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Media and fans (and Lynda Carter) react to Wonder Woman makeover

Wonder Woman #603

Wonder Woman #603

When DC Comics revealed the new costume, and story direction, for Wonder Woman yesterday afternoon, the publisher set off a firestorm of media coverage and fan reaction. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it’s not all positive. Not by a longshot.

In fact, some of the responses to our initial post about Jim Lee’s retro-’90s redesign — complete with leather jacket, shoulder pads and choker — and J. Michael Straczynski’s origin overhaul seem downright glowing when compared to, say, Nikki Finke’s assessment.

Under the headline “DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman!” the Hollywood-industry blogger wrote: “Of course, it took a bunch of men to ruin her. Look at the new costume design by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee below: she looks ready for Goth Day at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. (Shame on Diane Nelson, the head of DC Entertainment, for allowing this to happen. And for not finding a talented woman writer to update the icon’s saga.) Here’s the announcement about the dumbass stuff that DC Comics is doing to her. So let me start the campaign: FREE WONDER WOMAN!” Still, Finke managed to score “exclusive” Wonder Woman art by Don Kramer (a revised version of the previously released cover for September’s Issue 603).

The Awl’s Maura Johnston is only slightly more kind than Finke, briefly noting the new costume in a post titled, “DC Comics Starves Wonder Woman, Then Drags Her To Hot Topic”: “So the overall vibe given off by her is darker, more serious, ‘designed to be taken seriously as a warrior’ — not to mention, more ready to be franchised into a tie-in clothing line for similarly disaffected female fans.”

At New York magazine’s Vulture blog, Willa Paskin boldly endorses the new outfit, characterizing the “overall effect” as “fairly badass, and nicely common sense: It really is much easier to focus on fighting crime when one isn’t worrying about accidentally flashing lady parts.”

Speaking to The New York Times, which unveiled the new look, Straczynski explained he wanted “to toughen her up, and give her a modern sensibility,” adding, “What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?” (The latter statement is as inaccurate as it is cringe-worthy, as the newspaper’s costume slide show demonstrates.)

“Modern”? National Public Radio’s Glen Weldon begs to differ: “Merciful Zeus, the jacket. […] Long ago, in the benighted (EXTREEEME!) ’90s, DC superheroes and leather jackets went together like Sean Penn and Madonna before Shanghai Surprise. They were the Tamogachis of the spandex set.”

However, actress Lynda Carter, whom a vast majority of people envision when (and if) they think of Wonder Woman, likes the new ensemble. Really.

“I think it will take time for people to get over not seeing a lot of leg,” she told ABC News. “[But] I think it’s going to be very sexy and it’s new and I love the little cap sleeve. You know, she’s a hip girl. […] “I think Wonder Woman has a mind of her own. And I think she was just kind of ready for something new. She’s got an attitude and if this is the new thing that she wants to wear, well, by God, she’s going to wear it. And I like that. And I hope that in the story someone mentions, where’s the old one? And she says, get over it!”

Sure, Wonder Woman may embrace change, but that’s not exactly something comic-book fans are known for. A perusal of the 389 comments in this Comic Book Resources thread reveals mixed reactions to the storyline — they range from “this sounds incredible” to “This is really weird” to “Hi, I’m J. Michael Stracynski. I ruined Spider-man. Who is next?” — and largely negative reviews for the costume.

Comments run in a similar veing at the DC Universe blog, where my favorite remark is, “This had BETTER freakin’ end with Steve Trevor stepping out of the shower and it’s all a dream.” There and elsewhere, the occasional person pops up to assure displeased fans that Wonder Woman’s new duds are only temporary.

But DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio indicates the costume may be around for a while. “If you take a half step back is there enough of Wonder Woman [in the new costume],” he told the New York Daily News. “It really captures some many of the iconic imagery associated character, the tiara, the bracelets, the bustier, and the belt. We’re really hoping it sticks.”



Not a supporter of this particular costume, although I’m sure there is a re-design out there that’ll work.

Having said that (apologies to Jerry S. and Larry D.), it really doesn’t matter since a radically new costume will only be in use for a year or two anyway before another creative team “RETURNS WONDER WOMAN TO HER ROOTS AND TAKES THE CHARACTER IN A BOLD NEW DIRECTION!”.

Exactly what Mr. M said.

How long did Superman’s “Electric” costume (and powers) last? How long did the “new” Batman last (after Bane broke Bruce Wayne’s back). That’s exactly how long/historic this costume change will be in the end.

“If you take a half step back is there enough of Wonder Woman [in the new costume]”

No. I really don’t see ANY Wonder Woman in this new costume.

I kinda like it, and I agree with Willa Paskin: “fairly badass, and nicely common sense” it certainly is.

I’m already quite irritated about some of the uber-feminist criticism like that of Finke’s. Exactly what about the costume screams DC’s men ruining Wonder Woman? It’s just a change-up. And isn’t this the same kind of person moaning about how exploitative and revealing the old costumes were?

And as for not having a female writer? Okay, so you’ve just had Gail Simone for years, you were spoilt, but Greg (A MALE MAN) Rucka had the reigns not long before that and did a great job.

Let’s just see where this goes – it might be a success for a more street-wise, practical Diana. If not, they’ll do like Mr M ^ says and revert to something more classic again. It doesn’t hurt to mix things up a little to keep things fresh.

You’ve got to admit, these guys have balls. I’m not a huge Wonder Woman fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I think something needs to be done with her to move her forward a bit. In my mind I still feel like she’s stuck in a place where she’s been for decades. Something out of the box is what has to happen for her to be able to progress into a more rounded character. I think the costume is great. It’s simple enough to work and it’s leaps and bounds better than her “classic” outfit for lots of reasons if you ask me. I mean really, who fights anybody in a one piece bathing suit?

it is about time wonder woman got a make over for after all batman is always improving his out fit from time to time. and super man did have the blue and red phase what is wrong with wonder woman the last member of the trinity getting a new out fit now and then for the core of her is still there she is still wonder woman no matter what her look is. i like the new look.

I really don’t understand the reaction to all of this… Just like the public to react to what a woman wears rather than the ideas being put forth or to try and see something from a different perspective. I WAS a longtime Wonder Woman reader for the past 15 years and recently stopped during the Gail Simone run… NOT because it was particularly bad or because it lacked anything that made Wonder Woman who she is… It was just that I got bored with it altogether. In fact, I got bored with all comics down the line and haven’t been to my LCS in about 8 months. I would really like to challenge the majority of the comments being made and ask if the people making them have ever PICKED UP a Wonder Woman comic. Now I’m not saying this new costume is going to picgain any widespread readership, I highly doubt it. But at the very least, it’s got ME curious. It’s got me thinking of Wonder Woman…It’s got a lot of people thinking of Wonder Woman. On that level it has worked. I really detest comic fans when they bitch about any new direction without even reading it before making a judgment. And it’s insulting to think that the iconic idea of Wonder Woman hinges on whether or not she’s sporting her star-spangled panties.

I don’t have a problem with redesigning WW’s costume. Just that THIS redesign is particularly bad. I’m sure there’s a ton of designs on Project Rooftop that would have been great.

The story doesn’t sound that great, though. I understand the feeling of needing to reboot WW’s origin, but this seems like a “Everything You Know is a Lie!” cop-out.

Oh well.

“No. I really don’t see ANY Wonder Woman in this new costume.”

Yeah, not enough skin, and not nearly enough cleavage. You can barely see any. What a rip off. QUIT HIDING THE MONEKYMAKERS!

Having actually read the comic…the JMS story is the second best in the issue, only the Amanda Conner WW/Power Girl team up is better, and that because Amanda Conner can actually draw these costumes without making me feel like a dirty perv.

Actually, I still feel like a dirty perv, I just feel a little less like a dirty perv.

As far as feminists defending the old costume, wha, wha? How? An utterly nonsensical track, how can a character whose costume is pure T&A, only shades from her running around bare assed, be a feminist icon? The character maybe, but never the costume. It’s cognitive dissonance, it never fit the character in a way.

Seriously. I don’t get people.

That said, Don Kramer may not have been the best choice for the art on this new WW story, there was one gratuitous ass shot in the story (Not complaining, I dig the gratuitous ass shot, but y’know, not everyone’s cup of tea), just a great panel of Diana standing there cheeks enrobed in black.

This isn’t the design I’d do for the character, but what a lot of people tend to be missing the point of is that this is for an ALTERNATE REALITY STORY and she’s about 20 years old in this according to an interview with J.M.S.. This is sort of a What-If Wonder Woman grew up here in “Man’s World” rather than on Paradise Island…which in this tale was destroyed as she was a baby. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta hides her away on “Man’s World” and Diana is brought up by some hidden away Amazons.
This look won’t last…when J.M.S.’ story is done she’ll probably return to the old-style togs and the old reality/current continuity, or something like it. I think they’re trying to get attention and readership up on the title in a Joni Mitchell “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got, Until It’s Gone” type of way. What better way to get attention on that level than to change a character like this in such a drastic way. And look what’s happening…people ARE talking. As for whether the quality of story is good or not, remains to be seen. I have this on my pull-list and if it isn’t to my liking to keep there, then I’ll cut it. But if I do like it, I’ll enjoy it (hopefully), but I honestly don’t see this new look and story sticking…it’ll revert back to what we know. Just hoping for an interesting read.
It just cracks me up how people are ranting and not seeming to get this story is an alternate reality tale. Are these the same type of people who get a new entertainment center and try to put it together without reading the manual? LOL!
Alternate reality tale…it’ll most likely go back to the classic W.W. in a year’s time anyway…no worries. ;)

@ DrunkJack

I counted two gratuitous ass shots!

Super heroes and heroines are supposed to be larger than life and present an icon to look up to for all people. They do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Antiheroes like Batman and the Punisher, are gritty, grimy, and represent the darker side of justice, driven usually by some traumatic incident that allows them to channel their personal vengeance to the greater good. This was the fundamental change that transformed Hal Jordan from a beloved Green Lantern into Parallax, destroyer of reality. This switchover is more than simply a wardrobe change; Wonder Woman is supposed to have her home island destroyed, much like Jordan’s Coast City. And, she is supposed to be severely affected by the event, causing her to be far ‘darker’ than her previous self, also like Jordan.

The success of the change all depends on how the fan base takes this personality change; will the Wonder Woman fans of old embrace a Punisher-style interrogation involving a criminal’s head and a slowly lowered drill press? Oh, sure – she could easily get the info using her Lasso of Truth, but people out for vengeance don’t take the non-violent approach – it’s less satisfying.

There always seems to be some reason that comic publishers want to tinker with a working character without understanding the character, usually to disastrous results. The Hulk carrying large guns was one of the fads that comes to mind. Why would the Hulk *need* a gun, when he can throw a TANK at a target, probably faster than a bullet travels from a gun?

The “blackening” of wardrobes and darkening of characters has already been done – it’s a tired dog. Go watch any episode of WWE. Look up the history on some wrestlers. “Triple H”, for instance, originally was a Blue blood elitist named “Hunter Hearst Helmsley”. He dressed in traditional British hunter’s clothing and was well groomed, as he saw himself as ‘above’ everyone else. Somewhere along the line, he was “Undertaker-ized”, clad in black, hair sprayed with oil, unshaven, and generally made to look like all the other wrestlers.

Changes in wardrobe are generally a distraction intended to cover a writing staff who has run out of ideas. Make the storyline enthralling, and people won’t care if Wonder Woman shows up wearing a full Burqa. If they are going to do a wardrobe change with Wonder Woman, I would prefer to see her wardrobe go further into antiquity than be modernized. Amazonian warrior’s armor, a gift from Zeus himself – that would be easier for readers to stomach, as it goes back to her roots. That, and it would give the writers a chance to add powers to her in an effort to explore new avenues without altering the character.

Old beacons of justice like Superman and Wonder Woman serve a very important purpose – they show young, impressionable readers that justice can still be had, even if you follow the law. The reason Wonder Woman has lasted for 70 years is because they got the chemistry right with the character, the first time around.

The new costume is not bad. Not Wonder Woman, but not bad.

Make the leggings blue, and throw in some red boots, and it’s closer to Wonder Woman.

This costume would be a great upgrade for Wonder girl, or if WW was Donna instead of Diana.

I haven’t read WW for a long time – maybe I missed something. Has she always left a Lobster Johnson-eque “W” on her victims’ foreheads?

As it was for Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman..this is temporary at best. We all know she’ll end up back in her one piece swimsuit. Changing costumes in comics is like death in comics…temporary.

“The “blackening” of wardrobes and darkening of characters has already been done – it’s a tired dog. Go watch any episode of WWE. Look up the history on some wrestlers. “Triple H”, for instance, originally was a Blue blood elitist named “Hunter Hearst Helmsley”. He dressed in traditional British hunter’s clothing and was well groomed, as he saw himself as ‘above’ everyone else. Somewhere along the line, he was “Undertaker-ized”, clad in black, hair sprayed with oil, unshaven, and generally made to look like all the other wrestlers.”

Off Topic And Totally Revelatory Of My Low-Brow Tastes, A Tip:

Y’know, your example, is not a very good one. Triple H is far more popular/unpopular (depending on his chosen role as babyface or heel) than Hunter Hearst Helmsley ever was. It WORKED for Triple H. Maybe you should pick an example that DID NOT WORK.

And “Blackening” is not a good phrase. It seems…well, it sounds bad.

@Tracy Edmunds

The ‘W’ mark left on the forehead is presumably where Diana has backhanded him with her new gauntlets. Humiliating AND concussion-inducing!

Not that she probably didn’t need an update, but damn is that outfit tragically 90s.

Show of hands: how many commenters here ACTUALLY READ WONDER WOMAN?

Don’t everybody jump up at once.

The costume is a HUGE improvement over what she was wearing before.


I’m not sold on the storyline, however…


Probably a high percentage on this website, myself included. But comments on an article featured on a non-comics-orientated site? I’m avoiding those.

I think it’s funny how people are accusing the folks who don’t like the new costume of being upset because it’s insufficiently revealing. Please take a look at the art accompanying this post and tell me again how the new costume’s naysayers are peeved because they’re no longer getting enough WW T&A.

My favorite headline is from Topless Robot’s Rob Bricken: “Wonder Woman Has Decided to Cosplay as ’90s Superboy”

This is waaaay better than the old look.
The only way it could be better is if they just stopped writing Wonder Woman altogether.

Wonder Woman looks just fine and Nikki Finke is a grating blowhard. God forbid Wonder Woman is not running around fighting evil in the world’s most impractical bathing suit. Get over yourself grandma.

The new costume sucks. Byrne was the last time I read Wonder Woman and this “new look” makes me want to pull out Byrne’s old issues and reread them again.

Good luck with this new look DC.

Not loving the costume, not hating it either. Not crazy about the origin retcon, but I like JMS on the whole. $5’s a bit much for a comic; don’t expect I’ll buy #600 but I’ll keep an eye on the reviews and may pick up later issues.

Three words, people: William Moulton Marston. The “father” of Wonder Woman. Look it up. Look up the history of the character, and the original intent of the creator. I’m not judging Marston OR his point of view, I’m just saying look at how far afield the character has gone since her creation, and then see how IRRELEVANT the current arguments are, on BOTH sides. It’s like arguing about whether or not there’s oxygen in the atmosphere. The character has undergone so many changes over the years, any version anyone prefers is already out there. Whether feminist, “perv”, conservative, mythic….it’s out there. And it will continue to change, as long as people show interest ( “OOH! SHINY!!” ). So please, everyone, just chill?

However, actress Lynda Carter, whom a vast majority of people envision when (and if) they think of Wonder Woman, likes the new ensemble. Really.

“I think it will take time for people to get over not seeing a lot of leg,” she told ABC News. “[But] I think it’s going to be very sexy and it’s new and I love the little cap sleeve. You know, she’s a hip girl. […] “I think Wonder Woman has a mind of her own. And I think she was just kind of ready for something new. She’s got an attitude and if this is the new thing that she wants to wear, well, by God, she’s going to wear it. And I like that. And I hope that in the story someone mentions, where’s the old one? And she says, get over it!”

She liked it and that’s enough for me.

I said it last night and i’ll say it again

That is Donna Troy, not Diana. Nothing there resembles Diana at all, not to mention she is more of someone in her Late 20s-Early 30s, not a 23 year old JMS is scribing her to be.

This is just bad all over. Costume AND story.

I actually read Wonder Woman. I am hating the new costume. I have been a loyal reader since the 1980’s. This is the worst thing that could happen. I hope that this is only temporary. I can forgive that. J. Michael has no place in comics.

How about if DC just used this new origin and costume in a second for Diana book? Isn’t she way over due for an extra title given that she is considered one of the “Trinity”? To be honest, this “Trinity” proposition seems less legitimate every day. Even Hal has more than one book. And look at all of the Marvel heroes who have more than one book even though most haven’t proven capable of handling them. Great cinema, but I still can’t believe Tony Stark is two book material.

Bruce has at least three protégé’s with self titled books. Clark does also and let’s not forget the whole Legion of Super Heroes. Wonder Woman hasn’t achieved this wonderful feat either. Though not part of the Trinity, Hal has. Marvel’s Spiderman has a list of at least two derivative heroes who have stepped out on their own (count team books as well). Captain America has done this recently. Shouldn’t DC help Diana do the same if she’s really as influential as Clark and Bruce?

How about if DC revived the “Sensation” line, (Clark has Action, Bruce has Detective,). Try out this new costume, origin, and storyline in that book while allowing those who enjoy classic Wonder Woman to find her adventures in the book that has her name. The Sensation book could be DC’s version of an “ultimate” (or “All-star” or “Earth one” if you consider this more respectful) version of the Amazon Princess.

Give it a year, whatever book proves to be the most successful keep it alive. Whatever book proves to be the least profitable should be reconceived at that time. Just an idea


Of course, because the comics industry is thriving on its own and doesn’t need any exposure on ‘non-comics related’ websites, right? And Wonder Woman is a Top Ten seller too?

Hey, we all love comics, and I especially want to see WW get the attention she deserves. I’ll just leave it at that.

How does putting pants and a jacket ruin the character. Chill out, lets wait awhile before we talk about how she’s ruined.

The costume is okay…. except for the jacket with the rolled-up sleeves. It really does evoke that ridiculous 90’s “eXtremely kewl” look. (Which should not be too surprising, considering that’s where Jim Lee built his name.) I mean, really, when was the last time you saw anyone attempting the jacket-with-rolled-up-sleeves look? It looks foolish.

Charles J. Baserap

June 30, 2010 at 11:16 am

@Comic Relief – I think part of the thing is that it’s difficult to justify giving a character who sells about 25k a month a SECOND book, you know what I mean? The book has lost over HALF its readership from issue #14 (when Gail took over) to the present. The time to give her a second book was along with the relaunch a few years back, while sales were hot initially. But now? Not so much.

Part of the problem, too, was Simone’s resistance to doing crossovers even though it was crossovers that reinvigorated several titles along the way over the years and it’s no surprise the highest selling Secret Six books to date have been the Battle for the Cowl and Blackest Night issues. Ironically, she’s been hesitant in Wonder Woman.

The character just isn’t a huge sell. She’s important, she’s fantastic, she’s fun to read, but it’ll take a steady year of so of sales for DC to justify giving her a second book, especially when every major bat title and Superman title and GL title (including Streets of Gotham and Gotham City Sirens) are currently selling better than her ONE title.

Kell Sebastian

June 30, 2010 at 11:22 am

If you liked the original costume and stuff, shoulda bought her monthly mag.

The costume — ugly as it is, and at first, when I saw it in the issue today, I thought Diana was in her casual clothes, not in her costume — is the least of my concerns and why I’m considering dropping the book. What really ticked me off is this, from the Behind the Scenes at the end of WW 600. JMS says they tweaked the timeline so that Paradise Island was destroyed and Diana was smuggled out and raised by guardians. So, basically, it’s like saying Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed in a car accident, not by a mugger, but he still became Bruce Wayne, anyway. There was nothing wrong with Diana’s origin story and this is a slap in the face of all the hard work Gail Simone did on the book for the past year, building up the mythology, bringing back the Amazons, etc. The hideous costume which doesn’t look like a costume for someone of her stature and history in the DCU is oddly suited for the insipid direction this book seems to be headed.

Oops, make that Bruce Wayne became Batman anyway. But you all knew that, right? ;)

The new costume suits the new direction.

More pants!

(sorry trying to make that work but…

Wasn’t that sold on the Jim Lee look now if that’s the regular artist take I’m even less sold. It’s bloody awful. I’m all for the idea of a new costume, fresh take and all that that entails but this just feels forced somehow. When JMS did a number on Thor he took it back to the characters roots brought back Blake, did interesting things with Asgard and made the logical progression of Thor becoming ruler as well as giving him a costume that kept the original in sight but harked to the characters mythological roots. This was all made easy by having a blank slate to work from as everything was dead or destroyed.

Wonder Woman doesn’t have this advantage so everything here feels shoehorned and contrived.

And GODS that costume is awful.

I just hope she goes on an adventure with Vixen.. make it a mini-series…

Also kinda agree with Shelly on the slapping of the past writers.

Wonder Woman wants to be able to hide in an urban environment in 2010 by wearing a black leather jacket with star-studded shoulder pads and black leather pants?

Not only are the Keres going to be looking for her, but so are the Fashion Police.

Honestly, I like the new costume. It retains several elements of her classic costume (the red and gold, the WW symbol, the bracelets, the lasso), but combines them into a costume– or, dare I say– an outfit– we might see someone wear in public. Sure, it does evoke the ’90s leather look she sported for a bit, but it’s significantly more practical. For one, she’s wearing more than a black sports bra under that jacket!

All these reactions are very understandable, though. Fans always react very strongly when one of the Big Three’s costumes get even the slightest of redesigns (remember when Superman temporarily made the yellow in his S-Shield black?), especially when it comes to Wonder Woman. For example, the famous white, Emma Peel-esque costume worn by Wonder Woman back in Denny O’Neil’s run got no small amount of criticism, including from a prominent feminist! And remember when Wonder Woman got a haircut during Walt Simonson’s run? It was the hairstyle that broke the Internet in half! So we’re just seeing history repeat itself here.

Let’s face it: eventually, Wonder Woman will return to her classic look. For now, though, I’m willing to try something different.

People sure are resistant to change on these long-running characters, myself included. I thought George Perez and crew were taking her in the right direction back in ’87, but clearly that vision died when the creative team that started that particular rebirth folded and went their own ways.
I think that what readers are having trouble with is, the problem with redesigning Wonder Woman over the years is there’s been no moderation…it’s always sudden and avant-garde. “Character development? Naahhhhhhhhhh…let’s redesign her costume.”
It just doesn’t seem right when every new writer wants to throw everything out and start anew in a ‘Startling New Direction.’ Makes me think they’re too lazy to read the back issues and get familiar with the character.
Once upon a time, in 1987, I had my shot at working on the Wonder Woman series. Dick Giordano urged me to submit to DC, and I wish things had gone differently. I’d shoot for any position on the creative team now if I weren’t so darn busy with current projects.

As has been mentioned, there are better possibilities for a Wonder Woman redesign. This one would be alright if she ditched the jacket. It just looks so fucking stupid.

just hurry up and come out with the first bondage cover in the new outfit

How can anyone say that they are “not sold on the story yet?” The updating of the costume and the story are JMS’s way of attempting to lure in both new and knowledgeable readers without abandoning the allure of the character’s origin and original costume. As for there needing to be a female writer on board, I disagree. Of the last three writers, Jody Piccoult (a novelist); Gail Simone (a fantastic writer on Secret Six and Birds of Prey); and Greg Rucka (a writer and author), Greg Rucka wrote the most interesting and compelling story and yet that had nothing to do with his gender. JMS has proved with Babylon V, Midnight Nation, Amazing Spider-Man (the Aunt May storyline especially), and Thor that he can achieve incredible success writing both male and female characters. I am hoping he does the same in his run on Wonder Woman.

I am not against updating her look to something far less cheesecake. I don’t think the pants are that bad, and I actually like the re-designed bracers. It’s the leather jacket. You GOTTA get rid of the leather jacket. It just brings back the memory of so many bad 1990’s makeovers, the Black Knight (ugh with that lightsaber) Nomad, Hawkeye, Just dump the jacket.

@Scott: Then after all the furor-ee (quoting Bugs Bunny) has died down, we fans can only hope he puts his money where his mouth is. But when his writing stint on Wonder Woman is done, what then? Same old crap, another new costume?

The costume looks fine. I’ll reserve judgment until I read the story. You should too.

Wonder Woman needed this. The costume looks pretty good, imo. It fits current times.

The fact is that nobody will ever be happy with what DC does. If this brings in new readers, then they’ve done their job.

PS: Why are people saying this costume looks goth? Goth girls look NOTHING like this.

Nah, she looks like a new member of the X-Men.

I saw the pic before I knew what it was. I thought “who knew Black Canary had a Woman Woman fetish?”

I love it already, it reminds me of Blue Mary from KOF

I’m sorry, in post 90s Comicdom, only Animal Man can wear a jacket and make it cool.

Every time I see designs covering a costume with a jacket, or with an over abundance of black, I feel like the creator is trying to hide the fact that he’s designing a superhero character and somehow embarrassed by the genre. Jim Lee’s design has both. I’m disappointed Jim couldn’t meet his design challenge without using ‘serious’ 90s elements.

For me, the modern classic look with blue spandex pants with stars running down the legs would have worked fine.

Two words people:


This is probably a test to see how the public reacts to a change that would be made for a movie costume. The classic costume has really limited the actresses who can look perfect in it, AND act. The new duds open the role up to less physically perfect ladies, but with better acting chops.

A better idea would be to modernize ancient amazon-esque gear, exposed legs and arms, etc. but then you run into the ‘Xena syndrome’ — that show has sunk so many directions WW look could go…

“What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?” (The latter statement is as inaccurate as it is cringe-worthy, as the newspaper’s costume slide show demonstrates.)


Looking at the slide show:

1: New look
2: Bustier & star-spangled shorts
3: Bustier & star-spangled skirt
4: Bustier & star-spangled shorts
5: Mod era
6: Bustier & star-spangled panties
7: 90s era
8: New look

So yeah, maybe it’s an exaggeration to say that she hasn’t changed her costume in 60 years…

…but not a very big one.

Wonder Woman’s costume has changed several times over the years. This is probably a short term change to encourage interest in the title and to get people interested in the storyline. The Emma Peel costume change did inspire a brief increase in sales and then after about a year or so the writing began to become lacksluster and the circulation of the title went down.

I am not going to start buying Wonder Woman just because of a costume change, it is writers who understand characters that keep my interst, not costumes.

It’s funny, because while the internet is pitching an absolute raging shit over the costume change, every actual human being I’ve talked to really, REALLY likes the costume change.

Here’s hoping all this whining doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Spurs? No, seriously: spurs?

Great Article!

JMS quits Marvel because JQ wanted to make major timeline changes to Spider-man and making him forget the driving forces that made him who he is. Good on you JMS! Stick it to the man!

Now we get him over at DC! Boo for us Marvel fans, hurray for DC fans!

Now JMS is making major timeline changes to Wonder Woman and making her forget the driving forces that made her who she is. Wow, look at that new costume…wait a second?!?!

I see what you did there…

Let’s be totally honest here – JMS even mentions it during his interview – the main reason for this revamp? Sales.

You don’t have to be the greatest detective in the world to realize that once the talented (and for many arguably THE best Wonder Woman writer in modern times) Gail Simone left the Wonder Woman – something “big” was gonna happen.

End of the day: If this brou-ha-ha about the costume and storyline brings more readers to Wonder Woman and helps usher in a new generation of fans – even if we might not buy an issue – then let’s wish them all the best of luck.

@Slaader: Exactly. Couldn’t they just make up a brand new character to do that to? Like Longshot, or–oh, wait, that’s kind of been done, too….

I don’t really see a problem with the new costume, though I think a golden WW on the red shirt would help.

The change in the origin has me a bit perplexed though. Is this the same character even? I guess we’ll see.

I think I’m with a majority of those who commented here, in that the 90’s throwback jacket is totally losing the plot, no matter what that plot is or remains to become. Besides that, I can’t even shoot a truly decent game of POOL in my own leather jacket. One wouldn’t likely try to fight crime, cravings or embarrassing tile mold in the bathroom wearing anything so constricting to arm movements.Someone earlier on here mentioned blue leggings as opposed to these apparent black ones, with stars running down the sides. I like that ideal. Someone else mentioned something I thought, the minute I saw her today, that she is dressed to join the X-men in this new getup. However, though I don’t agree with the new look, in that it does look dated, and 90’s at best, I remind everyone to consider this character’s origins (not Paradise Island, I mean when WW first came on the scene. It was during WWII and it was quite appropriate (not to mention entirely patriotic,) to dress the character in the red, white and blue, with the eagle on her ample chest area. She wasn’t at that time, of course sporting the later “swimsuit” most associate with WonderWoman these days. She was much more conservative at a time when the United States was at war, and most everyone was on board in support of the country winning that war. Her outfit/costume screamed “America RULES!” And this new look has me wondering if it’s not less of an attempt to revitalise the readership of her comic, but one of assimilation, whereby WonderWoman can better stand for the rights and security of ALL people, not just in the U. S. I suppose that could be a good idea, as this country could use a bit of good PR to make up for the years of bad press and shattered relationships with other nations. And yet… WonderWoman, for many years (minus the “Diana Prince” mess, where she looked more like Emma Peele from the as Diana Rigg in the Avengers,) has endured the bad and good history America has created for itself, sporting proudly the star spangled banner, with an eagle all in gold without apology. Bottom line here is, WonderWoman could definitely use and upgrade in her looks, but taking away the foundation of her look is bad, and if you must do that, at LEAST, for the love of all that’s holy, LOSE the crappy jacket.

The Story is great but the Costume has to go. They could have put her in the Lynda Cater Wonder Woman swim suit and that would have been better.

Darth Eradicus

June 30, 2010 at 2:11 pm

I hereby gladly rip up my fanboy card and reenter the normal crowd.

The costume is fine. She’s no longer half “nekkid,” yet the new duds are still very sexy. I do hope it stays around for a long time. It definitely brought me back to Wonder Woman after dropping it last year.

If as many people bitching about her costume were buying the comic, Gail would still be writing the book and her costume would be the same.

IT’s really not a bad costume. It’s not to complicated. Sure she has pants now and not a mini-skirt, but we can live with it.

Jim Lee! Anyone remember that big WildCATS thing he was working on? :)

Well, it could be worse she could be wearing motorcycle style boots.

@Charles J. Baserap,

Point well taken, Wonder Woman sales do not merit more books with her name in the title or her stories in them.

But if DC claims (as it does) that Diana doesn’t deserve a second book until she earns it than I think we may never see her character grow to true “Trinitarian” levels. Then we can say 1. A female super hero just doesn’t have what it takes to compete with the big boys. 2. Audiences will not support a female super hero well enough for her to be a super success. 3. Or female super heroes just are not believable. And if we did say this than we could define just how resistant DC and we are to really promoting a super hero of the non-male persuasion. After all WW is the Super heroine queen of all time. If DC can’t make her a success no one will be able to. Marvel doesn’t have to rights to distribute her character.

Lets face it the only reason any super hero can sustain two books is there has to be enough creativity and imagination to support the character and their has to be an audience hungry enough to buy the product. Of course this supply and demand cycle is the recipe every successful product requires to have a successful life in the market.

If we agree that Diana’s Amazon princess to Super Heroine concept is plausible and provocative (as I believe it was confirmed long before my birth) than any inability not to make a multiple books scenario fly is purely a sad concession than DC doesn’t have the creative fire power necessary to make Wonder Woman work. If this is true lets just end the Trinity bull, admit she’s a substandard character (whose incidentally of a weak gender) and just get on with it.

But I don’t believe you or DC or I believe this. Obviously a lot of the Vertigo books don’t sell enormously and if more resources were directed toward making Diana the most exciting super hero in the universe she would be. Of course the massive profits earned would please everyone. I just think DC needs to expend the effort.

“Truth, justice and… all that stuff.” Hollywood butchered Superman’s motto in order repudiate American patriotism and now Wonder Woman refuses to wear the American Flag? I get it, we have two (never-ending)wars, terrorism, a Great Recession, massive corporate greed, unpresidented Governmental incopetence, the BP Oil catastrophe, 2012, Planet X, Russian Spies, etc. and etc. The world is economically and socially depressed. But that is no excuse for taking every inch of fun out of comics. What is the B.F.D about Armageddon when even our simple pleasures in life are tossed aside. Wonder Woman was created to be smart, fearless, strong AND sexy. She is after all an AMAZON, not a vampire. She is meant to be colorful and outrageous. Her appeal is that she can beat up a room full of men but make them enjoy the experience. This version has absolutely no sex appeal at all and that’s a problem for such an iconic character. It’s like comparing the feeble Kathy Lee Crosby version with the glamazon Lynda Carter; moreover it just doesn’t work!

The main point is that everyone needs to understand is, was “Wonder Woman” as a character, book, or multi-media star setting the world aflame BEFORE these dramatic changes?

The answer is a blunt, direct “NO. Not at all”. Of course DC is going to do these dramatic changes, ebcause as has been said, it worked (briefly) for Superman and Batman; when those two Franchise characters went thrugh similar changes, it was followed by massive multi-media attention, and as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad press. Will these changes be reveresed in due time? Of course they will. Will the changes polarize fans, as any big change to a character will do? Of course they will.

But by all means, talk it up. This is probably the most attention Wonder Woman has received since Linda Carter took the role, seriously. She NEEDS this attention, so that hopefully when DC does indeed reset the changes (and they will), a lot of curious fans who checked the book out will stick around and enjoy it for a long period of time. Try looking to the positive, folks, because it’s not like most of you were buying the book beforehand, were you?

And if you enlarge the cover image for #603 at the top of this article, it’s clear she has also had an enormous boob job done for this makeover. They’ve crammed Dolly Parton’s bazooms into that costume. Hmmm.

Hush up, Leroy….I’ve got my copy in hand right now. Darn sales ploys.

why the hell would you RUIN a CLASSIC!!!! STUPID!!! i hope Wonder Woman kicks your DUMBASS!!!!

No, ‘practical’ would be her Amazonian battle armor, which–as it turns out–was actually designed to be worn in battle! Shock!

This costume is mostly a retread of the one done under William Messner-Loebs run, with slacks substituted for bicycle pants. And yes, it is VERY dated.

The other thought that comes to mind is a 5th cast member for the next Sex & The City movies.


You want to be cynical about the whole WW change?
Imagine you’re the publisher of a character that’s no less an icon for close to seven decades and despite putting one of the BEST female writers on her monthly comic – sales still aren’t where you’d like ‘em to be – so what do (what can) you do?
Take the metaphorical stick and poke the bear of faux fanboy rage by agreeing to a pitched idea (which thanks to her long history isn’t even NEW) where she’s changing her costume, powers and storyline. Finally, leak out the news to the press and internet medium outlets ONE day before said issue goes on sale.
Now all you have to do is sit back and watch how the very people who would’ve helped avoid all this (had they been reading the book in droves) – get all sanctimonious and outraged while posting their righteous anger over the desecration the publisher had done to ‘their’ character. The same ones that weren’t reading in droves.
Fanboys are a fickle and easily manipulative lot.

Why do i have a feeling that JMS is going to pretty much drop a turd on the WW franchise?

New costume is horrible! Looks like she is going clubbing. Or she found superboy’s jacket. There has to be something that will work, but this is not it.

In the words of Grandpa Simpson, “Oh, B*tch, B*tch, B*tch.” Fanboys will find SOMETHING to complain about regardless of ANYTHING that’s done in comics. How about you wait for the arc to pan out before you start bashing JMS? Good Lord, it’s people that instantly jump to conclusions about a book based on ONE issue and starting flinging their opinions around like a monkey flings poo, think that their opinion is the ONLY one that matters that give comic readers a bad name.

why don’t you make over Batman & Robin too????? should have just created a new CHARACTER!!!!!! THAT IS NOT WONDER WOMAN!!!!

as long as shes still got big hooters and a tight bum,who cares what she wears? im all for less clothes on women,but this shows enough cleavage for me to be interested in

Richard Slammer (RickslamU2)

June 30, 2010 at 3:17 pm

(Lurker loudmouth extrodeanre De-cloaking for something important)

No, Dear Lady, You are NOT!

LEt me just put this out there right at the beginning, TCatt’s EE WW design winner from last year (with all the naughty bits covered up for the mass market of course) would be 10 times better than this! WHat they want to ignore is that her beauty and even her (GASP) sexuality are part of her character. Not the whole character but that is what (to use a worn out metaphor) Gets the buts through the doors and in the seats. Now I will admit that I don’t partake of WW book normally because of my rock bottom Finances and being an X-zombie. (Though DO NOT get me started on what a car wreck in slow motion “Second Coming” has been.)But the times I have, I have enjoyed the stories. And the whole Destroy Paradise Island in the past thing. HuH? And any artist worth there salt will tell you that drawing black pants is just and artist being lazy and saving time. And how many times did JMS use the word “Accessories”. AHH.. Wonder Woman here not dress up Barbie. Quite frankly I don’t know if this is a ploy to get more female readership (and for the record I have now problem getting more butts in the seats no matter what sex those buts are) Since woman who have never read the book might have a problem with the classic costume, Might “judge a book by its cover” and think it was all cheesecake no story. But this is just going too far in the other direction.

Remember a few years ago when Artimis took over? Diana still adventured in an outfit that was Bike or work out shorts with a.. How would you describe that top she was warring anyway? I think that would have worked with the traditional Red, White Blue and Gold collaring of hers. The jacket always, to me, was an unnecessary attempt to cover her beauty. Why?

Fans will kill this in the end. Maybe the “time line has changed her history” crap will stay. But this has change back written all over it.

And a related note. First the “No up skirt/bike shorts only” rule for Supergirl. Now this ugly out fit for WW. They going to give Powergirl and Starfire breast reduction surgeries next?

From what I’ve been hearing it sounds like Straczynski’s story is something along the lines of Age of Apocalypse. It’s only going to last for a limited amount of time and then things will be back to normal.

Well Now a couple of things. First the redesign has accomplished what DC wanted it got people talking about a fairly low selling character. I mean that can’t really kill and resurrect her again can they? I am not a fan of the Retcon at this point there are too many story lines that deal with her as a major piece, IE Maxwell lord and her snapping his neck. Quite frankly i dont expect the Retcon to last too long. They will probably have the gods just undo what they undid and redo her back to the way she was. BTW this is why i hate time travel, or messing with time lines it just makes now FREAKING SENSE. My god i have gone cross Eyed!

Well Feminazi Nikki Finke deleted a post I wrote about sales figures in which I called her out on the facts that the title’s last two writers were female, the last being for 30 issues and has lost more than half it’s readership over that course. Class act she is, no?

would have been great if JMS just pulled from Gail Simone’s recent teamup ish and well played off of that (being she looks like her and Canary now have the same stylist) rather than make WW on some other non-continuity sh*t.

I really dig JMS and have yet to pickup the book today– i just hope that this isn’t another failure like The Other…

Omar / big O

how funny is it that comics fans are so conservative and irrational? (the choker and shoulder pads are dumb, though)
for goodness sake she is a bondage-inspired dominatrix superhero who wore a corset and bikini and her weapon is a rope that controls you.
JMS’s characterization of her in a recent brave & bold issue was awesome and real,
here’s hoping that somewhere down the line wonder woman and batman can have an intimate yet adult relationship in continuity.

cheer up everyone it wont last forever!!!! This story-arc [is it 12 issues] will only re-establish Diana to her rightful place and her original costume, with hopefully a minor tweak/update will return. This is only temporary..thats right ..temporary. Its all part of the regular reboots all characters go through.


thats not makeover thats a joke

Hey WW, Rogue called and she wants her jacket back right away.

Take off that stupid new outfit WW you are an amazon and need to look more like this.

President Kang

June 30, 2010 at 4:51 pm

I’m gonna say I flat-out dig it. Why? Because I always thought she was terribly underdressed (which looked even sillier when she’s in, like, snow environments or rain) and she had the American Flag On Her Butt. That’s what drove me crazy. American Flag On Her Butt.

No thanks. Keep the chic. Besides, doesn’t anyone remember her disco suit from the 70s? Whatever.

Christ, at least it’s more appealing than the Iron Spidey!

They would have been better off killing her off starting over from scratch. The old star spangled bimbo look was stupid this is just creatively bankrupt and just plain lazy.

The new suit sucks. I always thought she looked great before.

Look DC, you wanna make Wonder Woman interesting? You don’t change her costume, you change the writing. Write a good Wonder Woman story for a change and that’ll get the folks buying. Not this leather crap.

It’s the Bullets and Bracelets outfit! It reminds me of the Amalgam universe Diana. Though she wore shorts not leggings but the leggings were black. A jacket? Ugh. Please. And red and black? No red, white, and blue or white stars against blue field? Sorry. It is alright. Like the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider in the Spidey redesign. Like the Electric Man of Steel. Bat-Azrael. At least with Marvel’s Cap, being Bucky, the core of the character design remains, but of course like with Diana’s new one, black works its way in. I mean if someone is an Amazon, you dress like an Amazon, or if you modify at least a modernize Amazon or Spartan or Trojan, etc. And what about all the costumes now out there all those women have bought to wear for all the conventions? Borrow some leggings from a Catwoman or Black Canary friend. I just shrug and say oh well.

I think the thing most likely to keep this look alive is the fact that it looks basically like the “grown-up” version of Wonder Girl’s costume, eschewing jeans and a t-shirt for this goth-bondage-’90s thing which is, ultimately, just long pants and a boob shirt.

The new Wonder Woman but the costume sucks.

Also, new origin, gods galore, new costume … is very much like his Thor run.

Either purchase the book or don’t. As pointed out by others if you like the original so much why was the book ranking below 70 in sales?

I have been reading comics since 1978, and have never understood the mentality that female heroes had to wear some form of swimsuit with high heels or thigh high boots. Other than Namor and the Spectre how many males heroes go out in a Speedo?

And comments to changes to Batman or Robin’s costumes they have changed over the years, and Batman never simply wore swim ware to begin with so any changes would not be as drastic.

Here’s to hoping some form of change holds even if it’s not the current costume. And a reminder that a blind adherence to the past lead to “One More Day”.

Here’s to hoping some form of change holds even if it’s not the current costume. And a reminder that a blind adhearance to the past lead to “One More Day”.

I’m actually a fan of the new direction visually, but the story changes give me a bit of pause. Then again, an offbeat story or two is a small price to pay for a costume that finally has a set of pants.

If WW was any other character they would have looked at her sales figures and decided to cancel the book.
Because they make a fair amount of money o WW merchandise and because the rights to WW are crazy, they decided to keep the book in print, but needed to do something crazy to get some more sales.

I can kind of see where way they went with this. Have Diana forget her past (good for new readers), put her in this costume (the controversy stirred up some talk about the title didn’t it) and then slowly reintroduce WW history to both Diana and the new readers so the character makes sense to new readers.

Maybe its not ideal, but its better than cancellation. To WW fans that is. Personally I would have preferred to have canceled WW and got an ongoing Question (hey look, another female urban avenger) title with Cully Hamner on art (those Question back up he drew were amazing) instead. But hey, what can you do.

DC has developed this perverse pleasure in kiding their longtime fans, with endless “new direction, new hack-writer” when it comes to the Trinity, so be it.

But this leaves some questions: By aliennating many longtime readers ( like 30 years plus) who also spent lots of money on DC Direkt merchandise on the characters over the years, what gurantees that new readers will also be that loyal and more important spent that much money???

What if those cherrished new readers DC bents forewards and backwards just read a handful of issues and then another movie or game is more important and they leave….then what DC? Who will buy your books then?

WW isn’t selling that well that DC can afford to alienate the old readers I think, but hey maybe DC doesn’t need to consider returning customers in a nice market……LOL.

DC’s new target group is a fickle one… good luck with your new readers DC.

New costume is horrible. Its really hard to look at her as WW. I am canceling the book from my pull list, something I have not done since 1989 when I started WW. :'(

I can’t believe anyone still cares about Wonder Woman.

Well since I’m a Donna and Cassie fan, my main concern about the book is how will it affect my favourite DC heroines? Not to mention Supergirl, Harley, the JSA, etc etc.

I saw this…

And promptly added Birds of Prey to my pull list.

This time travel nonsense is stupid. If you’re going to remake her bite the bullet and go all the way by killing her off dumping the whole mystical/myth gods and godess bullshit. Creating a brand new character from scratch but that’s is something that DC simply doesn’t have the balls to do. Will you alienate long time fans sure but some times you have to take risks. Lets be honest even long time fans were becoming fewer and fewer. The title simply wasn’t working as it was and this JMS “easy button” reset won’t work either. All it will do is add yet another layer of convoluted and confusing history on an already overburdened history.

I like the change, if not all the elements of this specific costume. What I’d like to see:

Pants: royal, or navy blue, not black–and maybe a few stars along the outside of the leg, to call back to the old look;

Top: the red top is all right for color, but it ought to look more substantial than the mere, thin cloth it looks like now. NOT chain-mail, but something LOOKING more substantial or warrior-like, like Captain America’s or Aquaman’s chain-mail;

Boots: separately-delineated boots, without those silly and useless spur- or engineer-boot straps around the ankles;

Bracelets: these more ornate ones are fine, but the between-the-fingers, over the back of the hand things have to go!;

Choker: I hate it, and think it makes her look tarty; but I’ve read the artist specifically requested it, so we’ll have to wait to see why;


It’s not so much the costume that’s an issue for me (although the choker is stupid–what kind of warrior wears something tight around their neck?)– it’s that DC felt the need to completely overhaul the character and rewrite 70 years of history. Confusing backstory? What? Greek mythology is a popular reading choice for preteen. Every kid born in the 70’s knows her backstory from the TV show. Kids now know it from the animated movie released last year–so tell me DC, how is it that you think the character is inaccessible?

When DC rebooted Superman for roughly the same reasons, they didn’t change his backstory. Batman has a cast of 1,000 characters, yet that’s considered accessible.

And neither Batman, nor Superman needed a vote to restore their proper numbering.

Tedly sez…
Two words people:
This is probably a test to see how the public reacts to a change that would be made for a movie costume.
The classic costume has really limited the actresses who can look perfect in it, AND act.
The new duds open the role up to less physically perfect ladies, but with better acting chops.

Why would you WANT someone “LESS physically perfect” as Wonder Woman?
Isn’t she supposed to be the embodiment of physical perfection?

The whole point of the story for any who bother to read it is Diana finding out why the Gods allowed the Island to be destroyed and the timeline changed.

Why the costume change?

It got a lot of people talking about Wonder Woman. It’s a publicity stunt. DC is desperate.

I feel like Jim Lee was influenced by the new Captain America. Which makes me think…why not get Alex Ross to design the new costume?? I guess because then they would REALLY have been accused of copying Marvel. That, and Mr. Lee’s new position of DC leadership.
Anyway, I’m not thrilled with the lines in the shirt, but I think it’s okay. It’s smart to mix it up with Diana, because Wonder Woman is not especially popular, sales-wise. Or, you know, popularity-wise, with the kiddies.
I’m always happy to see even superficial changes in comics (although the JMS story will provide more than superficial changes, and should be a lot of fun).
I haven’t bought any Wonder Woman since the Hiketekia, but I’ll be checking this out, so they got one new reader!

There, can we FINALLY, once and for all, declare Jim Lee the new Rob Liefeld, and move on?

Words fail me in describing how dreadful this new costume is – and where this new direction might take us. Seems like somebody got lazy and just decided to create a mash up between Black Canary’s outfit and Kim Kardashian’s Wonder Woman Halloween costume from last year.

I get that you sometimes need to rock the boat to stir up buzz and hopefully sales. But if these new readers are so shallow in the first place that they hadn’t picked up the title before because of what the character was wearing then they’re not worth attracting in the first place. And let’s get something clear. Diana is not SUPPOSED to represent the sensibilities of the modern world – she’s supposed to represent her OWN Amazon heritage and culture. And her classic costume is just that. People can call it a bathing suit (which it’s clearly not – Perez always depicted it as armour) and complain about her wearing an American flag draped around her (which it isn’t – it represents the colour of the moon and the star system in the sky during the night she was “born”) – but at the end of the day it is a costume that is meaningful to HER and HER PEOPLE – so she should wear what the hell she likes!

And once again – why is it always Diana that needs to update what is perecieved in some quarters to be an outdated look? Why not Superman? He looks just as “ridiculous”. I mean, who the hell wears a cape in this day in age apart from stage magicians? But I don’t see Superman in #700 wearing a new costume do you? No. Easier to mess aorund with the female characters I guess because they’re clearly less sacred to DC.

And I know this is an “alternate reality” storyline and that this new costume fits her new altered upbringing -but I’m not as convinced as some that this is temporary change.
She now looks so “generic” that I wish DC good luck in trying to introduce this new look to the wider, non comic reading general public. To them, show them an image of Wonder Woman and it’s so iconic that they know instantly who she is – regardless of whether they’ve ever read a comic of hers or not. And this recognition will almost certainly be based on either the Lynda Carter TV show or Superfriends i.e her classic look.

THAT’S the Wonder Woman they know and love. That’s who women and girls alike love to dress up as at Halloween. Who the hell is gonna put on this horrendous wardrobe unless they’re going to a 90’s retro night? And you can put the =W= emblem all over it as much as you like – nobody is goona recognise them as Wonder Woman.

I’ve always loved by coke classic. New coke anybody?

Yes – I’m one of those “whining” fans mentioned in previous posts and although I’ve followed Diana for 25 years plus and dedicated many hours in creating a website to celebrate her long and cherished history – I’m going to stick with the book and give JMS the chance he is asking for. But – as a life long fan – I believe I am very much entitled to express my view on a character I have long been devoted to and which – on initial impressions at any rate – has all the makings of being ruined by DC – a publisher who seems to believe that throwing away her iconic identity and history and turning her into just another generic, look-a-like heroine amongst hundreds of other (similarly) low selling titles on the shelves today is a smart move.

Phew. Got that off my chest. Time to get back to the website updates and remind myself who the real Wonder Woman is and what she looks like…

the less a women wears,the better(if shes hot) so im all for keeping her in the old costume.i think we all can agree women are judged on how good they look(as they should be) case in point..when a fat ugly women says ANYTHING to you,do you really just tune her out?of course you do(we all do)but if a hottie says something stupid,you think its cute..right..of as long as the new costume still highlights her bust and shows some butt,who cares?shes hot and thats all that matters.

Okay, I am not really liking the new look here. I understand that with the old costume, one false move could show the V. But, seriously, this one looks doesn’t give me the Wonder woman vibe. The black pants just are NOT working here, and do not get me started on the jacket. I kind of miss the whole red, white, blue, and gold look. Maybe they could give her darker blue pants with some kick ass boots. I am for abit of a change after all these years, but you still have to stay true to the original character.

Steven Morrow

July 3, 2010 at 8:58 am

This costume change was already done in the 60’s and that failed too. It’s hardly revolutionary. This is just some deliberate attempt (as they have admitted) to darken (Knight) her up for theaters, pander to any America-haters by removing all patriotic associations and clad her in some glam rock aerobics outfit that looks quite ready-made for Angelina Jolie. The storyline is drivel as well, completely derivative of Superman’s origin. What angers me the most is that I have been a Wonder Woman fan for 35 years and have waited for her big screen debut. Sure this costume may be gone in a few years, but not in time to prevent them from ruining a film about her. I want to see the REAL Wonder Woman in a movie, not Ultraviolet-Elektra-Resident Evil-Tombraider-wannabe crap, which is exactly what all those movies were and one they seemed doomed to repeat. These guys will never learn.

Steven Morrow

July 3, 2010 at 9:15 am

Oh and maybe she would be more popular sale-wise with the kiddies if they gave her her own animated show or didn’t give her two seconds of screen time in the Justice League series. I’m a guy and find that whole “Wonder Woman won’t sell” line to be utter male garbage. If I recall her recent animated DVD movie sold very well and the 70s live-action show was a huge hit. Also, I would prefer it if an A-lister wouldn’t play her in a movie. I don’t want any previous associations to come along with the role and be thinking “that’s Megan Fox” or “that’s Angelina Jolie” (who’s too old now anyway, in my opinion). So if they don’t want to wear the REAL costume, good, don’t.
Like I said, this whole stunt is simply tailor-made to produce a movie of crap.

Jarred Wilkinson

July 3, 2010 at 8:44 pm

I may get bashed for this, but it doesn’t really matter. For the last 25 years I’ve collected and read Wonder Woman. Sure my reading started out as a teenage boy with a crush, but over the years morphed into enjoying to read about one hell of a woman. I’ve lived with bad storylines and so-so art, not once missing an issue. Having heard that something was coming I was sticking to my guns saying i won’t drop the title. Then came the news. While I might have lived with the new look after a while it is the major changes to the past of this character that has me so ticked off. No Amazon Island and the whole set off as a baby smacks too much of Superman’s origins. The ‘ripple’ effects this change in history makes my head hurt. Is removes so much of the lore that I enjoy about her and claims that this look and history will be around for years has me rolling my eyes. If her [past is truely changed so much this effects Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, the Teen Titans and so much more. Would have been better to do this story line in an Elseworld title rather than the core DC U. To me this ‘character’ that will be starting in Wonder Woman is someone else who had Wonder Woman’s face, name and powers put on her.

A year or two down the line will revert all these changes back and my guess is someone will use the Queen of Fables to explain the whole history alteration. But I just can’t read that until it happens. See ya when all this is over DC!!


The design is very uninspired. Jim Lee is capable of doing much better than that. Most will agree that for this day and age, perhaps the old costume was not politically-correct, but it worked. In the hands of the right artists, Wonder Woman was powerful, and sexy.

Changes I hope will happen AFTER Diana discovers who she really is:

1. Remove the seriously dated jacket.
2. Don’t make the bracelets go past the wrists and limit movement.
3. Bigger stylized W (or better yet, keep the original bustier with reduced breast spillage)
4. Keep the pants, make them navy blue, and add some white stars to the hips or sides.
5. Red boots, no heels.

in my mind this is the death of an icon. you can’t take a character like Wonder Woman who has been around since 1941and basically rape the shit out her and this is what DC has done. people who read the comic and truly understand and appreciate the character will know what i mean. it’s so obvious this is plan devised by DC to make the character more suitable for a movie. another ploy to basterdize a character just to make money. so sick! I truly hope they get what they deserve…complete failure!

What Have you done to my friend Diana?

she was once a graceful woman proud to be wrapped in the American flag and the American Ideals,
this is just another attempt by the Left to undermind the American Pride by putting our Heroes into communist colors, and red and black is commmie colors!

Please remember what they did to Captain America, made him ashamed of his country?
This is a obvious attack on our country and the Flag, Quit trying to change my country into a socialist paradise, you have killed and trying to kill the American ideals this fine country was built on!

Quit trying to CONVERT the young into socialist!!!!!

You people arent “hip” or popular, your sick, and you need to stop this.

Bad enough you turned our heroes into killers (Hal Jordan) to boost sales, stop converting them into socialist for the “Supreme leader”.

A real American Hero (no longer a murder),



July 26, 2010 at 3:35 am

“Wonder Woman is absolutely timeless. But it does not totally mean you have to change the physique of Wonder Woman particularly her Official Costume! Look at her now; she doesn’t even convincingly project the Glory of her heroic character and can’t really stand out not even once for World Peace league. She looks nothing but G.I. Joe’s team member or nothing but an X-men’s experimental product. Her sexiness here only inflames men’s hunger for sex and lust. Unlike the original Wonder Woman, even though she only wears that original costume, her being sexy is not actually for sex alone, you know what I’m saying, her (the original costumed Wonder Woman) sexiness unquestionably deserves respect not only from men and women around the world but also a non-threatening thing for young children!

A Great Woe and Shame to those who have made this kind of Wonder Woman! If Dr. William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, were only alive today, he would…(You don’t even have the idea what this guy could do to this pathetic DC team artists! WE WON”T BUY THIS!!! NEVER!!!


July 26, 2010 at 3:55 am

…and if this is the kind of Wonder Woman to appear in the upcoming 2013 Wonder Woman film or movie,



July 26, 2010 at 4:34 am

By the way I have found the name of the culprit who disappointingly redesigned Wonder Woman. His name is Jim Lee!: “WHO IS THIS GUY ANYWAY?!!! WHO OR WHAT DOES HE THINK HE IS?!!! BY JUST HIS NAME “LEE”



July 26, 2010 at 4:40 am



DC stop trying to reinvent the classic hero’s. Haven’t you learned anything you did crisis and trashed tons of heroes and now you are bringing back the multiverse.
WW is an icon dont screw with her with costume who makes her lose her original character

I’m a HUGE Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman fan, even have a LC as WW tattoo and there’s no getting away from that imagery of the big WW. To have changed her so radically is ludicrous! Ok, ok, I’m gonna give it a chance because we are in a new era and she COULD use a makeover, but for God’s sake….at least get rid of the bloody choker. Now THAT’s 90’s!!! (lol)

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