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New Aqualad to debut in Brightest Day, Young Justice cartoon

Back in April DC announced a new Young Justice cartoon starring Superboy, Robin and several other young heroes, including a Black Aqualad. “…a lot of people asked who the new Aqualad was,” DC CCO Geoff Johns wrote on the Source blog today. “And a lot of people thought they’d have to wait for the show to start. But you won’t.”

Turns out the new Aqualad will debut in comic book form as well; witness the cover to Brightest Day #10:

Brightest Day #10

Brightest Day #10

“Aqualad’s story actually begins in a few short weeks in BRIGHTEST DAY #4,” Johns said. “I won’t tell you much yet, but I will tell you – he has no idea he’s about to become Aqualad. In fact, he lives in one of the driest places in America – Silver City, New Mexico.”

(And yes, I’m purposely not going with the obvious joke here … I’ll leave that for the comments section.)



i figures it would only be a matter of time before the new aqua lad from the soon to happen cartoon winds up getting a comic counter part since that is how Harley quin became part of the bat books.

Aquaman already has like half a dozen extraneous supporting cast members. Does he really need another one?

Everyone knows that DC doesn’t handle Minority characters well, I say he gets killed off in 18 months

DC is terrible with minority characters.

He’ll eventually be disrespected and replaced.

His hair is NOT going to do well with water.

The Ugly American

June 11, 2010 at 11:14 am

Oh, hey! Minority character in DC! Place your bets on time of death now.

The Ugly American

June 11, 2010 at 11:15 am

That’s saying something when you get 4 identical comments from 4 different people in that short span of time, when it’s fairly obvious none of us read the other posts before commenting.

The Ugly American

June 11, 2010 at 11:16 am

Make that 3, unless you want to place XSE’s comment out of context. :)

The truth really is that DC Comics is is awkward when it comes to minority characters and don’t know how to handle them…..

I must have missed what happened to the old Aqualad. (Don’t bother telling me; I’ll look it up on Wikipedia if I ever care enough to.) Am I the only one who thought that DC should have Aqualad join the Legion of Super-Heroes?

So, this was the reason Garth was killed offf? Damn, DC…

Unless this “New Aqualad” has a completely different history and such, I pretty pissed that DC (especially) takes white heroes and simply changes the skin color and calls them something “new”. C’mon guys, we’re “CREATORS” for a reason! You want a new character, CREATE ONE!!! I don’t care if he/she is black/white/purple, whatever! Just don’t take well-established characters and change their color for the sake of “Change”!!
The most recent travesty is/was Firestorm and I was ecstatic to see Ronnie Raymond back. I only hope he remains the one and only Firestorm.

He will have some relation to Black Manta. Check out the shell neckless.

Shouldn’t a new Aqualad be from – oh I don’t know- Atlantis? Bring back Tempest! Now!

Oh please. The truth is that this is just bandwagon remarks based on Ryan Choi’s death.

So minority characters should be treated differently than any other character?

Mr. Terrific is one of my Favorite DC characters and has been handled very well. The new Blue Beetle had a great series and a whole issue written in Spanish, is it DCs fault that not enough people bought the book to keep it going. Magog got canceled, but by the opinions here that doesn’t make sense because he is not a minority. Marvel does no better with with ethnicity than DC does.

Here I was thinking I was an original thinker. I guess everyone feels the same way about the new Aqualad and how DC treats its minority characters

I don’t think they’re going to kill him. I think they’ll have him hang around for a while and then when he is just starting to become interesting or develop as a character, Geoff Johns will wax nostalgic for original Aqualad and bring back the original Aqualad in the Ethan Van Sciver illustrated miniseried “Aqualad REBIRTH” in which the original Aqualad will take his rightful place as second banana to Aquaman.

Exactly what I was thinking, Tanner.

this new character had better have some cool new powers, win fights, and he’d better have his own righteous point of view, and not be constantly deferent to other characters..

Carlton Donaghe

June 11, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Will someone please tell Geoff Johns that Silver City, New Mexico is NOT one of the driest places on Earth. It’s in the mountains, near the Gila River, and has a very nice, moderate climate. Sixty miles away in either Lordsburg or Deming, yes, dry. Silver City, no.

With the money they pay him, he could do a little research.

The dumbass.

Oh, and what was the so called Obvious Joke referred to by the author?

Just wanna point out that they are not replacing Garth. Garth hasn’t been Aqualad in, what, 15 years? He’s Tempest, and yes, he will be back someday. Having a new Aqualad does not take anything away from Garth in any way.

That’s like getting upset that Tim becoming Robin is hindering Dick, even though he’s already Nightwing.

Man, I never thought I’d say this about anything at all from the Aquaman world, but this kid looks like kind of a badass. Not even harpoon Aquaman could pull that off. I hope he gets some good exposure.

Is this just Static in a bathing suit?

They killed off the real former Aqualad and his family just to be replace for this garbage? Just what dc needs another fake running around.

The new Aqualad will probably be safe for as long as the YJ cartoon stays on the air. After its eventual cancellation, he’ll probably last one or two years more.

It’s really sad how DC keeps going back to the same well over and over and over.

Recycling the same trademarked character names ad infinitum.

Even recycling comic book names that have nothing to do with the original. Like The Losers, House of Mystery, Suicide Squad, etc.

Why did they bother reviving Adventure Comics instead of just calling it Superboy?

“Just wanna point out that they are not replacing Garth. Garth hasn’t been Aqualad in, what, 15 years? He’s Tempest, and yes, he will be back someday. Having a new Aqualad does not take anything away from Garth in any way.

That’s like getting upset that Tim becoming Robin is hindering Dick, even though he’s already Nightwing.”

I couldn’t agree more.

“Carlton Donaghe
June 11, 2010 at 12:10 pm
Will someone please tell Geoff Johns that Silver City, New Mexico is NOT one of the driest places on Earth. It’s in the mountains, near the Gila River, and has a very nice, moderate climate. Sixty miles away in either Lordsburg or Deming, yes, dry. Silver City, no.

With the money they pay him, he could do a little research.

The dumbass.”




Mario Di Giacomo

June 11, 2010 at 1:22 pm

“Why did they bother reviving Adventure Comics instead of just calling it Superboy?”

Because comic book titles are trademarks too.

Wow. The racism is really on display today with all this “Blaqualad” comments. Well done people. Thanks for showing your true colors. Gotta love internet anonymity.

All these people claiming DC needs to create new characters just doesn’t seem to get it. New characters that aren’t legacy characters don’t sell. It’s that simple. Statistics has shown that minority characters who are a part of a legacy character, be it the atom, blue beetle, and etc, does a much better job of selling the completely new characters.

You want DC to create brand new characters? Simple, start supporting new characters! But don’t ask for DC to create new characters and than once DC does, have their first issue already be at the cancellation mark.

With that said, in regards to time of death, I have to agree with the poster. He’ll be perfectly fine while the cartoon is going on. But once it’s cancelled, he’ll be gone in less than a year tops.

“Why they couldn’t just create an all new character instead of recoloring an old one is beyond crazy because with all the people working up at DC, it appears as though there isn’t 1/10th of an original thought between any of them.”

Because no-one gives a damn about new characters!
No-one buys them, so why should they bother?

OK, one thing I really don’t understand is why, after all these years characters can: die, come back to life, fall through time. arrive from an alternate dimension, be reborn, be passed on through ‘legacy’ , or be ‘punched’ back into existence, But…

The minute they change their race,or ethnic background, then suddenly it just ‘doesn’t work’?

I don’t understand.

I think the new Blaqualad looks bad-ass. And, I never say this about ANYONE, but I think he could use a goatee. I understand people’s skepticism, as Mr. Terrific, Steel, Ion and John Stewart are the only minorities to have taken on the mantle of already established DC superheroes and lived to tell the tale/not faded into obscurity (there may be more, but i can’t think of any). And they haven’t fared much better with original “minority” characters. I love Cyborg, Vixen is cool, Static is lame, but most other “minority” characters have not had their… success?
Villains don’t fare that much better. Even good minority characters, like Bane, have faded into obscurity. I think “venom” is used more than he is. The al’Ghuls look pretty white, and Ras usually sounds British, but I’m pretty sure that they’re supposed to be Arabic. Lady Shiva is Japanese, but she usually doesn’t have much more than a slight tan (if that, she’s like the Jubilee of DC comics). Though Amanda Waller is consistently black (and consistently awesome). Black Manta is usually hidden behind his armour, but you know he’s black because of his name, right?
DC usually trades on its “Classic Character” cred, which works out pretty well for them, but most of those characters were written before comic companies really started reaching out to “minorities” with characters that weren’t just sad stereotypes. If they want to breathe some life into one of their “Classic Characters” that’s been idling for a while, giving them a fresh start and a new personality, it seems like the perfect opportunity reach out to “minorities” with a new character (though I’m all for original superheroes too).
Any character can be good, no matter how lame they may appear (especially in the DC universe) if they have a good writer. Judging a character before you give them a chance… it just seems… prejudiced.

Tig O Bitties

June 11, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Thank god they gave him a different hairstyle other than braids or a bald head.

Terrry McGuiness the most beloved Batman after Bruce, started out in a cartoon . I can see this New Aqualad become as popular.

He looks way better than that lame piece of crap old Aqualad.

Robert Reynolds

June 11, 2010 at 3:20 pm

@DC Wanker

I agree. I don’t know why people are so mad. Since when was Aqualad relevant? This Aqualad has more potential to be relevant that the other one. His design is awesome

Hmm. Black male character in a bright red suit with a power display on the hand? Sounds like someone from Doom Patrol to me. Wait, someone named “Tempest”, right? Which is also the name Garth had been going by. Incestuous legacy, thy name is DC!


June 11, 2010 at 3:37 pm

You guys are killing me here.

Why couldn’t he be Asian?

i wonder how many of these DC Bashers have read the following: FC Aftermath Ink, FC Aftermath Dance, the Vixen mini or The Great 10? Dig it-non-stereotypical blacks and Asians! None of these titles, all of which I enjoyed, are ever mentioned. Some people just like to bitch for the sake of bitching. I believe that many of them wouldn’t buy a DC comic no matter what they do. Well maybe if they go for the lowest common denominator like Hudlin’s Panther. “You got me trippin’ Boo.” Damn, I’m about to go all Uncle Ruckus in here.

When is the last time a former sidekick was regressed back into a sidekick? Did Dick become Robin after 5 years, did Roy become Speedy after 2 decades of being not Speedy? Is Donna still hanging around as Wonder Girl?

I know DC editorial is composed entirely of nostalgia loving dumb asses, but give me a fucking break. They actually did something right. Throw them a bone.

I’ll take all the black characters I can get!

And for those whining about DC comics, you’re reading the wrong DC titles. Secret Six especially is full of win.

I thinkall these comments on minority characters in the DCU is crap. DC has some great minority characters like John Stewart,Mr.Terrific,Vixen,Steel,Blue BeetleBlack Lighting,Katanna, and so on.So if eveyone could get off the bandwagon that DC kills any good minority characters cause they killed Ryan Choi.Have a mind of your own or don’t, fall in line like the rest of the sheep. And just to remind eveyone, there was no big demand for Mr. Choi, until they killed him off. And for those makinf thier off color comments about a minority character it just shows how ignorant you really are.

Seriously guys, can we retire that nickname? I’m already embarrassed.

Of course bad things can happen to minority characters, but more often than not they are used as marketing gimmicks rather than representing a natural diversity. Of course this has nothing to do with the quality of the stories, just the marketing aspect of the business.

Lets not act like Marvel is all innocent either though.

Good Lord, I can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading on this blog.

Me neither. You guys slay me.

It’s either:

“Bah, DC are racially insensitive!”, or…

“Bah, DC are replacing characters with token minorities!”.

Either way, they can’t win. So do the rest of us a favour (who enjoy their books) and dial down the whine.


This is why DC thumbs it’s nose at fans. You’re a bunch of fickle bastards.

Andrew Collins

June 12, 2010 at 5:34 am

If this character was created in a vacuum and a wholly original creation, he might have had a chance. But fans of Garth and people who are sick of the kill-and-replace approach to introducing minority characters to the DCU will never give him a chance, writing him off before they even read one story. DC amazes me for not having gleaned on to this yet.

The cynic in me also figures he’ll last as long as the YJ animated series is on the air, then we can begin the death watch and the eventual kill-and-replace-with-the-original-white-version solution that DC has also been going with a lot lately.,..

You all want to know why people don’t support newly created original minority characters?

Because 99% of the time, they are just plain bad; many times worse than the legacy ones they recolor. I don’t know about anyone else but I buy comics that are good and fun to read. I’m not about to spend money on a comic or character that isn’t very good just because its of a different color or nationality. I’ve bought Swamp Thing — who is of an unpretty color and could be argued is of a completely different species — because it was done well. And when comics are done well, I support them no matter what the ethnicity of the character.

So don’t blame the readers for not supporting minority characters or newly created minority characters.

Readers support good comics. If they aren’t good, whether its a newly created minority character, a recolored one or of a different species altogether, people aren’t going to support it.

So really, the problem resides with the people DC hires to handle the character. This has been said, over and over and over again. Characters are only as good as the people who write and draw them and when they aren’t good, 99% of the time, its not the character who is bad, its the writers and artists behind them.

And when companies like DC keeps dipping out of the same bank of creators — whose work wasn’t very good to begin with– to chart the directions of minority characters then no, its insane to expect readers to support it whether its created from scratch or simply recolored old.

This is going to have a negative effect on the LAGOON BOY spec script I was punching up, isn’t it?

I agree that new characters don’t sell. I usually buy those titles and try to help support them though they usually get canceled.

Ryan Choi was cool as the Atom. I’m looking forward to this Aqualad and his back story.

Why can’t we get more Milestone ? Those titles were so great. I’m really disappointed more hasn’t been done with them.

Part of the reason some of these minority characters aren’t as well received, is they’re thrust into their own titles instead of slowly introduced and nurtured.

BTW, FWIW, I really liked Blackstorm.

Bottom line, names received in pop culture are what DC hopes will generate greater interest in the characters they publish. And I am sure they hear all the time from their own fans why do all the heroes have to be white guys?
The Titans have had a slew of female characters, including Aquagirl being of latin origin. I admit I too thought in the box and thought if Aqualad were to return it would likely be a white guy, Tempest had a son, that was another possibility.
But hey, he looks cool, he looks like he’s not a weak character (out of the water), and his costume probably doesn’t look embarassing to wear in public like the original’s was. I remember the first time I saw Superboy debut in the early 90s I was excited by the look of him from the word go, same was with the new Aqualad. I hate to say this, but really something like ethnic origin to be judged before he can even debut is childish and stupid, anyone who calls him Blaqualad ought to be ashamed of their own ignorance.
Maybe he will kick ass. Maybe he’s another flash in the pan. Just try it out. Not doing so is like watching the industry flail around and all you do is sit there and watch them dry up, no pun intended.
Those who want to call the racist remarks probably would be best to ignore any of my insights seeing as you probably have nothing insightful to offer the discussions anyways, and really should try wrecking their vision and read the books with colour blindness so they can get over what a hero looks like.

Sean T. Collins

June 13, 2010 at 8:29 am

Alright folks–I guess this serves us right for not monitoring this discussion over the weekend, but I’m frankly horrified at some of the ignorance I’ve seen on display here. I’ve removed several comments, and I’d like everyone to consider themselves on notice that offensive language will not be tolerated here. You can save your ethnicity-based nicknames and hyuk-hyuk stereotype jokes for some other forum.

I don’t remember, was the reaction this bad when Mia became Speedy? Or Ryan became the Atom? Or Jason became Firestorm? I like all three of those characters and I also like the original incarnations. I just enjoy the stories that are being told. And there’s always John Stewart as an example of a legacy hero of a different color that, while not the “main” Green Lantern anymore, has survived almost 40 years and several other incarnations of the character.

Who else thinks this is part of the marketing to get Donald Glover to be in a superhero movie?

Again, and this has already been covered in blogs, but here goes DC shoehorning a minority character into a classic white character role which, of course, will only result in their death during the next “Crisis”. How hard is it for DC to create strong, original minority characters? I can’t think of anybody since Steel. I never cared for Static but even he’s got a strong fan base. It’s just unrealitic to assume that in a world of super-heroes, there’s not a black guy out there with superpowers making up his own costume and identity.

I swear this dude looks like Zack(the Black Ranger who was… from the Second season of Power Rangers…LoL

…and i am black so that wasn’t a racial comment. Seriously mods, are you suprised by the racial crap(which I thankfully missed)? People have been narrow minded since like the dawn of man.

Hmm, sometimes I think a move like this is basically telling society that a kid regardless of their background trying to do the right thing deserves our acceptance. Tim Drake once said that if a police officer dies or retires another one gets a uniform and replaces the previous. Anyone with the training, the ability and the heart can do that. We are a world that does that, presidents do it even.
Get used to it because it’s part of life.

Yeah! how hard is it to create a new comic book character and have him survive longer than 2 or 3 issues….wait a minute….

Bottom line is that legacy characters have a much better chance of surviving so they do that. We have a much more diverse society and what SHOULD be a much more open one than in the silver or gold age so they attempt to represent that.

PS- And really it’s Aqualad everyone goes crazy over? The least important of all side kicks? Were people this annoying for Tim, Cassandra, Mia, the other Cassandra, Conner or Bart?

The only thing that upsets me is that there has been great work done with Lorena, the current Aquagirl. I’m just saddened that the show had to create a MALE black Aqualad, when there was already an established latina superhero.

This is a great way to bring in diversity. Creating new ethnic characters when ethnic characters already exists just seems exploitative.

Well… they can pick and choose who they want obviously. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use her or Lagoon Boy or anyone they want if there is a demand for it and they care at all to do it.
I liked Aquagirl’s costume and origin, but her abilties seem pretty sub par. She can survive for a little while out of the ocean, she can breathe underwater, and seems more durable, quicker and stronger than an ordinary human. At this point, that is pretty much it, she can’t even talk to any fish or move water and if she stays out of the water for too long she will definitely die. That sounds like a lousy superhero that can’t breathe oxygen for long before they croak. We know Aqualad doesn’t have those issues at least.

He’s hot! Sorry, just had to get that out.

Maybe the new Aqualad and Lorena will team up? I’m going to give him a chance. Let’s not discredit the character and the way he’s going to be portrayed before we know more about him.

Oh. I thought it was Static with a new costume.

I think this discussion brings the surface the question, “What do you think a minority is?”

Are we assuming that Superman is not a minority because his skin color happens to be white? I think people are betraying a hangup on skin color.

Even if there are as many as 1000 Krytonians in the Universe, they are a minority. Remember when previously there was only 1 or 2 or 3 counting alternate dimensionals. That is still a minority. How many Atlanteans are there in the world. I suspect Garth was was a minority.

I think the issue is that in the name of diversity, poor quality writers try to introduce characters with a gimmick that is not necessarily a character defining gimmick (ethnicity, sexual orientation… ) and people try to hang a banner on them. A good character is a good character no matter what color or proportions they have, and a good writer will do good things with them.

My question is are fans hanging the diversity banner on the new Aqualad or is DC Comics, and does Corbin Bleu get royalties.

Seriously. You know, DC Comics does not have enough fat people either. Is Mogo considered fat by planet standards? DC Comcis does not handle there fat people well. There are more us us than there are of you. Why are there no heroes in DC with athsma? I think we could replace Impulse…

Well there are people who like Aquagirl and she has breathing problems, she will die if she isn’t regularly breathing water.
There are few chubby people treated with heroism. Unfortunately, DC’s solution in the silver age was giving people Bouncing Boy, a good member of the Legion, but a fat guy who bounces around fighting crime may not demand respect for larger people.
Personally, I was a young kid when they created Superboy and I thought the kid with the fade and leather jacket looked so cool and changed the stereotype of how we looked at the idea of Superboy. I can remember thinking that when Tim became Robin, Bart became Kid Flash, and when Cassie got rid of her awful wig and goggles and became Wonder Girl (more in the YJ days than when Byrne was writing her).
I have no idea how capable Aqualad will be because they haven’t said anything. But so far he looks just cool as anything. His look is cool and his costume defeats the way I stereotyped Aquald should look. So I like it for that reason. I just hope he has better abilities than the original had now, thought that’s not hard.

Great. Another character that was replaced with a minority… doing this is insulting to everyone. Why do blacks have to get hand me down replacements and why do whites have to lose existing characters.


What about Aquagirl? I’ve never been a big Aquaman person, but shes a Teen Titans. Is she ever going reconnect with Aquaman and Mera? Couldn’t they have used her instead of creating another aqua-sidekick? She’s even a minority, if that is really what this is all about…

Or kill her off. cuz the two them is just redundant.

i don’t think they brought in aquagirl for the simple fact that they already have two female characters and they didn’t have one black character. The reason for a black character is so maybe the kids watching the show can say hey there someone i can relate to that looks like I mean i don’t think they had enough diversity so they had to do a swap but i am interested he looks cooler than the other aqualads.

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