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Quote of the day | Cameron Stewart on Marvel vs. DC

Catwoman by Cameron Stewart

Catwoman by Cameron Stewart

“Sometimes (all times) I wish Marvel and DC weren’t so goddamned catty with each other.”

Cameron Stewart, artist of Batman & Robin, Seaguy and many other great comic books, on the ongoing war of words between the comic industry’s two giants.



I’ve tweeted about this a few times. What’s worse is when creators take up the party lines and start in on the sniping themselves. Marvel in particular really seems to push the ‘us vs them’ thing. Gets REALLY tiring and does nothing to promote the fact that we are all professionals, rather than the fanboy stereotype.


DV8 rules!

This is as nicely as I can say this:

I don’t care. I don’t read twitter, I rarely read interviews. I read solicitations, previews and, of course, the comics themselves. I read through the boards every so often, but not too many creators post there. The ones that do keep it civil without cross company swipes.

Creators should take the route of Chris Nolan and Stephen King. Limited or no web presence. I don’t give a damn about someone’s twitter. I had one for about a week, it was useless.

A creators internet presence, or a company’s, should not change your view on the comics. It should only be about the comics, not the way Steve Wacker rips on DC Comics.

If we all had careers as solid as Stephen King’s, we wouldn’t need to be out there doing promotion and talking to our audience, sure.


I don’t see why being vocally competitive is a bad thing…

Nobody wins a zero-sum game. ‘Course I’ve been saying this as long as I’ve been howling into the wilderness blogging.

This also won’t prevent people from playing it…

All right, fair shot.

But twitter, really? Do people really give that many shits about a creator? Most of the comic creator twitter accounts are chock full of…

“made a sandwich”
“took the fam to the zoo.”

Interviews, I can concede, Brian Wood, as promotion.

Stephen King made a career out of hard work and being a good writer, not shameless plugs and self indulgence.

You’ve got a benighted view of Twitter. Most comic creator twitter feeds are nothing like that. Most writers have to do the legwork themselves nowadays. You think Stephen King never did a shameless plug? And if artists aren’t allowed to be self-indulgent, then we’re all screwed.

For a week I followed around a whole bunch of comics folks on Twitter and found out that:

Bendis got peed on by a turtle
Brubaker voted for Obama and started to regret it
Slott eats grilled cheese at four am
Palmiotti is very bitter about a great many things
Johns likes breakfast cereal

These are the top folks in the industry.

Shameless plugs?

How about a press release to the newspaper industry declaring “New lesbian Batwoman!”

I would never call a thing Stephen King has done as shameless or self indulgent.

Whatever. I don’t care, obviously, about snipes, swipes or what not against another company. Why does anyone else?

For someone who doesn’t care, you’re being really defensive.

I’m responding. Defensive would be louder and have more curse words.

I don’t give a damn about twitter, but didn’t Marvel vs. DC sell? Amalgam? JLA/Avengers?

Collaboration is just good business.

I have never gotten in on the whole “twitter” thing, precisely because it’s so superficial.

However, I do agree with the “Marvel vs DC” thing. It just comes across as petty. My experience has been that both companies made their best stuff when they were on friendly terms. But with people like Didio and Quesada in charge, what can you expect?

“I would never call a thing Stephen King has done as shameless or self indulgent. ”

I think inserting himself into The Dark Tower as a character would qualify for the latter.

It’s a long-standing marketing campaign that both companies seem to have benefited from for decades. It may not be intended as such, but the false binary of Marvel or DC seems to have helped both those companies dominate a particular audience for a long time.

I wish Ultimate Warrior and Ricky Steamboat were nicer to each other because they probably have a lot they could relate about, as bros, but it’d probably be a duller world if they did.

“I think inserting himself into The Dark Tower as a character would qualify for the latter.”

Did you read it? it wasn’t self indulgent, it made perfect sense within the confines of the story, as well as the real world and as a cathartic release following the accident.

The Marvel vs. DC thing is stupid on both sides.

New readers come in liking (for example) Spider-Man and Batman roughly equally. How many of them drop out over sales and marketing tactics that encourage them to pick a side? I am guessing a lot.

It’s funny that a post about my opinion of Marvel and DC sniping at each other should be more concerned with the value of Twitter. :p

I get it, Twitter’s not for everyone, but like any tool, it can be used well or used poorly, and to characterize it solely as an outlet for self-absorbed “I’m gazing at my navel” announcements is a bit off. Certainly there are a lot of those and I’m as guilty of it as anyone, but it’s not ALL it’s used for. I use it to promote my work (and hey, yes, we have to do that if we’re not Stephen King – every day I’m hustlin’) and according to my web statistics I’ve had far, FAR better success with circulating my webcomic through Twitter than any other medium. I often post drawings and sketches and works-in-progress exclusively on Twitter, as I figure those would be of interest to people who are following me. And it’s not just broadcasting myself, I’ve had a lot of benefit from what people on Twitter can tell ME – there have been many times when I’ve had a question about something or a problem that needs solving and ask my followers, and in literally less than a minute I’ll have dozens of helpful replies, delivered far more efficiently than any other method. (When I was drawing Batman & Robin I had a question about specific geographic locations in London, and Google was of little help. I asked for help on Twitter and immediately had several links to photographs given to me by followers in London – enormously helpful.) It’s also a handy source of news – there have been several major breaking news events that I’ve learned of through Twitter, developing in real time. And sometimes, depending on who you follow, it’s just funny.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m having a sandwich

No sarcasm-

Great! I’m glad it has been of use to you. I just hate the internet. I don’t have cable tv and I don’t know where my phone is. I can barely use my email address. I insist my editor call me at home.

And I love all the snipes at me about Stephen King. Hell my book is coming out in two years, and I have yet to hustle on the web. A few magazines, a couple of articles here and there, but no internet usage to do so.

I’m glad it works for others.

Peace, it’s midnight and i have to find a taco.

Stephen Wacker

June 27, 2010 at 10:10 am


When does Stephen Wacker “rip” on DC. I’ve said online plenty of times that some of my favorite books come out of there– including Northlanders and Daytrippers.

Everyone should read them (after Spider-Man and Daredevil, natch)

I do think DC looks horrible in that new dress though.


In the friendly way everyone else does. And the way you rip on us folks in the forums. I know it’s meant in jest, but I was just pointing out it’s existence.

Daytripper is brilliant, yes.

You are right about that dress, too tight around the waist.

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