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Ridonkulous graphic-novel sale at now ongoing


Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X for $2.99! Brubaker, Epting and Perkins’s The Death of Captain America for $2.99! Millar & Hitch’s Ultimates Vol. 1 for $1.99! And so much more, from 30 Days of Night to Megatokyo to Bacchus to The Little Man to Speed Racer for less than the cost of a $5 footlong — that’s what you can find listed among Barnes & Noble’s Bargain Graphic Novels right this very moment. Go, shop!

(Via Fred Van Lente)



Just a minor tip: these are bargain books, meaning they probably have some slight wear & tear, and could have stickers proclaiming their bargain status and lower price. Not that it matters at such amazing prices but I know some people are anal about condition.

This sale has actually been going out for several weeks. They’re actually remainders—excess stock sold at a deep discount. I ordered a big box full a few weeks back, and aside from the B&N price stickers and the magic marker slash on the top or the bottom of the pages, they’re in excellent shape. As Corey says, they’re not mint-collectible, but they’re in very-nearly gift condition if you peel off the stickers and if the person you’re giving them to doesn’t mind the remainder mark on the edge.

I thought the accepted spelling was “redonkulous”.

Some nice stuff at the sale, though. BWS Wolverine in particular.

Sean T. Collins

June 23, 2010 at 7:14 am

I dunno why it would be with an “e,” Matt–it seems like a riff on “ridiculous” to me. But it’s a living language.

Everywhere I’ve seen it was spelt like that. I can offer no other rational explanation.

Ha, I wonder how many people turned away from the sale because of those black stripes that would appear on the one edge of the book? That’s crazy, I wear my black stripes on the bookshelves with pride, knowing and showing that I got great deals.I put in my B&N order, did you?

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