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Quote of the day | Tom Brevoort exits Wizard World



“We’re not done with Philly per se, but we do seem to be done, at least for the moment, with the Wizard conventions.”

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, answering a Formspring question about Marvel’s third Wizard World Philadelphia no-show in a row by making Marvel’s severance from Wizard’s convention wing more-or-less official. (On its blog, Wizard reports that this year’s Philadelphia show “broke ever [sic] attendance record EVER!! The show was a HUGE success!”)



This is pretty shocking, Marvel’s been in bed with Wizard right from the begginning! This is like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush breaking up!

It’s true that there was a huge increase in attendance at the con this year, but there were also a lot of complaints about wait times, poor management, increased prices, and the lack of a real presence from any ‘major’ publisher beyond Avatar and Zenescope. The comics-related programming was severely lacking, and I suspect most of the crowd came from people waiting to see James Marsters, Bruce Campbell and Patrick Stewart.

Well if they are “not done with Philly per se” but are done with Wizard then what are their plans for Philly? Is there another major show coming or something?

I’d love another Con in Philly.

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