the track record of the past (quality story telling not sales) I see NO reason to thing the 2nd half will be any better. I did how ever like the art and thought Old Man Logan looked cool but other than that, NOPE to repeat of the sam e old same old and a i said, it’ll be just as “oh brothers” as the first.

PS sorry for the type Os, lost my glasses.

Millar was probably offered Hulk as Loeb is leaving soon. Also I hope Old Man Logan 2 involves that reformation of the avengers that was hinted at in the ending of the original.


The reason the Banner gang took out Logan’s family in the story was to enrage Logan and force him to become Wolverine once again. This is detailed by Banner in Giant Sized Old Man Logan. Banner explains that he’s been spoiling for a fight like the old days. He’s tired of not having any real competition and knows that if he can provoke Logan he will get what he wants. He ordered his inbred progeny to kill them all because he knew what it would do to Logan. It was a setup from the beginning.

Makes me wonder if the haters actually read the entire series or it’s just a simple lack of reading comprehension that insights the nerd rage. Jealousy more than likely…

Old Man Logan one of the best series I’ve read. Can’t wait for the sequel to come out . I will gladly buy it!! No matter the price. Story got potential!! For you all haters out there, don’t hate!!

o shit i just first the old man Logan and it made me cry laugh say o shit and hate the hulk it was the best book iv ever read i love it so much i want to merry it haha but 4 reals it was a good book mark miller nos how to right a good story n 4 that i thank him GO WOLVERINE!!!!!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!!

All the sarcastic derogatory comments are from people who revere characters that were dead or un-accounted for in Old Man Logan. Listen, I know you love Captain America and Spidey Man but… this is Millar’s version of a post-apocalyptic future. I’m sure all your favorite heros had epic deaths and all, but we’re talking 50 years in the future. There’s a reason why Wolverine is still around…he’s virtually indestructible. Also, creative license is a real thing…

This was a fantastic book people. You don’t sell that many comics without word of mouth. It was also a book that attracted some new readers to comics (or some old readers who were out of the loop). Old Man Logan—or a potential sequel—is exactly what the industry needs.

Those of you that are rooting against a sequel are part of the Simpson’s arrogant “Comic Book Guy” stereotype. Short, fat fanboys slurping their Mountain Dew and rotting away the foundations of the industry they love with a never-ending cascade of negativity.

Can’t wait for OML 2

Right on. This book was the SH**!

To those who are criticizing the ending of the book, did you ever stop and think he left it like that on purpose? He said he was planning a sequel from the beginning of the arc. So how else should he have ended it? If he had a sequel in mind then the ending is what it needs to be right now. It is just fine the way it is. Everybody on here is so uptight. It was a great story, maybe even the best but that’s my opinion.

I would be looking forward to OML 2. I liked the story of the first. alough there was one thing that bothered me. Wolverine is not suppose to age. His cells regenerate. HE DOESNT GET OLD!

Kryptonite Miner

April 18, 2012 at 10:56 pm

I’ve never read ANYTHING as cool as the irst book. When Logan finally reveled why he refused to pop his claws for the past 50 years my jaw dropped. Never has a comic floored me like that.

well,some of the comments here are from 2010 which leads me to believe Millar said this around that time….ITS BEEN 2 GODDAMN YEARS!!! how long does it even take to come up with a comic?!!! OLM itself was pretty good although wolverine killing ALL the xmen seemed so impossible it wasnt even funny………..

TWO GODDAMN YEARS PEOPLE!!! lets go on the streets in a worldwide protest…………show of hands?

I’ll always love the Wolverine character. Arguably one of the most in-depth characters Marvel has ever had. OML was a great series, enough said

I think the only thing that really bugged me about the comic was…how the hell did he even get old? I thought the whole point of a great deal of previous exposition was dedicated to the idea that no one could tell exactly how old he was because his cells regenerated.

Haters gonna haters.

Old Man Logan was fucking amazing and every page of it was gold. It’s right up there with Chris Claremont’s 4-issue limited series as one of the best Wolverine stories.

Oh, and there is nothing cocky in what he said. You are just trying to find something to bitch about.

Don’t be insecure, guys.

If the sequel ever gets done, that’d be great. I hope it’ll live up to the quality of the first

Hi, I just finished OML after starting it in 2009 but not getting to finish. I agree with the aging thing about Logan, but over all it was amazing and played well to the Hulk becoming the bad guy he became. It could have introduced other gamma babies, but maybe that will come to life in the sequel. If anything this would be an amazing screen play much much later on down the road if Marvel emphasizes the Hulk and X-men stories, as it seems they are.

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